Fire OG Strain: The Strongest OG Strain Available in the World

Fire OG strain is commonly referred to by many as the strongest type of OG strain available in the world today. The Fire OG strain scents a lot like a Lemon Pledge and as such not ideal for new users or users with little or no experience in marijuana consumption.

This is because the Fire OG Strain usually causes dry eyes and cotton mouth as a result of its piney, citrus taste. More frequent users tend to consume just a little bit, usually between one or two hits with its effect usually lasting for close to three hours depending on how much body tolerance the user has.

About the Fire OG Strain?

Most people who consume the Fire OG strain tend to feel immediate stimulation in their cerebral system which leads to a rise in the creative juice available in the human body and in turn, creates a jump of excitement in the body.

This is also accompanied by a very strong and soothing body high that sends people with low level of tolerance to sleep. Other users might experience dizziness, paranoia or anxiety.

The best time to make use of the Fire OG strain is either in the afternoon or early evening. It comes in handy for people with insomnia or suffering from sleepless nights due to its very intense body high effect, it serves as a very good pain reliever as well. It is also used to combat signs of depression, anxiety, and stress while some people make use of it to tackle eating abnormality.

Cultivation and Growth

The Fire OG strain is the result of a cross-pollination between the San Fernando OG Kush and the Original Raskals OG Kush. It can be cultivated in a greenhouse environment or indoors, although the greenhouse cultivation isn’t recommended for inexperienced growers.

If you intend to cultivate the Fire OG for mass consumption, the cultivation should be done by people with vast experience in cultivating the strain. Fire OG can be very tricky to cultivate, as it requires a lot of patience and a seriously controlled environment for it to grow properly. However, the Fire OG strain can be cultivated others in the hot and sunny Mediterranean climate.

Also, ensure that you have enough space outside if you are looking to grow the Fire OG strain outdoors, this is to prevent the plants from being squashed or cramped. Conversely, if you are growing the plant indoors you have to ensure the plants are kept in a warm room with enough light.

It typically takes between nine to ten weeks for the Fire OG strain to flower, and its main outdoor harvest typically occurs in the first 2 weeks of October.

This will ensure that they develop fully. Harvest from an indoor growth is usually about 14 ounces/sq. m while those for outdoor growth is slighter larger at about 15 ounces/sq. m for each plant.


The Fire OG strain scents like earthy wholeness mixed with fresh citrus fruit that reminds one of its unadulterated Cali roots. Its aroma provides you with a relaxing feeling a lot similar to the one you get lying close to the beach all day. Its mixed taste of lemony citrus and dash of spice would leave your taste buds running wild. Its soothing feeling is one you wouldn’t forget in a hurry.


The Fire OG strain makes users remember the fire burning sensation or ember. Its taste is very suitable for the human senses, as it comprises of a special appeal that introduces an extra spark to and joy in the marijuana world.


In general, the Fire OG Strain looks like a burnt, curly and long, yet very bright shade of orange that makes it look so appealing. In addition, the buds of the Fire OG strain looks like there have been immersed in a newly formed snowball.

In reality, the name Fire OG was derived from its overall look and appearance, as it meets up to its fiery reputation. Like I said earlier it consists of very strong green buds along with touches of orange and red scattered all over.

Fire OG Strain: THC to CBD Ratio

Fire OG Strain

The amount of THC available in the Fire OG strain can be as much as 20 percent with a CBD count that varies from 0.35 percent to 0.4 percent.

Fire OG Strain: Attributes and Effects

The Fire OG strain has a very soothing and relaxing effect that leads to an extremely intense high, give one a permanent smiling face, and an enhanced euphoria and additional cerebral effect which eventually fades into dizziness and a sound sleep.

In some cases, you might get a transition from one state of relaxation to a sudden burst of energy, although at the end of the day you end up in a lovely, stress-less state.

A word of caution, if you aren’t looking to fall asleep in the afternoon, try not to take the Fire OG strain until you are through with the task of the day, or much later in the evening before going to bed(this is actually the perfect time to take it).

When you consume the strain for the first time, it doesn’t make you feel very tired and weak, although after a while you begin to feel tired and drowsy, this eventually leads you to fall asleep.

Medical Benefits of Fire OG Strain

The Fire OG strain has quite a large number of medical benefits, it can be used for different symptoms, ailments, and conditions. This explains to a large extent why there is a high demand for this strain of marijuana.

The Fire OG strain is medically beneficial to patients suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, severe stress or insomnia as it helps to take the mind away from negative thoughts, and it also relaxes the mind and body.

You can also this strain to treat more physical conditions like migraines, chronic pain, and lack of appetite, nausea, and joint pains. The Fire OG strains aids in relaxation and also the discomfort associated with these physical conditions.

In severe cases, there are some patients who make use of Fire OG to get respite from pains that pharmaceutical drugs cannot seem to provide, this also includes helping to ward off insomnia and a lack of appetite.

Side Effects of Fire OG

As a result of how severe the effect of the Fire OG can be even for regular marijuana consumers, those new to marijuana consumption should be cautioned that the dizziness and increase in paranoia and anxiety is a common occurrence for those who have no idea of what is to come.

If you are not looking for such severe effects, my advice to you would be to stay far away from this strain as much as possible.

In very extreme conditions, serious paranoia can be experienced, if you are unlucky to fall into such situation, try as much as possible to take a deep breath and reassure yourself that this phase would pass eventually. This trick usually helps to ease the nerves and calm the mind.

Apart from experiencing strong paranoia, consumers get to feel dehydrated, dry mouth, itchy and dry eyes are some other notable side effects. However, these effects are easier to manage than other severe side effects. To manage these effects all you need to do is consume a lot of hydrating liquids before, during and after consumption.

Fire OG Reviews

Below are four consumer reviews from about their experience making use of the Fire OG Strain.

Fire OG Strain

Fire OG Strain

Fire OG Strain

Fire OG Strain

The last set of reviews here comes from another set of consumers on

Fire OG Strain

Is Fire OG Strain the best option for you?

Like we have explained in previous sections, the Fire OG Strain is a very concentrate strain of marijuana and as such could be very beneficial to its consumers. That said, we should also be aware of the side effects.  As a result, I implore you to exercise caution when consuming the Fire OG strain, in addition also ensure that marijuana consumption is legal in the country.

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