Dabs: A Guide On The New Cannabis Trend

When you roll up to a gas pump, you have a decision to make. You can go with a lower octane fuel and save a few bucks, or you can splurge on the high-test stuff that will give your car a little more bang for its buck. In most cases, people are satisfied with just getting from point A to point B, so they will opt for the savings of money.

But, there are those who want the higher dose of pizazz to get their engine revving at top performance. Well, marijuana kind of has the same feel. There are those who only care about getting a basic high and there are those who want to take it to the extreme. Dabs give the user a chance to bring this objective to fruition.

What Are Dabs?

Back in the “old days,” things were pretty simple when it came to the use of marijuana. You basically rolled a fatty or blunt, lit the end on fire and took a few deep inhales. It’s pretty basic and there are no major complications attached. Then you would get high, maybe develop the munchies and go your merry way.

Fast forward to modern times and the game has changed quite a bit. Smoking a doobie is only one of many ways to get your fix. You now have joints, bongs, edibles, tinctures, vapes, and dabs. The before-mentioned are pretty self-explanatory. But dabs are a little new to the game. These are highly concentrated forms of cannabis that resemble a sticky wax.

How Are Dabs Made?

Did you ever have a chemistry set when you were growing up? They made rainy Saturday mornings and afternoons very fun for a lot of kids across the nation. They consisted of various tools, liquids, potions and emollients that you would blend together to make a colorful, smoky or steamy concoction that would give you a feeling of achievement.

The end result would almost always be a resounding look of admiration from your parents and the hope that you would maybe grow up to be a scientist or researcher. Fast forward to dabs and the process involved with making them is much like that chemistry set you got for your 8th birthday.

They are created through a multi-faceted process that includes a few accessories, such as a dome, nail, and torch. Well, this is one way to make dabs at least. They are also made through vaporizers and oil rigs. And no, not the oil rigs you see in the ocean that are the same of 10 football stadiums. Smaller rigs that are specifically designed to produce dabs.

In all applications, dabs are created by heating the concentrates left behind from cannabis plants and then inhaling the fumes that are produced. Solvents such as butane hemp oil, alcohol, carbon dioxide, and ethanol play a hand in this process.

They reduce the remnants of the plants down to a point where the residue left behind becomes super potent and concentrated. You are then left with dabs.

What is Dabbing and How Do You Do It?


Dabbing is a little more in-depth than just lighting up a joint and puffing away. If you refer to the above, there is a process involved with making them in the first place. Once you have done that, you then either inhale the fumes produced while dabs are sitting on an apparatus like a nail, or you can vape them.

And there are a couple ways to go the vaping route too. One of which is done by adding a dab into a pen-like vaporizer that heats up when you inhale. This causes the dab to become life and you suck in the vapor.

The other vaporizing method involves the use of what’s called an atom bomb rig. With this method, an atomizer is used where you add a dab to it and a battery heats it up. It then turns to vapor and you proceed to inhale it like you would from a standard pipe that uses water.

Can You Get High on Dabs?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! Not only can you get high, but you can get really high with dabs. Here’s the story. When it comes to smoking weed or doing an edible, you get a fairly decent amount of THC. In the tune of maybe 25 percent. And that’s a pretty legit dose to get the job done.

But then you have dabs. These suckers can range anywhere from 70 to 90-plus percent of THC content! This means when dabbing, you best not make any plans afterward because you can definitely count on getting uber high.

What are the Benefits of Dabs?

Just like other derivatives of cannabis, dabs come with benefits. This is important information for those people who are not really looking for a psychoactive effect but are more interested in taming the ailments they might be dealing with. Here are a few of the benefits you should consider too when taking dabs.

Pain Relief

Any form of cannabis product that contains CBD or THC is going to have a positive effect on pain relief. The way this works is they interfere with pain receptors in the body that ultimately relaxes you and makes the aches you are experiencing less intense. And in some cases, it can numb the pain altogether.

Since dabs are so highly concentrated, you have a better chance of experiencing this relief with them than you do with other forms of cannabis products,

Treats Nausea

Having nausea is never a day at the beach. Especially when it is severe. Often times, cancer patients endure really bad nausea that is spawned off the chemotherapy they are getting as a treatment. The good news about dabs is they have been known to quickly take the edge off nausea, regardless if it is stemming from cancer treatment or not.

Fast Effect

This goes back to the high concentration of dabs. Generally speaking, it can take a little while to feel the effects of a joint or bowl if you go that direction. And edibles can take up to 30-plus minutes before they really kick in. For some, that might be exactly what they are looking for and they like the slow effect. However, there are others who want to get right down to business.

If you fall into the latter category, there is good news. Dabs can hit you hard and hit you fast. It’s not out of the question to feel the effects in 10 minutes or less.

Cheap in the Long Run

Any form of cannabis is not going to be very wallet-friendly. But since you can get a lot of mileage out of dabs, even though they are highly concentrated and it takes a good bit of raw materials to make them, they will still save you money over the course of time.

This is mainly because you do not need to use as much to get the desired effect you want.

The Dangers of Dabbing

Now that you know the good side of dabs, you best familiarize yourself with the downside. Even eating excessive amounts of kale salad can be detrimental if you get carried away. So it stands to reason that the same can be said about dabs. Here are a couple things you should definitely look out for if you decide to go down this road.

Excessive Consumption

You just learned that too much kale salad can be dangerous for you. Not necessarily life-threatening, but it can certainly cause gastrointestinal upset and make you run to the bathroom multiple times during the day. Well, dabs can do some good things for you when utilized under the right conditions.

The feeling of being high can make you happy or you can get the physical benefits mentioned above. But on the flip side, excessive use can cause you to hallucinate and maybe even become sick to your stomach. Be on guard for this when you first start dipping your toe in the water.

Side Effects of Dabs

First and foremost, you should always know where your dabs are coming from. If you choose to get some from an unknown source online or out on the streets, you are asking for trouble. You have no idea if that stuff is even pure. And, you can end up getting a bad hit and doing more harm than good.

Plus, if you make it yourself, it is very important to keep all of your equipment cleans when you reuse it. If anything is contaminated, you again run the risk of something bad happening.

Lastly, although it’s highly unlikely to die from a dab overdose, the long-term effects have not been studied because this is relatively new.

Final Note on Dabbing

Much like any other use of cannabis products, dabbing can give you a safe and desired effect. Just make sure to always use it safely and responsibly. If you want to be a hot shot and get carried away, you may end up in the infirmary. It is always in your best interest to start out with a small dose and work your way up.

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