Colorado Hemp Honey

Colorado Hemp Honey: Honey Gets Kicked Up A Notch

When Colorado Hemp Honey’s founder, Nick French, first opened his business, it wasn’t all about the hemp – it was actually all about the bees. Now, over 10 years later, Colorado Hemp Honey produces some of the finest hemp-infused honey in the USA.

Colorado Hemp Honey: The Highlights

  • Colorado Hemp Honey has over 40 bee colonies in 6 apiaries at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
  • All the hemp used to create Colorado Hemp Honey’s products comes from Colorado-grown hemp, keeping the entire production chain local.
  • No chemicals are used to keep the beehives overseen by Colorado Hemp Honey. Rather, essential oils are used to clean and keep the hives.
  • Hemp isn’t the only thing infused into these honey jars. Essential oils are added for flavor as well as aromatherapy purposes.
  • Colorado Hemp Honey is made from raw honey, free from syrup or additives. It is strained rather than filtered, meaning it contains trace amounts of pollen, wax, propolis, vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes.

About Colorado Hemp Honey

Colorado Hemp Honey was founded by Nick French in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. When the project began, French’s vision was to increase the seed production of local hemp farms by introducing colonies of bees.

Technically, Colorado Hemp Honey didn’t exist until 2015. However, its parent company, Frangiosa Farms, started as early as 2008, cultivating bees to support the local hemp farmers.

Naturally, Frangiosa Farms went on to produce top quality, local and raw honey. Finally, this symbiotic relationship spawned Colorado Hemp Honey, a honey jar infused with the goodness of hemp.

Nick French swears by the goodness of local honey. Local bees carry some of the local allergens around, which finally make it into their honey.

Consuming local honey means consuming local allergens and naturally desensitizing to the allergens present in the local environment. Plus, the sugars of natural, raw honey are easily digestible, making them a great source of simple carbohydrates.

All the honey produced by Frangiosa Farm’s bees is organic. No chemicals are used to keep the beehives, meaning the bees stay healthy and so does their honey. Finally, the hemp extract used to produce the Hemp Honey comes from locally grown plants, keeping all production local to the Rocky Mountains.

How Colorado Hemp Honey Is Made

Yellow Honeycomb slice closeup isolated on white background

Step 1: Harvesting raw honey

The first step to producing Colorado Hemp Honey is, of course, to harvest the honey! Knowing that this will finally be manicured into a remedial health product, Nick French and his team ensure that only organic practices are used to keep the bees.

All of the beehives exist on residential land and are cared for by local members of the community. The honey itself is not filtered but only strained. This keeps the integrity of the honey intact so that the final product contains all of the healing properties of raw honey.

Step 2: Infusing hemp extract

The second step in producing Colorado Hemp Honey is infusing the hemp extract. Although the team at Colorado Hemp Honey does not disclose their extraction technique, they refer to it as “renewable” and “sustainable”.

All the hemp extract used comes from hemp grown directly on the Frangiosa Farm or co-ops operated by local farmers, all of whom Nick French has been working with since 2015.

It is not clear how the hemp extract is finally infused into the honey, although a conventional way of doing so would be through heating.

Step 3: Adding essential oils

The decision to add essential oils to this alchemical blend of remedies was pioneered by Nick French’s wife. She is now Colorado Hemp Honey’s onsite aromatherapist, selecting essential oils for flavor as well as the therapeutic values that they offer.

Tangerine, lemon, ginger, turmeric and black pepper essential oils are used to create the three unique flavors of Colorado Hemp Honey.

According to Colorado Hemp Honey, each product is tested for both potency and contaminants. Purity is paramount to the makers of this hemp honey. The company also donates 10 cents from each jar sold to the Veterans to Farmers program.

Colorado Hemp Honey Products

Colorado Hemp Honey has an impressive range of different hemp honey products. Different concentrations of hemp allow for a variation in the strength of their products, therefore suiting a wide variety of people.

While the products err on the expensive side, they are unique products in the cannabis industry as a whole. Let’s have a look at some of the products for sale on Colorado Hemp Honey’s website.

12 oz Honey Jars

12 oz jars of Colorado Hemp Honey

Just as the name suggests, these jars contain 12 oz of hemp-infused honey. There is a range of flavors to choose from including Ginger Soothe, Lemon Stress Less and Tangerine Tranquility.

Each 12 oz honey jar contains 1000mg of hemp extract. To get an idea of dosage, Colorado Hemp Honey estimates that there are roughly 68 doses inside each jar, meaning each dose averages 15mg. Each jar costs $49.99.

There is also a double strength 12 oz honey jar containing 2000mg of hemp extract. It is formulated the exact same way but contains twice the amount of hemp extract. This product costs $84.99 per jar.

Honey Sticks

Honey Sticks are Colorado Hemp Honey’s way of simplifying the way you ingest their hemp-infused honey. They can be consumed on the go, on hikes, during exercised or on a lunch break.

Each pack contains 10 honey sticks, each containing 15mg of hemp extract. They come in the same three flavors (ginger, lemon, and tangerine), each costing $29. Conveniently packaged into individual doses, all the confusion is taken out of consuming this hemp product.


Bottle of Colorado Hemp Honey tincture

All of the tinctures made by Colorado Hemp Honey are specially formulated for pets.

Each Crazy Bee Gone pet tincture contains 500mg of hemp extract and bee propolis infused into MCT coconut oil. One dropper full delivers approximately 25mg of hemp extract to your furry friend. The flavors available are Bacon and Salmon. One bottle costs $69.


Ginger is one of the essential oils used in the creation of Colorado Hemp Honey’s products. It is added for its spiciness and its soothing remedial qualities. It can be found in 1000mg 12 oz honey jars. It is also available as a flavor of the honey sticks product.


Lemon is another of the essential oils added by the on-site aro

matherapist at Colorado Hemp Honey. However, rather than being used for its soothing qualities, lemon is added for its ability to reduce stress.

It is also a perfect flavor addition to honey. It is found in the 12 oz honey jar containing 1000mg hemp extract as well as being a flavor of the honey sticks product.


Tangerine, another member of the citrus family, is also sometimes added to Colorado Hemp Honey’s products. It promotes tranquility and has a zesty taste and aroma. It can be purchased in the form of a 12 oz honey jar as well as in the honey sticks packet.

Raw Relief

Jar of Colorado Hemp Honey

For those who aren’t fans of flavored honey, Raw Relief is the ideal product. It contains two simple ingredients: raw artisan honey and locally manufactured hemp extract. No essential oils are added to the Raw Relief products.

The Raw Relief range contains 150mg honey sticks ($29 each packet), 12 oz honey jar containing 1000mg hemp extract ($49.99) as well as a double strength Raw Relief honey jar ($84.99). Note that the double strength jar contains 2000mg hemp extract.


The Turmeric range is the newest addition to Colorado Hemp Honey’s line of products. The company has incorporated the ayurvedic formula of turmeric and black pepper into their jar of honey.

The turmeric is added by way of a proprietary blend curcuminoid turmeric extract, after which black pepper extract is added. Finally, the honey is creamed, giving it a slightly different texture to other products by the company.

The final product makes for an ayurvedic powerhouse of herbs. As is the case with all 12 oz honey jars, it contains 1000mg hemp extract and costs $49.99.

Colorado Hemp Honey Benefits

Many of the benefits that come to you from using this product comes from the fact that everything is locally produced. The honey is artisanal, meaning it is natural and free from additives.

The hemp is grown on site and in co-ops that surround the local farm. And finally, all products are put together in small batches, in Colorado Hemp Honey’s own commercial kitchen in Parker, Colorado.

digital illustration of a wooden bowl of honey

Then, of course, come all of the benefits infused into the honey itself. Honey comes naturally packed with minerals and enzymes, and as most of us know, honey has been used as a therapeutic agent by just about every civilization known to Earth.

When it is infused with the cannabinoids, terpenoids, proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals of hemp, the product becomes an alchemical powerhouse.

Colorado Hemp Honey says that the systems of the body which benefit from using their product are:

  • The digestive system
  • Immune system (inflammation specifically)
  • Metabolism
  • Mood regulation
  • Reproduction

Overall, the product encourages the healthy function of the human endocannabinoid system, bringing into balance the different aspects of the body and mind.

The Advantages of Choosing Colorado Hemp Honey

Overall, Colorado Hemp Honey has a great thing going on. In the current environmental climate, bees are at an all-time low population. Caring for bees is already a great way to save the environment and encourage seed production on hemp plants.

But adding the honey together with hemp-derived cannabinoids? That’s genius. Overall, the product is friendly, easy to use and easy to digest, making it an appropriate product for just about all Americans.

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