Cooking with Hemp Oil The Top 5 Things You Should Know

Cooking with Hemp Oil: The Top 5 Things You Should Know

Cooking with hemp oil has become increasingly popular. People cook with it to get the benefits that hemp oil provides.

But another kind of oil derived from hemp, CBD oil, also provided benefits to users. Farma Health recommends CBD softgels from Niva CBD and CBD oil from My Natural CBD and Wild Things CBD.

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Hemp seed oil is quickly becoming a popular dietary supplement both for its nutritional benefits and physical well-being. While there are many ways it can be used, the best way to get the most potent dosage delivered to your body is by ingesting it. Sure, you can take a recommended dosage at the same time every day, but what is the fun in that?

Very few people get excited about having a mouth full of oil every morning. If the flavor or texture is not desirable or even if you are just looking for a different and fun way to deliver hemp oil into your system, incorporating hemp oil into your cooking is much easier than you might think. Just follow these five basic rules.

1. Know what product you are dealing with!

There is hemp seed oil that is made for the masses,and then there is CBD hemp oil. If you go to your corner grocery store and pick up whatever they have labeled as hemp oil in the cooking aisle expecting to get some cannabinoid benefit, you will be sorely disappointed.

This may seem like an obvious pointer,but you might be surprised at how many people still have the misconception that anything with the word “hemp” on the label is guaranteed to relax you or get you high;this is simply not true.

While there is nothing wrong with consuming commercial hemp oil (and in fact there are plenty of nutritional benefits), if you are looking for the product that is going to give you some of the benefits of smoking a joint without any of the THC then you will need to get yourself a good quality CBD hemp oil.

2. Cook with it, but don’t actually “cook” with it

Usually, when you think about using oils in your cooking, it is to lubricate your pots or pans and keep food from sticking to the cooking surface. Hemp oil is not meant to be used in this fashion and has not gone through the processing that allows it to be heated to extreme temperatures.

Therefore, if you put a dollop of this stuff in a pan and try to heat it up to cook some chicken, the oil will break down and all of that CBD goodness will be lost.

2. Cook with it, but don’t actually “cook” with it

It would also be quite difficult to get an accurate dosage this way, not to mention the fact that heating hemp oil on the stove or in the oven will likely result in your house smelling like a Bob Marley concert.

It is okay to have your hemp oil be warmed a bit by the food you are eating it in or on, such as drizzling it over some toast or some soup that has cooled to the point of being edible but try not to overdo it.

Even though this oil should not be overheated, there are plenty of ways to incorporate it into your cooking. It can be mixed in any manner of cold items like smoothies, milkshakes, and yogurt.

Room temperature is also good, such as salad dressings and even peanut butter. The only limits are your pantry and taste buds.

3. Stick to the recommended dosage

If you decide to use hemp oil as a substitute for some other oil in a non-CBD recipe, keep in mind that you should not be substituted on a one for one basis.

Your salad dressing may call for two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil but if you are only used to taking a teaspoon or two of CBD hemp oil at a time, then only substitute this amount into the recipe and make up for the difference with the originally intended oil.

While it is practically impossible to overdose on CBD hemp oil, you do not want to inadvertently take a lot more than you are used to and potentially suffer intense or negative effects.

4. Take advantage of strongly flavored ingredients

You likely are trying to figure out how to incorporate hemp oil in your cooking because you are not a fan of how it tastes. Even if you do like it, there may be some flavor profiles that do not work well with your brand of hemp seed oil. In either case, using hemp oil with ingredients that have strong and intense flavors can help to mask the taste of the oil.

For example, using hemp oil in pesto tends to be quite popular due to the strong flavors of the basil, pine nuts, and parmesan. The combination of the three of these can mask just about anything and as an added bonus pesto can be eaten in a variety of ways.

If your hemp oil is particularly earthy or herbaceous, then that might even enhance your basic pesto recipe on a flavor level.

Try your hemp oil on its own and try to think of the foods it reminds you of to determine what it might work best with or even what similar flavors might mask it. If you are having trouble with the flavor then perhaps switch to a different type or brand of oil.

Some hemp extract products go through extra filtering and purifying to remove any extra plant particles that can give it a stronger flavor.

5. Experiment

Ultimately the use of CBD hemp oil should be enjoyable, as should cooking. If you are not sure where to start with incorporating hemp oil into your daily meal prep, then you can easily search the web for some recipe ideas.

Once you have started to figure out what you do and do not like then keep an eye out for any sort of potential food carrier for your hemp oil products.

The sky is really the limit here. You may be surprised at what foods can be enhanced with hemp oil products and what foods completely mask it. Just resist the temptation to sneak it into the appetizers at your next family function!

Additionally, if you prefer to get more benefits from hemp, Farma Health recommends CBD oil, which is also derived from hemp. The following brands are solid choices:

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