CBD Therapy: A High CBD Strain To Try In 2019

High-THC strains have thrived over the past few decades leaving high CBD strains in the basement and covered in dust. However, with the ever-growing potential medical benefits that high-CBD strains display, so is the creation and availability of these strains.

There are organizations and teams that are solely dedicated or at the least, dedicate a small amount of time for creating effective, consistent high-CBD products. These strains take years to develop through trial and error with a myriad of variables that foster the chemical reactions to stabilize high concentrations of CBD and tame levels of THC to all-new lows.

What Is The CBD Therapy Strain?

The strain CBD Therapy is at the top of its own genetic lineage and is a creation from the collaboration between the Mr. Nice Seedbank and Resin Seeds organization. The two parties started this experiment in the sweltering summer of 2009 when two individuals from both parties decided to combine cannabidiol-rich cannatonics with renowned, old-school strains from the vaults of the Mr. Nice Seedbank.

Over the course of 4 years, these two organizations have been able to cultivate and stabilize the current CBD Therapy strain by breeding a slew of high-THC cannabis strains into high-CBD perfection.

CBD Therapy Strain Review

This strain is a complex hybrid that took 4+ years to develop through a partnership between two organizations that are deeply rooted in the cannabis community. We will go over its complex aroma, flavor profile, and THC to CBD content ratios.


This high CDB strain is known to have a very fruity aroma, often being characterized by a tropical berry distinction. The variance of fruit aromas ranges from kiwi, flowers, nectar, every type of berry and more. Complimentary to the fruity aroma, users have noted it as a sweet scent that is also on the earthy side.

With that being said, CBD Therapy is a rollercoaster for your nose because it is a classic, earthy-smelling bud with a twist of fruity sweetness on the back end.


CBD Therapy’s flavor profile stays true to its aroma. It strongly exudes a berry-like taste with notes of either mint, maple, hash, lemongrass, citrus, dill and cloves (Depending on seed descendant).

The strain rumbles off with an earthy toke of smoke which turns into a fruity exhale that stays at the tip of your taste buds. The taste and its name go hand in hand for your cannabidiol therapy.

CBD Therapy: THC To CBD Ratio

The CBD Therapy strain is far from consistent in its seed yieldings but has proved that at least 75 percent of the blossomed plants have birthed extremely low-THC buds. This hybrid strain has been bred to produce an average of 8 to 10 percent CBD content while sporting a very low 0.5 percent THC level.

Although the strain can reach THC to CBD ratios of 1:20+, sometimes the ratio is more of 1:2 THC to CBD content, which is still extremely good as that amount of CBD content would certainly tame any residual THC content.

CBD Therapy Strain Attributes

Like classic CBD effects, this strain offers a relaxed state where you’re not paranoid or constantly fidgeting around. This strain will calm your body, mind, and soul after a short smoke session, leaving all of your worries, anxieties, and troubles in the backseat.

This strain will also come in handy before bed for those who have trouble falling asleep at night or if you hadn’t had any time to wind down and need an immediate chill pill. Although you won’t necessarily get a strong psychoactive high, you will feel that traditional CBD body relaxation and possibly a small buzz along with it.

Possible Medical Benefits

CBD Therapy

CBD has a wide range of possible medical benefits from common ailments to life-altering diseases. This strain can combat chronic pain (neuropathic pain, etc.), insomnia, help fight cancer and reduce the number of seizures in a few types of disorders.

This strain was orchestrated with patients who suffer from epilepsy and Dravet’s syndrome at the top of mind. There are also tens more benefits that are possible and are currently being tested such as those pertaining to diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, corticobasal degeneration, multiple sclerosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, dementia and more.

Examples of these benefits include real families with children, parents and elderly who have experienced a drastic upscale in the quality of life they are able to obtain. Children with epilepsy have commonly gone from having hundreds of seizures per week which kept them in a catatonic state leading to a severe lack of physical and mental growth, to a single-digit amount after a couple weeks of use.

There have also been reports of the elderly who have previously taken 8 or more different types of medications multiple times a day for minimal positive results until they try CBD as a sole supplement to discover that CBD alone was the answer to their pain.

For the case of ongoing studies that are related to effects that are not entirely supported by physicians, diabetes would be a front-runner of such. The existing studies that are available have suggested interesting benefits that CBD can provide for patients who are diabetic and at-risk to become diabetic.

CBD has been correlated with the improvement of neuropathic pain (nerve damage that can drastically degrade a patient’s quality of life) and the reduction of insulin resistance (one of the biggest dangers of diabetes). CBD has also been correlated to lower patient body mass index scores and the reduction of obesity in at-risk and diabetic patients by suppressing unhealthy diet cravings.

Through all of these benefits, researchers are hoping to find a solid link and strategy for using CBD as a  supplement to prevent the apparition of diabetes as a whole.

Side Effects and Risks

There are no side effects from this strain that would result in hospitalization or death. It is an inherently positive herb that has only helped people in the past and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. CBD does not wreak havoc on your lungs or affect your blood pressure negatively.

CBD also does not provide any psychoactive high which means you stay at the top of your game even after an in-depth CBD smoking session. CBD has been known to be a tool for elite athletes and health enthusiasts from all around the globe.

The ONLY risk that could take place is in the case where the CBD Therapy strain yields a 1:2 ratio rather than a 1:20+ ratio and a person who does not take well to THC consumes bud from the said yield.

However, when purchasing buds from any legal dispensary or retailer, you are able to obtain a content analysis of any oil, bud or edible form of CBD Therapy you are purchasing.

What Do Users Say About CBD Therapy?

Although there is base data on the strain itself that goes into the majority of CBD Therapy’s intricacies, there is a lack of online reviews because this strain has been bred mainly for medicinal users who more often than not have a non-existent to minimal online presence on strain reviews as they are focused on legal and medicinal awareness on the behalf of themselves and others.

Benefits Of The CBD Therapy Strain

The benefits of CDB therapy come in the form of an alluring aroma, tasty flavor profile and an army of medicinal benefits. This strain is very helpful for patients who suffer from seizures, chronic pain, insomnia and more. It would also come in handy for the average person who needs to take a chill pill and just unwind right then and there.

With CBD Therapy you are able to achieve a 1:20+ THC to CBD ratio that has been made possible by systematically and strategically breeding high-quality plants over the course of 4+ years.

Farma Health Desk Editor