DankStop: One Stop Shop For All Things THC

DankStop is a renowned online headshop based in New Jersey that offers smoking equipment of varying prices and uses.

By providing a well-endowed customer support system, Dankstop endeavors to accommodate the widening market gap that materialized after the legalization of cannabis, creating a large pool of users in need of customized smoking-related equipment in various states in the US.

Despite making strides in the growing market, the company’s ability to expand has been limited by the illegality of cannabis at the federal level. However, the company still enjoys a good market served by a budding number of cannabis enthusiasts across the country.

The company has been able to efficiently maximize its potential by using effective product differentiations strategies; for each item, the company sells a variety based on both style and price hence satisfying more customers.

What is DankStop

DankStop is a US-based online headshop that deals in the sale of glass pipes and smoking accessories. Its seventeen thousand square foot warehouse is packed to the brim with products of the highest quality tailored to suit different cannabis users.

The products on retail were judiciously selected from American brand names such as Purr Glass, RAW, C2, Chameleon Glass, AMG Glass, Santa Cruz Shredder and others.

In addition, the company offers free shipping services while guaranteeing trouble-free returns. DankStop members also get to enjoy gifts and other rewarding programs.

How DankStop Came To Be

DankStop was established on April 2014 as a retail online Headshop in N J, United States. The modern business model was based on the accomplishments of providing cheap, easy, fast and discreet smoking supply services to its customers.

By investing in products worth $4000, at a Las Vegas glass art convention, its founders Louis Coniglio and Feliks Khaykin took to Instagram to launch the business which astoundingly pulled in a whopping $500k revenue after its one year mark. And as the saying goes, ‘they blew up!’ eventually becoming a reputable force in the market with a significant market base across the country.

Following the decision to diversify its marketing strategy through shipping services, the company now makes millions in sales per year. DankStop has also broadened its horizons with the content it posts online to drive up search results whilst appealing to different types of customers.

DankStop Social Media Ban And Guerilla Marketing

The most notable challenge for DankStop was the fact that marijuana was not legal at the national level. Some states had legalized it but at the federal level, the substance was still considered controlled. For this reason, the company could not use mainstream advertising channels.

This then saw social media sites ban the company’s ads and other sites also coming in to restrict the company’s operations. For instance, PayPal closed the founder’s and the company’s accounts.

Despite these hardships, the company still managed to get the word around. The most prominent method of doing this was posting pictures of the company’s products on Instagram and other social media sites. Customers would then go to the DankStop headshop to make purchases.

By creating plausible hashtags while sharing pictures online, cannabis users could see what was on offer and be able to anonymously show their interest or make purchases. The company also teamed up with affiliate parties who would market the products and earn commissions for the sales they generate.
Slowly but surely, they built a sterling reputation to a large market that craved for smoking-related products.

DankStop Products

Considering the different tastes and preferences of its customers, the company sells a variety of products via its headshop; this range from bongs to vaporizes of varying designs.


Bongs, also known as water pipes is a filtration tool used mainly by cannabis smokers to filter and cool off smoke before inhalation, providing a ‘milk’ that is easy to the lungs.

DankStop sells different bongs that vary in shape, price, and material used to make them. Prices may range from as low as $22 to more than $500 depending on what one is looking for. For instance, the Fold-A-Bowl silicon bong goes for $22 while the Rocket Ship Bong goes for $510.


  • Heat resistant material: Preferably glass, to withstand the heat from burning the herbs.
  • Easy to clean glass
  • Themed glass: to suit the user’s preference and style.
  • Large base area: offers stability.
  • Thick and sturdy glass: promotes durability.


  • Water chamber: Holds the water or liquid through which smoke passes to be cooled and filtered before smoking.
  • Narrow Tubing: facilitate passage of smoke into the water chamber after the herbs have been burnt.
  • Thicker tubing: cools and filters smoke before inhalation.

Dab Rigs

Referred to as oil rigs, is a type of water pipe designed for the purpose of smoking cannabis oils such as Rosin, CO2 oil, shatter, Butane Hash oil etc.
Prices vary for different dab rigs. Simpler designs like the Mini Dab Rig with Diffused Downstream are cheaper, with this example going for $24. Other like the 14mm Bent Neck Hourglass Rig ($209.99), are more expensive.


  • Small water chambers and tight passageways: ensure easy and fast transportation of vapor from the rig to the lungs.
  • Longer and narrower tubing: maintain quality, tasty and consistent vapor.
  • Tight and constricted vapor paths: to ensure proper water filtration and maximize surface area contact of the vapor against the glass.


  • Titanium nail: reduces torching by effectively retaining heat.
  • Quartz glass: convenient, easy to use, quite affordable and retains heat.
  • Ceramic nails: Heat up slowly hence produces perfect vapor flavor.
  • Dabbers: long and skinny for easier physical handling and utilization of concentrates.
  • Carb caps: Dome-shaped to prevent loss of vapor during the vaping process.

Glass Pipes


A sizeable and portable hand device used as a marijuana smoking medium that does not impart any form of flavor in the smoking experience but comes in handy as a pocket smoking pipe.
The designs and price range from simple disposable to novelty types. However, in general, glass pipes tend to be cheap, with some going for as low as $8.99.


  • Small chambered glass controls the levels of dosing a hit.
  • Multi-chambered rigs tend to yield large and rougher hits especially when used as table tops.
  • Water reservoir: enclosed in water glass pipes to enable filtration and percolation by delivering less harsh hits.
  • Deep bowl: allows for a large number of dry herbs to be packed at one time.
  • Thick glass makes it sturdier hence increasing its durability.


  • Themed, Colored and fumed glass: color accents for a unique and aesthetically appealing appearance.
  • Rubber fitting: connects the mouthpiece to the tube in order to separate and create distance from the flame.
  • Mouthpiece: filters out tiny buds for production of pure smoke


A bubbler is a type of water pipe device with a single-piece portable design that allows smoother smoke hits.


  • Percolator and water chamber allows the smoke to be cooled in the process, contributing to a smooth and buttery hit.
  • Carb holes: facilitates passage of cleaner and faster smoke clearance.
  • Chamber: holds water to create the passage of smoke.


  • Flat-bottomed chambers: allows for steady support.
  • Double bubblers: contain two chambers equipped with single percolators for cool silky and super smooth hits.
  • Pendant bubblers: threaded with strings to act as jewelry or a smoking device.
  • Deep funnel bowl: firmly holds herb or medicine in place.
  • Trumpet mouthpiece: creates a better smoking experience.

Dab Nails & Tools

A dab nail is a basic component of dab rig whose main function is to heat up the substance in order to transform the oil or wax into a sumptuous vapor.

They vary in design hence creating an array of preferences; for example, e-nails which maintain temperatures at a preferred level to give a higher level of consistency.

Dab tools include devices like carb caps and torches. Notably, price range depending on the tool or the type of nail one prefers. For instance, it is expected that the e-nail (Lavatec E-nail kit-$179.99) is more expensive than simple glass nail (DankStop Glass nail-$6.99).


  • Durable: it is highly resistant to corrosion
  • Strong and ductile: can be fashioned into different types of shapes
  • Removable oil pan: to facilitate easier cleaning.
  • Vent: for easy coverage of concentrates.
  • E-nail kit: ensures the concentrate reaches a consistent temperature.


  • Bent glass tube: allows motion of torch heat away from the vapor rig thus preventing the cracking of joints.
  • Functional design: creates space from the dab rig and prevent breakage when the joint is heated directly.
  • Female joint: comfortably fits with all-male jointed pipes and accessories of the same size
  • Male joint: easily fits with all female jointed pipes and accessories of equal sizes.
  • Material: made of titanium for consistent and quick heating or ceramic and glass for easy cleaning, and quartz for durability


These are electrical tools that utilize heat in order to vaporize marijuana inhaled in the form of an aerosol, which contains active ingredients THC and cannabinoids. Prices range with a simple vape pen going for as low as $22.99 while more advanced ones can be as high as $399.

Features and Design

  • Touch sensor activation: provides an on-demand instant convection heating.
  • Chamber: offers temperature control of torched herbs for palatable vapor.
  • Direct draw vapes: allows direct inhalation and flow of vapor.
  • Analog interface: creates a user-friendly vaping experience.
  • Portable: Small sized and lightweight for easy transportation.
  • Fixed temperature: For optimal vaporization of substance.

Glass Adapters

Complementary products to replace broken, damaged, or ill-fitting parts of a bong, glass pipe, dab rig or bubbler. Due to their complementary nature, these products tend to be cheap, with some going for as low as $7.99.

Features and designs

  • Heat resistant: prevents damage from heating.
  • Varying size: for compatibility with other devices.
  • Detachable: for easy portability and replacement.
  • Angular: ensuring ash does not fall into the smoking device.


A grinder is a small device used to break up and blend herbs to improve the convenience of smoking. Remarkably, Grinders are relatively cheap with some going for as low as $9.99.

Design and features

  • Sizeable: enabling portability and easy usability.
  • Good grip: convenient when grinding herbs.
  • Detachable: for easy cleaning and removal of herbs once ground.
  • Chamber: storage of herbs.
  • Themed: to suit a user’s preference and style.
  • Strong and rigid: helps in grind herbs and increases durability.
  • Teethed: To easily grind herbs.

Rolling Papers & Accessories


Rolling papers are specially designed papers in which cannabis is placed, rolled up, and then smoked. Accessories that come with them include tips that are held instead of the rolled up cannabis and tools to assist in rolling.

Ideally, the prices for rolling papers and their accessories are quite cheap. For instance, rolling paper can go for as low as $0.99 while the rolling machine going for $14.95.

Design and Features

  • Organic: Biodegradable, can burn, and can be safely disposed of.
  • Safe: ensuring the users are not harmed.
  • Plain or flavored and themed: to suit user’s preference.
  • Cigarette tips: makes the rolled up cannabis easier to hold and smoke
  • Rolling tray: holds the herbs for rolling.
  • Coned rolling papers: ready to use rolled papers saving on time.
  • Rolling devices: make it convenient for users to roll herbs using rolling papers.

Smoking Accessories

Smoking accessories are complementary products meant to increase the convenience of the smoker. They range from bong cleaners to pipe holders. Prices for these products vary in relation to the associated user, materials from which they are made, and the design.

Design and features

  • Hygienic: to avoid contaminating the herbs or infecting the user.
  • Easy to use: make it convenient for users especially beginners.
  • Replaceable and portable
  • Sturdy and durable

How Customers Review DankStop

Being a customer-centered company, DankStop has given its members and customers alike an opportunity to review and rate their products. On average, products have seemed to satisfy their customers fully.

As of now, DankStop’s headshop has received 16,915 reviews whose ratings average 4.5 stars. This is an affirmative trend that not only reflects the company’s promise to ecstatically please customers but also depicts its potential growth in the market.

The Next Step for DankStop

As a company targeting an emerging and growing market, DankStop has a lot of potential for growth. Its ability to sell a variety of products of high quality has been a key factor in its success.

Keeping up with this trend might eventually see it surpass its competitors. With an effective marketing and product differentiation strategy, it is impossible to not see the potential the company has for advancement.

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