Endoca: All About The CBD Oil Company

Endoca makes the highest quality products that are based on cannabis and hemp extracts. Innovations are taking us steps forward into the future, and Endoca is one of the examples that can prove this.

Endoca: The Highlights

  • Endoca produces high-quality CBD oil that has organic certification
  • Besides CBD oil, Endoca also sells capsules, suppositories, chewing gum, and CBD crystals
  • The CBD oil can help consumers with a wide variety of medical problems, including epilepsy, arthritis, chronic pain, and inflammation
  • Endoca sells only hemp-derived CBD, which means their products do not produce any psychoactive effects
  • Thanks to their high-quality products, Endoca has acquired a lot of positive reviews

About Endoca

The main goal of Endoca is to show the world that almost every problem can be solved easily, and nature doesn’t have to pay the price for it. You just need to believe in the power of the cannabis and hemp extracts.

Endoca makes the highest quality products that are based on cannabis and hemp extracts. Behind the products, stands a team of experienced scientist and nutritionists.

The effect of these products offers a lot of health benefits that can balance and improve our well being. The plants are organic, grown and harvested without pesticides.

Endoca Products

All the products are GMP- Good Manufacturing Practice certified. This certification is really rear and gives a guarantee that the products are constantly produced In control conditions, according to the quality standards.

Endoca CBD Capsules

Endoca capsules

Same as the oil, capsules are available in two different forms: decarboxylated or heated and not decarboxylated or raw. The capsules contain organic certified Hemp oil from hemp, CBD or cannabidiol, Omega 3, Omega 6 and vitamin E. All the ingredients are 100% natural.

Capsules are the best choice if you want to have control over the amount of Cannabidiol that you going to consume. One capsule contains 10 milligrams of the CBD. They are vegan and gluten-free.

The Raw Hemp Oil capsules are made with an unfiltered extract from hemp oil. During the process, there is no heat used.

The difference between the decarboxylated and the raw Hemp Oil Capsules is that the raw Hemp Oil Capsules are made from the whole plant, without using heat and CO2 is used. This means having a lower amount of CBC, CBG, and CBN.

The CBD capsules also contain the whole plant extract, the only difference is that they don’t contain the raw version of the plant. What type of capsules you will use, it depends on your choice. The package is small and easy to fit in the pocket.

Price (for both raw and decarboxylated options): a bottle of 300 mg costs $31; $156 costs the 1500 mg bottle;

Endoca CBD Oil Drops

The Endoca Oil comes in a bottle. Each bottle contains 1500 mg of CBD and one single drop contains 5 milligrams of the CBD. It is vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. The Endoca oil has organic certification. It is made of 100% organic hemp oil.

Endoca Oil is available in three forms: raw, filtered and decarboxylated hemp oil. Decarboxylated oil means that it has been heated, so the CBD is activated and has a greater amount of filtering.

Raw oil means that it has been freshly extracted. Filtered oil is also known as gold because it has been decarboxylated and filtered, and the gold color is kept. This type of oil is the most expensive because it has the highest concentration of CBD.

Price (for raw and decarboxylated oil): 300 mg bottle costs $31; 1500 mg bottle is $156;

Endoca CBD Chewing Gum

Endoca’s CBD chewing gum is made from 100% pure natural ingredients. It is really small fits right in the pocket. 1 gum contains 15 mg of the CBD. It has a minty taste that doesn’t last for too long.

Chewing gum is mainly used in situations where you don’t want to have that Hamp smelling breath.

Also, the mucosal membrane in the mouth helps for faster release of the CBD into our bloodstream, so that the effects of CBD can be felt quickly. If you are a beginner, the CBD chewing gum might be the right option for you.

Price: $12 per chewing gum of 150 mg;

Endoca CBD Suppositories

For some of you, this might be the weirdest product that you might see that is made from the CBD. The CBD suppositories are made from organic Cannabis Sativa extracts and coconut oil. They are suitable for both rectal and vaginal use. Before using, suppositories should be kept in a refrigerator.

The CBD suppository is covered with a plastic shell that should be tarred before inserting the suppository. If needed, water or lubricant can be used for better insertion.

Endoca Suppositories

Rectal insertion is a better choice if you want to pass the liver and avoid the gastrointestinal tract. In this way, cannabinoids can present in the bloodstream in higher concentration. Also, the time needed for CBD to reach the blood is shorter compared to the time needed when the CBD is inserted from the mouth.

CBD suppositories are not recommended if you’re having diarrhea, cysts or tumors on the rectum wall.

Price: $52 per box;

Endoca CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are made from the Cannabis Sativa plant. What makes the Crystals unique compared to the other products that are similar is its purity. Crystals contain 99% pure CBD.

The remaining 1% contains terpenes. CBD crystals can be used for a variety of things. If you have in mind making your own CBD products, then the CBD crystals are a suitable option. The CBD extract is purified and lab tested.

Price: $48 per package of 500 mg

Medicinal Benefits of Endoca’s Products

Endoca products on a table

CBD is one of the 80 chemical compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. It is nonpsychoactive, so no one can have hallucinations or similar effects. It is really important for people to understand the medical benefits that the Endoca’s CBD products have to offer.

CBD has the power to activate both CB1 and CB2 receptors that are found on cell surfaces. CBD products can be used as a prevention or as a treatment for some disorders. These disorders include:

  • Epilepsy
  • Arthritis
  • Blood Sugar
  • Parkinson Disease
  • Autism
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Diabetes

One of the most common uses of CBD products is for pain relief. Also, CBD products reduce nausea and vomiting, that is happening due to some gastrointestinal disorders.

Moreover, the people that are having cancer and going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy can have huge benefits using the high-quality CBD products from Endoca.

Another benefit of the CBD oil is that can help people to stop smoking. CBD oil acts as a great replacement for nicotine and has fewer side effects as well.

According to recent studies, raw CBD products can reduce the risks of tumor growth. Furthermore, not only that prevents the tumor from growing, but it can also cause shrinking and complete elimination of the tumor.

The Pros and Cons of Endoca


  • Organic, clean and natural products
  • Contain pure quality Hemp extract
  • No toxic pesticides or Herbicides are used
  • Produced with a nontoxic and environment-friendly extraction method
  • Lab tested
  • GMP certified
  • Guarantees for the quality of the products. If not satisfied, within 14 days you may return the product and get a full refund for it
  • The perfect combination – cannabinoids and terpenes


  • Except for the crystals, the other forms of products cannot be vaped.

Possible Side Effects

  • Dry mouth
  • Hypotension
  • Lightheadedness
  • Diarrhea
  • Feeling moody

Where to Buy Endoca Products

You can order the Endoca Products online, from their site (Link to the site: https://www.endoca.com/shop/?partners=11).

Customer Reviews

Positive product reviews with 5 stars are the most common, and all of the reviews are verified. Here you can see some of them:


Endoca is always trying to do the best. Fast shipping for the ones that need the products is a must.


Complex regional pain syndrome is a common pain condition for people that have had an injury. The Endoca’s CBD Oil helps successfully with it.


According to the newest researches, every 1 out of 4 people suffers from insomnia. Having good quality sleep is a must for the busy lifestyle that people live in now.


Another customer that shows the ability of Endoca to fight over the pain.


The musculoskeletal system can be renewed with the help of the Endoca products. The brain will no longer send pain signals.

Final Thoughts on Endoca

As a company, Endoca is trying to produce the best for the customers. Because of the fact that CBD is not recommended for recreational uses, it is really important to know what are you consuming.

People can see online all the results from the testings. For any further information, Endoca has a telephone number and email address on their website, so that the customers can get easily in touch with them.

Still having doubt? Don’t waste your time and be part of the happy customers that are fully satisfied with the Endoca products.

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