Dosist: All About the Sleek and Stylish Vape Pens

Dosist, or hmbldt as it was formerly known, is a cannabis-based health & wellness brand that designs products that offer consistent, high-quality and precise doses of cannabis, making cannabis-based therapy accessible to all, and removing the stigma around weed, one revolutionary vape formula at a time.

Today we’ll try to cover everything there is to know about the company in order to give you a clearer picture about their products, practices and what actually makes their formulas so effective and innovative.

About Dosist

Dosist is a cannabis-based company dedicated to providing people with cannabis-based medicines that offer them effective solutions for treating many health issues.

With regular use, dosist can have a number of positive benefits, including pain relief, improvement in sleep, higher energy levels, the ability to work and function better, as well as feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Dosist helps patients have a consistent dose each and every time, all thanks to the innovative design of the dose control pen, which is a dosed vaporizer that delivers a precise dose with every vape.

No matter how hard the person is drawing on the pen, it vibrates and shuts off after 3 seconds, once the dose has been achieved, and no vapor can be inhaled after that.

Each dose has about 2.25 milligrams, and it’s recommended that you limit your usage to 3 doses per hour. Their pens have a superior heating technology and airflow control and are composed of 88 percent cannabinoids and 12 percent terpenes.

The most important thing that the company focuses on is the actual product they use when making their vape pens. They source their material from organic and biodynamic family farms in California to produce a recipe that makes people feel healthy and happy.

At Dosist, they’ve determined the right balance of cannabis needed to make a specific product while controlling the sometimes not-so-welcome psychoactive effects from the THC.

They’re committed to creating a safe, healthy and effective product that’s designed to deliver a precise dosage of the formula and treat numerous different health problems.

It’s no wonder that the company is seen as one of 2018’s top 10 most innovative companies in the health sector, and its dose pens as one of the 25 best inventions of 2016 according to Time Magazine.

“We are at the forefront of changing the conversation around cannabis and revolutionizing its use as a therapeutic wellness solution,” Josh Campbell, President of Dosist said.

When Did Dosist Start?

Dosist (formerly known as hmbldt) was formed back in 2016, as a cannabis-based company with a simple mission – to deliver health & happiness, with the goal of creating the first cannabis products based on the science behind the plant.

Where is Dosist Located?

Dosist is an L.A.-based startup. The company sources their cannabis plants from local Californian family farms that follow strict organic and biodynamic farming practices. Their headquarters are located in Santa Monica, CA, and you can find their products at more than 100 dispensaries and smoke shops across California.

Dosist Product Overview

A lot of people use cannabis for health and wellness reasons. It can be a perfect solution for people to help support their wellness and improve their health, so let’s hear how these products have helped recreational and medical marijuana users achieve just that.

We’ll talk in detail about the several different formulas that they offer, but let’s first see what people’s general experience with dosist pens has been so far.

Dosist Pens

Dosist pens are designed to give patients and recreational marijuana users targeted and precise doses in a convenient and recyclable vape pen. dosist have a total number of 6 different formulations, each of them with specific benefits and uses.

Their pens are draw-activated. They come with a custom 260mAh lithium-ion battery and they are available in either 50 or 200 doses. They are equipped with molded reservoir juice tanks that are leak-proof, portable, easy to carry on you and easy to use as well.

Here’s what some users have to say about their experience with dosist pens:


According to this review left on dosist pens are the best invention ever. What this particular user liked the most about dosist pens is the fact that you can regulate your doses so that you don’t overdo it and not be able to function properly for the rest of the day, or enjoy your daily life.


Another user on the same site praises the pens for their great design, balance, and flavor, and finds the effects of bliss by dosist perfect for biking, walking or exploring new sites and sceneries.


Dosist vape pens are quite discreet and practical, which makes them suitable for outdoor use, camping, and other activities in more public places.


Dosist sleep formula is another quite popular dosist product that has been known to help people with a range or sleep disorders.

What one particular user on liked about this product is the fact that she was able to combat her sleep problems, as well as give up her prescription drugs in favor of the sleep formula by dosist.

According to another user on the same website, the sleep formula helps her fall asleep faster, sleep throughout the night and feel refreshed and energized in the morning.


Dosist Benefits

Dosist offers a wide range of health benefits and can positively affect sleep, appetite, stress, immune function, energy, metabolism, reproduction, pain, which can lead to mood/pain/sleep/digestion related benefits, like:

  • Regulation of sleep, anxiety levels, and depression symptoms
  • Creativity
  • Addiction recovery
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Pain relief and much more

Dosist Review of Formulas

Dosists dose pens come with 6 different formulas: bliss, sleep, calm, relief, arouse and passion. Each dosist formula is different and comes with its own particular benefits.

Let’s have a look at all 6 different dosist formulas so that you can determine which one would work best for you.


(9:1 THC:CBD ratio)/ $100 for 200 doses/ recyclable vape pen/ no additives or fillers.

A THC-dominant formula that will help you feel good, energized, and most importantly happy and content.

What people like the most about this particular formula is the fact that it offers them a happy day-time high and helps them feels blissful and content without feeling too high to function and go about their daily activities.



(8:1 THC:CBD ratio)/ $100 for 200 doses/ recyclable vape pen/ no additives or fillers.

Sleep by dosist is designed to help people sleep soundly and overcome their sleep problems. It helps to calm down and relax the body and get it ready for a good night’s sleep.


(10:1 CBD:THC ratio)/ $100 for 200 doses/ recyclable vape pen/ no additives or fillers.

Calm is a CBD-dominant formula that promotes calmness and inner peace. A lot of people find calm by dosist to be the best CBD anti-pain and anti-anxiety formula they’ve ever tried.

Here’s what one satisfied user had to say about this formula on



(2:1 THC:CBD ratio)/ $100 for 200 doses/ recyclable vape pen/ no additives or fillers.

Relief is a popular formula that can provide relief for mild to moderate pain. It helps ease any inflammatory processes as well as a variety of pain conditions.
Relief is a great formula for treating minor post-exercise pain and muscle aches to period cramps, which makes it one of the most popular vape pens from Dosist’s collection.


(10:1 THC:CBD ratio)/ $100 for 200 doses/ recyclable vape pen/ no additives or fillers.

Arouse is a practical product designed to get you aroused in a natural way, by relaxing your mind and body and giving you a nice high.

The formula behind all this is actually a terpene blend of farnesene and linalool, without any fillers or additives, like propylene glycol or polyethylene glycol. With more than just cannabis oil going into the cartridges, you need to be extra careful which brand you choose.


(11:1 THC:CBD ratio)/ $100 for 200 doses/ recyclable vape pen/ no additives or fillers.

Although passion is quite an appealing formula, it seems to be the least popular of the bunch. It is designed to help you to deliver a euphoric feeling by increasing your sensuality and heightening your sexual experience.

Although this formula might be suitable for people with a higher THC tolerance, it can be a bit too strong for some users, leaving them too stoned to get in the mood.

Some Final Thoughts on Dosist

The main thing that Dosist as a company wanted to achieve is to help people understand how cannabis can be used to make people more successful in treating pain, insomnia, anxieties, stress and other common ailments and health problems.

Their main approach has been to treat their formulas as plant-based medicine and as a health and wellness tool. Their hope is to bypass the stigma surrounding cannabis and the use of recreational and medical marijuana, and re-establish its role in our society as a healthy and beneficial plant that has a lot to offer.

They use science to identify the properties of cannabis that are the most effective in treating medical conditions and illnesses and then they use technology to help create devices that can deliver those compounds in an effective and consistent dose.

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