CBD Wax: High Intensity CBD Smoking

When it comes to improving your health and well-being, there a plethora of options available for use. Throughout the course of history, there’s been medicine and various supplements to help. But recently, there’s been another candidate to rise to the occasion when it comes to helping treat a medical condition and that thing is cannabis.

Marijuana has experienced an exponential rise in popularity and usage among a diverse set of individuals in the last few years. Medical marijuana was merely existing within a small subset of the population, but now the notion of medical marijuana has become accepted by the mainstream.

When people think of the cannabis plant, there’s a tendency to only think of the THC compound that is associated with getting high. But there are numerous other compounds. One other important compound found on the hemp plant is Cannabidiol.

CBD Cannabidiol is merely one of the 113 cannabinoids found on a hemp plant. CBD Cannabidiol is one of the more noteworthy compounds due to the various products being formulated and available to the general public.

CBD products exist in many diverse and unique forms, but one highly unique and effective one is CBD wax.

Why Should You Use CBD Wax?

Typical CBD products that come to mind first are various CBD oils. However, the diverse nature of this product offers up the option of CBD wax.  However, before proceeding any further, it must be noted that you need a full setup in order to use the wax because dabbing is a necessity along with the use of a dab pen.

The extraction process of CBD wax is happening through the carbon dioxide process.

Not only is this method thought to be the best method for extracting the purest form of CBD hemp, but it’s also the safest as it removes unwanted substances such as chlorophyll from the oil produced. Since the CBD is extracted from a hemp plant instead of a marijuana plant, the CBD oil can easily be extracted into to be processed into the CBD wax.

Keep in mind that both the hemp plant and marijuana plant are types of cannabis plant but with different properties.

The wax is going to contain low levels of THC while possessing high CBD concentrate levels. CBD wax is a great choice due to the high CBD hemp levels and with the simple addition of dabs becomes even more beneficial since you’ll be able to feel the effects quicker.

CBD wax is a great addition to medical marijuana due to its treat cure benefits of various ailments. CBD wax is one of the easiest hemp CBD products to use which makes it more appealing to novice users of CBD hemp.

CBD wax takes on many forms based on the texture, moisture, and heat levels before the substance are purged. Lastly, it’s important to remember that CBD wax isn’t like CBD oil or any other cannabis oil that can be ingested. If ingesting pure CBD hemp oil is a priority, then stick to the various oils.

What is Dabbing?


Dabs are simply concentrated doses of cannabis made by extracting THC and the various other cannabinoids. As previously mentioned, to get into dabbing, you need a dab pen to undertake the process.

Using CBD hemp is a safer and more effective way to feel the beneficial effects. Dabs are used in medical marijuana but participating in dabbing CBD wax isn’t the same as dabbing concentrated cannabis. Remember the cannabis plant is highly diverse in its compounds.

CBD wax, of course, has a high level of CBD concentrate to dab from. Using a vaporizer is also another method but you have to dab it first before you think about ingesting the CBD vape oil material.

As mentioned in a little detail earlier, the CO2 method is most commonly used to remove all the unwanted compounds which lead to consumption of the purest form of Cannabidiol oil.
By further reducing trace amounts of THC, it becomes much easier to inject CBD isolate into the wax.

The process of using CBD wax is becoming more and more common among the population. To describe dabbing, it starts with a simple process of heating a small amount of the wax by applying it to the heated coil of a dab pen.

Next, the CBD is inhaled through an attached mouthpiece connect on the wax pen.

Lastly, heat vaporizes which allows a smooth inhalation through the mouth. CBD vape oil is a highly popular form due to the convenience and ease. With the ability to carry a wax vape pen wherever you go is only going to make this method more appealing.

A wax vape pen is a relatively inexpensive product which only bolsters CBD dabs appeal.

The Best CBD Shatter


What makes the CBD compound impressive is the myriad of options available for use. One of those is shattering which is technically different from wax. During the extraction process, the substance doesn’t quite become crystallized, which gives it a more opaque and cloudy appearance.

Due to also being more glass-like in its structure, it’s really not even a wax. On a side note, once you heat this particular substance in a vape coil, it takes on an appearance similar to that of honey.

With that said, there are numerous types of products to choose from for your CBD shatter. Various forms of weed online are only increasing by the day.

Green Roads CBD Shatter

This brand is not only affordable but also boost an impressive profile of pure CBD at 90 percent. For 450mg of pure CBD, prices start at $49.99. Since it contains natural flavorings, you can use this in edibles and other substances.

Nevertheless, you can opt for a vaporizer or a rig for consumption. This brand comes in five flavors which are pineapple express, grandaddy purp, super lemon haze, tange og, blueberry og, and acdc.

Hemplucid Wax Dab

This product isn’t edible and is intended for use with a wax rig or modified vaporizer. Prices for this product start at $44.95 and includes 200mg of ultra-refined CBD Concentrate.

This brand also uses a solvent-less supercritical CO2 extraction process that yields a golden yellow CBD wax that also happens to be rich in terpenes.

PureCBD Honey Dab

With a honey citrus flavor, this product possesses a great vapor profile. With 300mg of CBD, this product is one of the more popular ones. Prices for this one begin at $33.99.

Highland Pharms Wax Crumble

Two particular versions of this highland pharms product are available for consumption and both have incredible flavors due to the natural terpene. You have the 300 plus and the 750 plus.
Speaking of the 750 plus, it’s consisting of 750mg of CBD and has a price of $39.95, to begin with.

CBDfx Dab Wax

This brand consists of a full spectrum Cannabidiol oil that is rich with CBD, terpenes and amino acids. This quality product contains one gram of 30 percent CBD oil and 300mg of pure CBD. It contains roughly 20 servings with prices starting at $49.99.

CBDistillery Broad Spectrum Wax

This is an 80 percent Broad Spectrum CBD wax that is mixed with CBD and CBG, which is a solid profile of true industrial hemp of high quality. This product is running at $50 and the reviews have been favorable with people noting the quality taste.

The Benefits of Dabbing Wax

One of the biggest benefits with dabbing wax is the intensity that it can bring to the user which is beneficial regarding healing and maintaining optimal health.

It’s possible to fit up to five grams of quality concentrate in a single dab. With the popularity of vaping and the ease in which to obtain a starter kit, there’s still a place for dabbing.
A few more benefits concerning CBD wax (and wax in general) is the ability to relegate your dosage along with the benefit of using it with other CBD items (CBD e-liquid being one of many).

Also of note is the fact that there are a plethora of consumption forms to use when it comes to your wax. You have a vape pen (vape juice included) along with the dab rig. And for those who are worried about taste, many claim that it tastes like red cherries.

Is Wax The Future Of CBD?

In the industrial hemp world, quality is unlikely to be a problem. This crosses off one thing. And with that crossed off means, the sky is the limit as far as CBD is concerned.

Specifically concerning CBD wax, the future will be especially bright because it provides both convenience and effectiveness.

This tag team of effects equates to satisfying mainstreams appeal.

There are numerous methods to use the wax and since it’s able to be applied at high dosages, the potential benefits are highly appealing to those who suffer from chronic pains and other medical issues.

If you’re considering a CBD wax product, the first area to look into is with the CBD concentrate dab oil due to its high levels of CBD oil along with being safe and legal.
If you’re a cannabis user, then trying out CBD wax is definitely worth a shot.

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