Does Weed Go Bad?

When you’re smoking weed you tend to forget a lot of things you did while you were high. Things like where you put the lighter, that hot pocket you put in the microwave, how many blunts you’ve smoked and even where you put the weed.

Then many months later you will stumble upon your long lost lighter or nug of weed that you forgot existed. Or maybe you took a long hiatus from smoking and decided to hop back on the Chong train and you have no idea if you should smoke that nug.

Does Weed Go Bad?

To make a long story short, YES! If you store your weed improperly, there is a high chance that your nugs can develop mold making them non-smokeable. Given time, your weed can also lose its potency, reducing its psychoactive effects.

Fortunately, if you accidentally smoke old or moldy weed, you will not die or have to go to poison control.

How Long Does Weed Last?

The cannabinoids found in cannabis are proven to have the ability to maintain stability for up to two years if it is stored properly.

Two years can seem like a long time, but the speed at which nugs are able to degrade is infinite. So the shelf-life of your weed is totally dependent on the situation and your actions.

Do you want to weed that lasts a month or weed that will last up to a couple of years? Just in case an apocalypse takes place in the next year, you will be stocked up for at least another year which should be ample time to find more!

What Makes Marijuana Go Bad?

There are 4 major factors that will affect the quality and shelf-life of your weed. The first factor is light, just like the sun’s UV rays can give you a sunburn, ruin your car’s paint job and alter your hair color, it can degrade your weed.

Your weed is degraded when the intense UV rays from the sun hit your nugs, it slowly burns away the cannabinoids and terpenes in your cannabis.

The second factor is air, when there is too much oxygen around your weed, the degradation of it speeds up significantly. When there is too little oxygen, the moisture in the air can be affected, creating conditions for mold to flourish.

The third factor was previously mentioned, which is moisture. Moisture levels can promote mold growth among your nugs or even cause your weed to become extremely dry causing it to lose it psychoactive potency.

The fourth and last factor is temperature because it can create conditions for any negative reaction to occur from being too dry, moist, hot or cold.

Should You Smoke Old Weed?

Does Weed Go Bad?

Asking someone else if you should smoke old weed is like asking someone if you should take some medicine. It is entirely up to you! Smoking old weed will in no way kill you or send you to the hospital, but you could experience some effects you don’t want.

Do you really want to smoke moldy or mold weed? Do you want to make the effort to grind, roll up and smoke weed that won’t get you high or mess with your lungs? If you do, then no one is stopping you.

How To Spot Old Marijuana

Just as there are 4 factors that make marijuana go bad, there are 4 ways to spot if your weed has gone bad. You can tell by the appearance of the weed, the texture of the nug, the aroma that it gives off and how it tastes when you smoke it.


Old or moldy weed is very easy to spot once you know what to look for. In the case of old weed, all you have to do is pinch the nug. If it is old, it will most likely crumble into kief-like dust.

For moldy weed, you should be on the lookout for white concentrations of powder-like substances. Mold is able to grow all throughout the nug so you should break the nug open to examining the interior as well.


In order to test the age of your weed through texture, it is recommended you are in an undistracted setting where you can feel the reaction of your nug or even the sound. If your weed has not fallen to dust yet, you can piece out the nug to find out.

While piecing up your nug, a snapping sensation similar to plucking a grape from the vine can be felt, meaning that nug is in good condition. If you experience or hear more of a cracking sound, which is like breaking a ritz cracker in half, then you have yourself an ancient nug.


Having a keen sense of smell would be very useful for this method. Cannabis usually gives off a pleasant and distinct aroma (If you’re a regular smoker, you should already be familiar with this aroma).

If your cannabis gives off a mildew-like smell, it could be a signal for existing or soon to appear mold.

Note: Any chemical smell usually indicates traces of pesticides on your bud, which means you shouldn’t smoke it.


If you’ve run through all of these indicators and are still unsure, the last and most effective method is to smoke it. If your weed isn’t right, you will know within the first few tokes.

Best Way To Store Weed

Keeping your weed safe and secure is relatively easy. There are only 4 revolving factors that you must take into account. You have to ensure you choose a suitable container, keep other paraphernalia separate from your buds, prevent any possible moisture to collect and do not use any humidors.

Choose The Right Container

The best container you could possibly use is a glass jar that has an airtight lid. Ceramic jars are also acceptable but are usually much heavier than glass jars. You also want to avoid using plastic jars as they more often than not, encourage moisture to collect.

Separate The Flowers

You also do not want to keep other pieces of paraphernalia in the same container as your weed. This means that lighters, pipes and other things are a no-no. These objects will most likely reek of smoke and smell foul which will alter the flavor and aroma of your weed.

If possible, you may also want to separate different strains of your weed so you can keep each distinct flavor and taste pure.

Beware Of Moisture

Moisture is easily created in hot and well-lit areas, which is the opposite of what you want. You want to keep your container filled with weed in an area that is directly out of any light and fairly cool. Places like a closet or drawer would be suitable as long as the sun does not shine directly on the door if it.

Avoid Tobacco Humidors

Humidors are traditionally used to store cigars and are most commonly made out of cedar wood. These boxes are usually heavily varnished for a clean finished product.

¬†Although these boxes may look awesome as a weed stash, the oils and varnish within the wood can easily ruin your weed’s terpene profile, changing the flavor and aroma.

How To Keep Your Weed From Going Bad

If you want to keep your weed from going bad you should always keep your weed away from as much light, oxygen, moisture, and heat as possible.

If you’re unsure whether your weed is old or moldy you can always refer to its appearance (Look for mold or crumble), texture (Feel for a snap or crackle), smell (Any smell other than the traditional aroma is suspect) and taste (If all else fails, smoke it!).

In order to avoid letting your weed go bad, you should keep away from tobacco humidors, moisture-inducing elements, loose-jarred plastic containers and mixing your weed with other stinky paraphernalia.

Farma Health Desk Editor