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Daily High Club: A Review of the Cannabis Product Subscription Service

Regardless of how the world gets, there is something appealing about getting something unexpected in your post box. A weed subscription box comes already arranged with 420 products and goodies. This is the Daily High Club, a great dream for lots of people who enjoy a smoke.

Daily High Club: The Highlights

  • The Daily High Club is a subscription box for cannabis enthusiasts.
  • The subscription box includes a selection of cannabis-related products, including papers, filters, and glass pieces, among other things.
  • There are three subscription levels to choose from, each of them adding more goodies to your box.
  • This subscription box was developed by weed enthusiasts for weed enthusiasts, and it shows.
  • The Daily High Club changes the content of their boxes with each new delivery, so there’s no change of receiving identical items.

What Is The Daily High Club?

The major benefit of this box is the convenience. It is a great way to increase your supply of cannabis without actually getting to a store. It will also aid you in experimenting with numerous produces and brands you don’t try out normally. You will have rolling papers, lighters as well and accessories that will serve you for a long time all without the stress of selecting them yourself.

There are various forms of subscription boxes provided today by numerous subscription services. For this reason, it might be quite tedious for a user to choose a subscription service that would meet his or her requirement efficiently.

The Daily High Club was formally known as the Dollar High Club. It is a product subscription service for marijuana designed similar to other services like the Dollar Shave Club. For a little fee, Daily High Club will send you a unique 420 box every month.

This subscription service boasts of an amazing collection of smoking accessories. It is merged into subscription boxes shipped out monthly to different locations. It lets you make a choice from three diverse kinds of boxes in the quality and number of items they consist of.

Based on the subscription level you purchase, the box will consist of a selection of cannabis products. This would range from tips and papers to filters, dugouts and glass pieces among others. For frequent users of cannabis, Daily High Club is a fantastic way of getting all the items required every month without taking numerous trips to the headshop.

Depending on the subscription level that you buy into, this box will contain a selection of cannabis products from papers, filters, and tips to glass pieces, dugouts and more. For regular cannabis users, Daily High Club is a great way to get all of the items needed each month, without a separate trip to the headshop.

How Daily High Club Came to Be

Daily High Club was developed by a set of individuals who are enthusiastic about smoking. They wanted to bring fantastic pleasure to other fellow lovers of tobacco. Smoking is frowned upon largely, and the aim of Daily High Club is to turn the frown into acceptance and spread love for smoking.

As stated by the CEO and Founder, Harrison Baum, As long as tobacco products are legal in a state, we will make shipment there. Regardless of the stigma attached to smoking, the smoking sector has been growing and so has the amazing accessories provided by this service to adventurous smokers across the globe.

What’s in a Daily High Club Box?

Daily High Club

All of the subscription boxes DHC provides come in elegant, simple packaging. They choose not to overwhelm users when it has to do with envelopes or boxes. They choose to make use of simple envelopes and brown paper boxes.

A DHC stamp which is quite invisible is placed on it. This makes it confidential and not readily detectable by others in your home and block.

Daily High Club can transfer their subscription boxes anywhere in the United States as well as globally. If you are a resident of the USA, shipping of majority of the boxes is free, but there is a slightly higher cost when shipping globally.

Best of Daily High Club Boxes

The Daily High Club offers a variety of boxes to smoking enthusiasts. Some of the best ones include:

  • Dr. Greenthumb box
  • Chief GB box
  • Chong’s Choice box
  • Custom love box

Dr. Greenthumb Box

This box comes filled with the smoking essentials from B-Real. If you are in search of a perfect gift or just want something you missed out on, then this box is the ideal option.

The box consists of lots of beneficial utilities. These include:

  • B-Real’s Prescription Pill Glass Steamroller
  • DHC Sticker Set
  • Integra Boost Humidity Regulator
  • Elements Papers
  • Hemp Wraps
  • Herb saver Grinder
  • Buddies Tube
  • Stink Sack “Loud Pack”
  • Clipper Lighter
  • Elements Tips
  • Raw Emperador Cone

Chong’s Choice Box

The Chong’s Choice box was developed by Tommy Chong. It will make an excellent gift for friends or loved ones who are in love with smoking.

The box consists of lots of beneficial utilities. These include:

  • Futurola King Size Tommy Chong Papers w/ Filter Tips
  • Chong’s Glass Steamroller
  • DHC x Chongs Choice Sticker
  • Chong’s Choice Clipper Kasher
  • Clipper Lighter
  • Raw Bamboo Rolling Mat
  • Chongs Choice Glass Filter Tip
  • V-Syndicate Grinder Card
  • Odor Eliminator Spray
  • Dragon Bristle Pipe Cleaners
  • Elements Prerolled Cones

Custom Love Box

This box comes filled with the smoking essential from Custom Love. If you are looking for a perfect gift to give a friend who’s a smoker, or just want to spice up your smoking style with things you think you missed out on, then this box is the ideal option.

The box consists of lots of useful utilities. These include:

  • Custom love 14mm female tree perc beaker bong
  • Clipper Lighter
  • DHC Silicon Smoke Ring
  • Strawberry 8-Bit Heart Air Freshener
  • Rolling Tips
  • The original Cones 6-pack
  • 14mm Male Double Bowl
  • Hemp Wraps
  • RAW WAR on Hate Rolling Papers
  • DHC Stickers
  • RAW Metal Ashtray

The Subscription Plans

The Daily High club offers three subscription plans to users. The plans provide three unique subscription boxes. They differ in the offerings they provide. The plans include:

  • The All Natural Box
  • The Connoisseur Box
  • The El-Primo Box

It is ideal to note that the content of the boxes differs each month asides from the All-Natural box. But we shall be taking a brief look at these boxes, so you know what you are likely to expect. Each box is developed to fit the requirements of various kinds of weed enthusiasts.

The All Natural Box

This is a budget-friendly subscription from DHC. Of all the plans, it costs the least. It is also the first level plan. Although you don’t get that many items, you are still going to enjoy the offerings in this box. Some of these include:

  • One packet of 50 Raw filter tips
  • 3.3” of bee wick
  • 1 Elements matchbook
  • A packet of MOON Pure hemp one ¼ rolling papers

Opening up the All Natural Box may not seem that overwhelming. But if you are purchasing rolling papers individually, it would cost above $1 in your local store. So this offers excellent value.

The only drawback is that you make a payment of $2 for handling and shipping. This is double what the box costs, but it is indeed worth it.

The Connoisseur Box

For individuals more inclined to smoking daily, this box is a little more elaborate. One pack of paper like in the All Natural Box may not be suitable for those individuals, so what does the Connoisseur Box do differently? It offers the following:

  • One package Rollies My F*cking Rolling Papers 1 ¼ size (Each pack has 50 in it)
  • One packet of Smoking Maiz 1 ¼ rolling papers (Each package contains 49 rolling papers)
  • 3.3” of bee wick
  • A DHC quote sticker
  • A Doob Tube
  • One packet Hempire King Size Pure Hemp rolling papers ( There are 33 in a pack)
  • One packet Raw filter tips (50 in a packet)
  • Cyclones pre-rolled transparent grape cones (Comes with 2 in each pack)
  • Juicy Jay Flavornator Cool Jay

By mere looking at the contents, you’ll see that this subscription box offers way more than many others. The box also comes with flavor drops and grape cones which you may enjoy.

Daily High Club loves to ensure that their products remain natural, however, at its price of $12 monthly, it doesn’t offer as much value as the All Natural Box subscription plan does, but it does not cost you anything to ship this product. It would make a fantastic gift to offer a fellow smoker.

What does the Daily High Club El Primo include?

This special box called the El Primo is the most substantial subscription box DHC offers. As regards excitement and value, it seems like the best. This is because there are numerous goodies to unwrap.
The El Primo box includes:

  • Zen perforated filter tips – 50 in a pack
  • RAW Clipper Mini lighter
  • Doob Tube
  • A glass pipe
  • Hawaiian Skunk 1 ¼ rolling papers (Each pack contains 32)
  • 3.3’ of Bee Wick
  • Trip 2 Clear 1 ¼ rolling papers (pack of 50)
  • Dragon Bristle pipe cleaners (pack of 8)
  • Darshan Incense + holder

Final Thoughts On The Daily High Club

This box is quite elaborate. But it is not great for stoners who enjoy a smoke one or twice weekly. It is better for those who enjoy smoking daily. For the fact that you are offered a glass piece with it, it’s worth $30. Also, opening up the box is quite entertaining and bound to be fun if you become a long-term DHC customer.

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