CBDRx: Hemp Extract From Colorado

Health has become the main source of wealth for a growing number of people in this decade. In reaction to this shift in the mindset of consumers, manufacturing processes, ethics and quality have become cornerstones of a well-rounded product and organization.

These cornerstones are tediously scrutinized when dealing with stigmatized subjects such as the hemp and marijuana market. This has pushed organizations to seek out processes and products that are organic, pro-environment and healthy.

With high-standards being set by predecessor organizations, the entire market is in a state of evolution in terms of mission, manufacturing, and quality. This evolution creates a process that naturally thins the herd of cannabinoid products leaving only the cream of the crop.

About CBDRx

The mission of CBDRx has not changed since its conception, their main goal is to grow high-quality hemp using sustainable cultivation techniques, ethical business practices, and all-natural materials.

CBDRx on average produces 50,000 pounds of hemp flower every year, providing the best source material in the market. Along with their quality and high yearly output, they also put a big emphasis on consistency by using analyzation techniques to confirm content and efficacy.

With all of this effort to produce the best products, CBDRx provides substantial information on their processes used for producing their products, research and testing methods used during their research phases and cultivation practices that are upheld through the process.

Why CBDRx?

CBDRx is a cannabinoid company that produces high-quality CBD products through ethical, all-natural processes. In the global marketplace that allows products to be produced and shipped anywhere in the world, it can be hard to ensure that every regulation and promised quality is upheld.

With CBDRx, you are ensured products that are produced within the United States, provided with information on facilities, cultivation, processes, and proof of quality.

It is always in your best interest to follow quality and assurance when surveying products that will enter your body and holds an important role such as a pain reliever, anxiety reducer, and sleep aid.

Natural CBD Hemp


Their hemp plants are sustainably farmed in Colorado, USA. All of their plants are nurtured in greenhouses that have implemented all-natural practices that benefit the earth, farmers and the plant itself. Instead of using pesticides, CBDRx uses effective pest management tactics that maintain the health and reduces the stress of the plant.

CBDRx has been conducting in-house research and development that spans a decade of breeding elite strains.

Their extensive research and development efforts and farm efficacy ensure that they do not have to depend on foreign hemp importers that could be tainted with metals and pesticides, contain very low CBD and result in poor extractions (incomplete spectrum CBD oil).

Full-Spectrum CBD

CBDRx focuses on providing the most complete full spectrum CBD oil possible. For those who aren’t familiar with the differences between CBD Isolate and full spectrum CBD, the two differ on effectiveness. CBD Isolate is a form of CBD that is isolated from every other cannabinoid, meaning pure CBD.

Pure CBD is still a very good health supplement, but full spectrum CBD has been proven to be much more effective. The reason is that full spectrum CBD includes other cannabinoids that hold their own value in treating ailments such as  CDBA, CBG, CBGA, CBC, CBCA and more.

Top-Notch Facilities

CBDRx uses excellent separation of powers by implementing a program that calls for 4 separate facilities to represent each cornerstone of its production and business practices.

CBDRx has settled its suit and tie portion of the organization into a building comprised of its sales, marketing, and corporate staff who ensure the public receive their products swiftly without a hiccup.

There’s a research and development laboratory that is attached to a 5-acre research farm. CBDRx also sports robust cloning and seed propagation facility that holds over 100,000 versions of produced plants.

Those versions are sent over to CBDRx’s outdoor farm that is equipped with all the hallmarks of a sustainable, efficient large-scale cultivation farm.

Wholesale Opportunities

CBDRx offers distributors and sales affiliates with the opportunity to spread and provide high-quality CBD products to their customers and audiences.

In order to become a distributor, you are not required to pay an upfront fee, however before you can be assigned a territory and provided with all the needed tools, you must have your qualifications and background reviewed first.

For sales affiliates, you have the opportunity to sell CBDRx’s products through click-funnel links in a hassle-free stream of income. CBDRx handles all logistics which allow you to be free and keep on with your daily life.

CBDRx Products


Functional Remedies Tincture

Functional remedies tinctures come in 30 mL bottles with concentrations of 250 MG, 500 MG, and 1000 MG. The tincture contains full spectrum CBD that is combined with MCT oil to allow maximum absorption by the body.

This combination allows an almost immediate balance between the user’s body and mind. Users have reported using the tincture during yoga sessions, to substitute pain medications and manage daily nausea.

Functional Remedies Hemp Capsules

CBDRx’s hemp capsules are made for easy and convenient administration when tinctures are not ideal. They come in bottles containing 30 capsules with concentrations of 10 MG, 25 MG, and 50 MG.

The hemp capsules can be used to help you get ready for your morning, in the middle of the day when your pain starts to ramp up and even before bed to end your day and make falling asleep easier.

Functional Remedies Nourishing Hemp Salve

The topical hemp product contains 500mg of hemp phytonutrients within a 1/2 ounce twist tube. Along with CBD, this tube contains organic beeswax, vitamin E, black pepper and organic coconut oil. All of these combine to create a pain-soothing, moisturizing topical.

This topical is convenient for those who need to have a remedy on the go and when applying a messy liquid topical is not feasible. Pop the cap, twist, twist, twist, apply and relief!

EndoSport Hemp Oil Tincture

The EndoSport line of oil tincture is geared towards athletes who deal with daily aches and pains from exhausting performances and daily training. This tincture comes in a 30 mL bottle with a total of 500 MG of CBD.

The bottle can be divided into 40 fills of its provided dropper with about 12.5 MG of CBD per fill.

EndoSport Hemp Capsules

EndoSport hemp capsules come in 30 count bottles in 10 MG and 25 MG concentrations. Tailored for the same athletes who would benefit from the EndoSport tincture, it is the simple version of administration for athletes.

These capsules should be a staple in supplementation along with protein, creatine, and vitamins. It can be easily administered while drinking a protein shake or fruit smoothie.

EndoSport Hemp Salve

The EndoSport Salve contains organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, vitamin E and black pepper to provide athletes with quick pain relief. A topical version of EndoSport CBD allows athletes to pinpoint areas where pain may be stemming from.

These pinpoint areas may involve joint pain, muscle sores, shin splints and aching.

CBDRx Reviews – What Do Customers Say?


  • Karen Staggs notices a definite improvement in her quality of life when she takes CBDRx 50MG hemp capsules product on a regular basis



  • Sandy was recommended CBDRx’s 500mg hemp tincture by her chiropractor which helped remedy her knee and shoulder pain as well as her husband’s joint pain



The Benefits Of Choosing CBDRx

CBDRx is an organization that produces its full spectrum CBD through sustainable cultivation techniques and ethical business practices. Their process of research, development, growing, and extraction is top-notch and transparent to its customer base.

Along with the assured processes and high quality, CBDRx takes it further by using efficient analyzation techniques to ensure consistency in cannabinoid content, quality, and safety. With CBDRx you obtain the preferred products of experienced CBD users, assured quality and remedied ailments.

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