Evolab: Award Winning Cannabis Innovation

If you live in Colorado or any of the other states that have recently legalized recreational marijuana use, then you’ve likely been overwhelmed with the number of products on the shelf at your local dispensary. There are all kinds of vaporizers, oils, edibles, and other cannabis products from literally hundreds of brands.

Some of these brands are newcomers who just grew their first crop of marijuana. Others, like Evolab, have been in the game for years, innovating and creating products that are backed by superior science and design.

If you’re looking for a new cannabis brand, then Evolab might be a perfect choice. Read on to learn more about their history, philosophy, and products.

Evolab: Science, Style, and Substance

Evolab is known for its science-first approach to cannabis. They don’t release a product until it’s proved its mettle in the lab. But that doesn’t mean they skimp on design, flavor, and potency either.

Here’s some more information on their history of innovation and the philosophy that keeps them on the cutting edge of the industry.  

The Evolab Story: From Then to Now


The story of Evolab begins with a man named Alex Cahoj. Back in 2011, Alex had just graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in business and he was ready to jump into his first venture.

Alex describes this period in an interview with Magnetic Mag: “My original goal was to get into wine import and export. After a few failed ventures post-college and little to no funds, I resorted back to old faithful – the four grow lights in my garage.

This evolved over the years into the Evolab we know today.” And this “over the years” that Alex mentions has been inventful.

Some highlights from Evolab’s history include: the companies early move from strictly medical marijuana products into the booming recreational market.

Evolab won the best topical product at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup and has won numerous other awards since then. In 2017, the company appointed Mary’s Medicinals founder Nicole Smith as their new CEO.

Currently, Evolab is the second most successful marijuana vape company in the country.

Evolab Philosophy

Evolab has many accomplishments that they can tout. They’re known as one of the first companies to use chromatography and CO2 to produce their cannabis extracts.

They’re also known for the purity of their products, which remain free of solvents and cutting agents.

The Evolab philosophy seems to be, in a nutshell, the philosophy of purity; that all cannabis products should be grounded in scientific research and should contain nothing but cannabis-derived substances.

The Science Behind Evolab

Evolab calls itself a “company grounded by science.” They pride themselves on using cutting-edge technology to make purely cannabis-derived products. But what are the specific scientific advancements that they’ve pioneered and that they use in their products today?

Evolab Products: What Makes Them So Good?

Evolab’s website says that they’ve “developed a unique process to extract and purify a combination of cannabis terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids that we call our CDCA, or Cannabis Derived Cutting Agent.”

That means that, unlike other companies, the ‘extra’ stuff that’s in their vaping products is not made from random chemicals, but from the cannabis plant itself.

In his interview with Magnetic Mag, founder Alex Cahoj put it this way: “All of our products are designed to preserve the full integrity of the cannabis plant.” This mission to make the best cannabis products science can provide has led Evolabs to research the intricacies of the human cannabinoid system.

They’ve been leaders in understanding the so-called “entourage effect.”

In short, Evolab’s products are so good because, as they say on their website, “we are cannabis nerds. Pure and simple. We love the plant. We love the flavors, the effects, and most importantly, we understand its incredible potential to support a vibrant, healthy life.”

Accolades for Evolab

Evolab’s science does not just talk. The company delivers. This is why they’ve won numerous awards over the years, including some of the industry’s most illustrious honors.

Just this year Evolab was crowned “Business of the Year” at the Cannabis Business Awards. This comes in the wake of their big wins at the 2018 Rooster Magazine THC Classic and the 2018 Terpenes and Testing World Conference.

But Evolab was raking in the awards long before 2018. Back in 2016, Evolab was featured in Leafbuyer’s Best of the Best list for cannabis concentrates. In the same year, their Angel Salve was voted best topical product in High Times Magazine’s Cannabis Cup.

With this sort of track record and their history of product innovation, we can surely expect more great things from Evolab in the future, including many more awards.

The Evolab Range

Evolab is known for innovation and precision. But what products do they actually have for sale to consumers? Which Evolab product is right for you? Keep in mind that most Evolab products are available in two forms: cartridges and ‘iHit’ pens.


Evolab’s Alchemy products are the epitome of their science-based product line. What they’ve done is use their state-of-the-art extraction process to isolate all of the compounds of a particular marijuana strain.

This includes not just the THC and CBD, but also the many terpenes that are in the plant.

The result of all this scientific work is Alchemy, based of course on the famous marijuana strain by the same name.

Leafly describes the marijuana strain like this: “With an aroma of sour grapes and earthy musk, Alchemy delivers a balance of relaxing body effects and engaged cerebral invigoration.

Boasting high levels of THC, Alchemy is sure to restore both your mood and appetite.”

So, this is the perfect product for those who want the experience of smoking a strong, relaxing, mood-boosting strain like alchemy, but would prefer to vape instead.


Chroma is Evolab’s #1 selling product for a reason: it’s powerful. Yes, this oil is for those who want to really dive into the experience. With 80 percent cannabinoids, 20 percent terpenes this product packs quite a punch. Don’t try vaping this one in the morning before you go to work.

Chroma does come in high THC and high CBD varieties, which should please those looking for a particular THC/CBD ratio for medicinal reasons. As with all their products, Chroma is produced without fillers or foreign cutting agents, meaning that it’s a pure, potent cannabis experience.


Are the type that likes to roll up your marijuana in a flavored Swisher Sweet, then you’ll love Colors from Evolab. These flavored iHit pens come in all-natural Blueberry, Tropical Fruit, Sweet Melon, and Strawberry Lemonade flavors.

As with everything Evolab makes, Colors are free of all the weird contaminants that you can’t pronounce, like diacetyl. Their flavorings are as pure as their marijuana extracts.

But light/new users should beware, Colors are just as strong as Evolab’s non-flavored products.



If you don’t know what terpenes, or ‘terps’, are, don’t worry. Like with everything Evolab does, Freshterps is on the cutting edge of the marijuana industry.

Terpenes are specific compounds that give different marijuana strains their characteristic smells and tastes. They also seem to have a specific effect on the way that the cannabinoids in marijuana interact with the body.

For instance, Myrcene may increase the effects of THC and may induce sedation. If you want to learn more about terpenes you can check out this primer from Leafly.

So, Freshterps are the result of Evolab extracting just 2-3 percent of the marijuana plant that is mostly terpenes. What they get is then a product that is 80 percent terpenes and 20 percent cannabinoids.

This is a great option for those who want to really enjoy the flavor of their favorite marijuana strains, without having to get too blitzed.

Evolab Infused: Collaboration At Its Finest

Proof of Evolab’s quality and innovation can be found in their collaborations. Of all the marijuana companies out there, these companies have come to Evolab to provide them with high-quality marijuana oil that will fuel their brand into the big times.

CBx Sciences

Cbx Sciences shares Evolab’s philosophy of creating high-quality, pure marijuana products. Where they differ is that most of their products will not get you high.

CBx Sciences uses the many positive properties in marijuana’s cannabinoids to create some amazing topical products like body oil and salves. These are great for people who have rough, dry skin. They also make classy and practical gifts for friends and family.

Cbx Sciences also makes a line of ‘botanical vapes’ that will definitely get you high, though they vary in their CBD to THC ratios.

Mezz and Evolab

Mezz calls itself a “cutting-edge lifestyle company.” Their mission is to “normalize the use of cannabis and redefine what it means to experience it.” In practical terms, this means that they create and sell apparel and vaping products.

Their vaping products, which use Evolab oils, come in four different cannabinoid ratios: Mellow, Inspire, Up Tempo, and Gold. You can choose the kind that’s right for you, but beware the Gold, which is pure THC.

G Pen and Evolab

G Pen is a “groundbreaking liquid concentrates system” that makes vaping simple, portable, and discreet. Their pens are draw activated, which makes for a very natural feeling full and a full ‘smoke’ plume.

G Pens are, of course, filled with Evolab’s top-quality marijuana extractions. A full 500mg per pen.

Air Vapor and Evolab

Airo Vapor is yet another personal vaporizer that is fueled by Evolab’s high-quality, CO2 extracted marijuana oils. These little pens are easy to use and pack a punch. Check out their website to see where you can buy one at a local dispensary.

Looking for a Trustworthy Cannabis Brand Backed By Science? Evolab Could Be It

Evolab doesn’t just love cannabis, but it also takes it seriously. This can’t be said about every cannabis brand. Evolab takes the product seriously enough to invest in research and to innovate, which is why their products are some of the best on the market.

If you’re looking for pure, powerful, and flavorful marijuana products, then Evolab may be your new go-to.

Farma Health Desk Editor