Craft Cannabis: The Future of Marijuana Farming

Craft cannabis is essentially the marijuana version of craft beer. It’s marijuana plants being grown in small batches and cater to their respective local area.

Craft Cannabis: The Highlights

  • Cannabis growers are popping up as rapidly as the crops themselves across the country.
  • Producers and consumers tend to want to stick with a small-time approach to cannabis production.
  • Although they have been produced predominately in the black market until now, cannabis products are for the most part organic.
  • Craft cannabis has the potential to be regulated by the government, much like beer or any other consumable product.
  • Organizations that produce cannabis take great care to ensure it is of high quality.

What is Craft Cannabis

Have you ever had a craft beer or heard of a craft brewery? And when it comes to stepping into one of these places, think small time. According to the Brewer’s Association, a craft brewery has to follow three criteria:

  1. It has to produce no more than 6 million barrels of beer.
  2. Less than 25 percent of the company is owned by an alcohol industry member that is not a craft brewer.
  3. The brewer has a TTB Brewer’s Notice and makes beer.

Fast forward to craft cannabis and you do not have any of these regulations set in place just yet. Remember, it’s still illegal in most states. But the concept is still the same as beer. Producers are on the small side, they are localized and they also cater to consumers who are local.

The Rapid Expansion Of The Cannabis Industry

Expansion, in some cases, is a good thing. And at other times it can be a problem. Quite simply, if you cannot meet the demand when you are a producer, you can get behind the eight ball. In turn, this can actually lead to lost business because consumers will not get their products soon enough and they’ll walk away.

To others, rapid expansion is a good problem to have if they are equipped to meet the fast demands placed upon them. When it comes to cannabis, you can expect to see this type of demand increase at a rapid pace. Here’s an indication for you to ponder about just how fast this crop is growing–figuratively.

According to Forbes, in 2017, the worldwide legal marijuana trade grew by 37 percent to reach $9.5 billion. The United States made up 90 percent of that amount! With numbers like this, you can clearly see the direction we are heading. And there is plenty of room for craft cannabis producers to step into the marketplace.

The Possibility Of Big Marijuana

Big Business spelled out with cannabis in background

Here is where there is a little rub in the cannabis field. Again, no pun intended. People often use the term “big pharma” to describe the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry. They control a lot of the power in the healthcare system and their pockets are extremely deep.

And they would like nothing more than to shut down or take over all the supplement and alternative medicine companies spanning US soil. That’s all because they too are thriving and people want to take their health into their own hands and not be worried about side effects and other problems associated with pharmaceutical drugs.

Well, if you stop and think about it, cannabis can easily be coined as an alternative remedy. Sure, there are people who like to use marijuana to get high, and that will never change. But there are a lot more people who are resorting to cannabis and all the spinoff products produced these days, to medicate themselves.

In most of these cases, it’s because when they went down the pharmaceutical road, they either had no luck or had some luck at first and then the said drug stopped working.

They then found out that marijuana and CBD, which both come from cannabis, have been known to reduce conditions like back pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, nausea, and skin irritations.

Cannabidiol (CBD), which is derived from marijuana, has also been used to treat epileptic seizures in children 2 years old or older, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Put all of these facts together and you have a perfect scenario for the marijuana industry to become the “big” marijuana industry, much like big pharma.

Introducing The Craft Cannabis Association

British Columbia and all Canadian provinces have the luxury of selling cannabis products because it has been legal for a long time. This is why, years ago, if you were to buy any type of hemp product, it likely came from Canada.

Manitoba Farms, for example, is a Canadian company that makes hemp protein, hemp oil, and hemp butter. Hemp is a form of cannabis that has a low amount of THC but is still illegal to grow in most US states.

The Craft Cannabis Association of British Columbia is an organization that caters to all the growers, producers, consumers and law officials governing the crop. They are a resource where all of these parties can go for support and information related to cannabis. This gives a high standard to the industry and makes it run a lot smoother.

The Craft Cannabis Ideology

The Farm is a Colorado-based dispensary located in Boulder. They began their business in 2014 when the cannabis craze started to hit and states were getting on the legalization bandwagon.

The Farm spelled out in yellow color

One of the things they are big on is craft cannabis. Some of their ideology on this topic centers around being local, using small batch methods and having clean production standards. Here is a little more information on what this looks like.

Small Batches

When you buy a Miller Lite, you are contributing to a large beer company with global reach. There’s not much pride involved with this beverage. It comes from a factory with so many employees that a lot of them will never even know each other.

Now, when it comes to craft cannabis at The Farm, one of their priorities is to make their products in small batches.

This magic takes place in smaller bloom rooms where individual crops and flower batches are easier to create and tend to. At the end of the day, growers utilize this to better track and monitor their plants.


The smaller rooms bode advantageous for the production of cannabis at The Farm. They take great pride in making sure the environment is clean and sterile and free of pests.

Any basic marijuana facility is at risk of attracting bugs from the debris left behind after production is done. But cleanliness is a high priority at The Farm and they go to great lengths to keep it that way.

Climate Control

A microclimate is a smaller scale climate that differs from the one in its surrounding area. When this occurs in a dispensary, it can cause problems like disease outbreaks with the plants and the development of bugs.

The Farm keeps this from happening by controlling the environment inside the batch rooms, which keeps pests from developing.

Careful Pruning

According to the National Institutes of Health, a pathogen is a virus or bacteria that can bring harm or disease to its host. Although is based on humans, the exact same thing holds true with cannabis plants. If pathogens develop, they can wreak havoc on the crops and cause a major loss.

To prevent this from happening, The Farm regularly prunes their plants and prevents a damp atmosphere from developing by promoting clean air flow through the batch rooms.

Organic Pest Control

Man spraying pesticide on cannabis

There are a couple growing stages involved with cannabis plants, When they are in the pre-flower stage, The Farm uses organic, non-systemic pesticides to prevent pathogens from developing. But once the buds develop, there is no more spraying.

This spells good news for the consumer because, even though the pesticides might be organic, they can still harm the body when smoked or ingested.

Long Dry-Cure Process

The dry-cure process of cannabis is an art form. Much like wood turning and making fancy spindles for a stairway. In order to get the best flavor and aroma profiles, there needs to be the right amount of time applied to the drying and curing process.

If the plants have just too much moisture or are slightly too dry, they will not strike the perfect balance.

The Farm enlists the services of full-time staff who are in charge of this process. The batches are cured at a slow and steady rate, and the moisture content is closely monitored. This ensures the end product is top notch.

Why Choose Craft Cannabis

If you want to get the best quality product, support local production and promote a healthy environment, then craft cannabis is your answer. Regardless of what your specific needs are, you would be hard pressed to find the same type of care that goes into cannabis if you went another direction.

Farma Health Desk Editor