CBD Tea: Consume CBD With Style

Tea dates back centuries where it was used on a daily basis in China and other Asian territories. Through the course of time, it quickly became a mainstay in households, restaurants and coffee shops across the whole world, and it will likely stay popular for some time to come.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is all the benefits it brings to the table. Green and black tea, for example, are rich in these compounds called flavonoids. According to the Harvard Medical School, flavonoids help reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease.

But here’s where the news gets even better. By adding CBD to tea, you end up with a synergistic effect. Simply put, two plus two no longer equals four. It equals five or six. The bottom line is, this combination is very worth your while to explore. Here is a bit more detailed information on this centuries-old concoction.

CBD Tea: Why You Should Drink CBD Tea

Here’s an interesting little piece of data for you. CBD tea is also known as hemp tea. This is because the CBD used often derives from hemp plants. The cannabis plant is in the same family as hemp, but this is the one that contains high levels of the mind-altering substance known as THC.

That being said, the main reason why you would want to drink CBD tea is that it is a natural, legal and safe means of treating conditions in your body.

CBD Tea Health Benefits


Now that you know that CBD and tea alone are good for the body, you should get a better handle on just what the specific benefits are. Here are several of them for you to ponder.

Treats Headaches

There’s nothing quite like a headache to put a major damper on your day, or stop you dead in your tracks when you’re trying to concentrate on a work problem. They can be short-term and last only a few hours or they can be severe enough that you are reduced to lying on your back with your eyes closed for an entire day.

Headache disorders are also quite common. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, they are THE most common nervous system disorders. They are characterized by tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraines that happen on a reoccurring basis.

The good news is, you do not need to suffer your way through life, dealing with these headache issues. CBD tea has been known to relax the brain and reduce the pain associated with headaches.

Relieves Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety is much like dealing with depression. It’s very unsettling and uncomfortable, and it can make days arduous and nights sleepless. According to the Mayo Clinic, a full-on anxiety disorder can affect everything from school work to job performance to personal relationships.

If you should happen to have any form of anxiety or depression for that matter, just know that CBD tea can help alleviate it.

Helps With Insomnia

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, insomnia is a sleep disorder where you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or a combination of the two.

This makes it hard to focus and concentrate during the day. Plus, you tend to feel drowsy, yet can’t fall asleep. That’s a major problem. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Drinking CBD tea can relax you and help you get to sleep.

And if you infused your CBD with a tea that’s already designed for sleep problems, you’ll do yourself even more justice.

You can actually find teas like this in your local health food stores. They will have fancy names that insinuate they’re good for sleeping as well. And you will likely find Valerian root in them. This is a common ingredient used as a sleep aid.

Alleviates Inflammation

Everything from the brain to the heart to the joints is subject to inflammation. Obviously, the last thing you ever want to happen is contract inflammation in your heart, as this can quickly bring your life to a close. Well, you already know that tea has been proven beneficial for heart health.

When combined with CBD, tea can also ease and prevent inflammation. And this can be seen through the entire body.

Treats Nausea

People going through cancer treatment often have to deal with a battery of unwanted side effects. Hair loss is one of the main things. But they can also have a loss of appetite, or nausea when they are going through chemotherapy. Sipping tea with CBD infused can help null these effects.

And to add to this, ginger is another substance known for easing stomach discomfort. You don’t have to look far to find ginger tea in the marketplace. If you ever have nausea for any reason at all, you might want to get some ginger tea and add CBD to it.

Helps With Seizures

Medicinal marijuana is commonly prescribed to patients suffering from epilepsy. One of the common things that occur with these people is they have seizures. Various states have even gone as far as legalizing marijuana for this specific reason. That being said, CBD by itself has also had profound effects on epilepsy patients or people suffering from seizures in general.

When added to tea, it becomes an easy way for patients to get treatment. Even when they have had many seizures a day, they have reported a drastic decrease from CBD supplementation.

The 5-day CBD Tea Cure


There was recently an experiment done by a gal who drank coffee infused with CBD for 5 days in a row. There are actually some coffee shops that make this blend fresh on the spot and there are others that sell coffee beans with CBD infused.

Well, when you are drinking caffeine-rich tea like black or green, you can get pretty much the same kind of results that this lady did.

Here is a little step-by-step sequence of what you can expect. Just in case you’re feeling up to a challenge and want to give it a go. And it’s not necessarily a “cure.” It’s more of an enhancement.

Day 1 – Stimulation

In case you didn’t know, caffeine is a stimulant. According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, it is actually known as a drug, and it speeds up the messages that travel between your brain and body.  This means it can wake you up and keep you alert for a said period of time.

The paradox here is, CBD is known to relax you and bring you down. So the fear in combining the two is that they will cancel each other out. However, that was not the case with the case study above.

She felt alert and refreshed after just one cupful. Take that into consideration if this is your objective with a fusion of CBD and tea, Plus, although it is not well stated, CBD does have stimulating effects too. It’s case dependent for the most part. But if you are sensitive to caffeine, you might want to take this into consideration.

Day 2 – Alert But Calm

The second day of the CBD tea experiment tends to be euphoric so to speak. After one cup, a peaceful, calm state can be expected. But be aware, if you do want to go with multiple cups in a day, you are best to space them a few hours apart. Otherwise, you can get anxious and shaky.

Day 3 – Improved Work Efficiency

On the third day, the test subject started the day with a cup of regular black coffee then migrated to a CBD-laced blend on cup number two, several hours later. Needless to say, the day flew by and her productivity was through the roof.

Fast forward to you and you might want to follow the exact same pattern. Start your day with a regular green or black tea, then zero in on a CBD infusion for the second. You just might end up with the same work efficiency.

Day 4 – Calm And Happy

The best case scenario in your life is that you are for the most part calm and happy. That can make every aspect of your life so much more enjoyable. Unfortunately for the tester, she had issues on day four. Instead of having just one cup, she had three. And they were all early in the day and none of which contained CBD.

She ended up with a headache, then lethargy and felt completely out of sorts. The moral of the story here is, stick to one cup with CBD and it just might put you into the calm and tranquil mood that you so desire.

Day 5 – I’m Sticking With It

By the time the experiment concluded on the 5th day, the subject felt better from a mental standpoint, but not as strong physically. She felt as though the reason for the good feeling was that she had adapted to the CBD. This is valuable information to know. So if you try this with tea, it may take you the same amount of time.

Choosing the Right CBD Tea

Loose leaf marijuana

Any time you’re looking to start adding a new substance to your diet, you need to do a little homework. There are some factors that you should look into when choosing the right CBD tea as well.

Choose Tea’s Taste

Flavor profiles vary with different teas. The last thing you want is to get one that is bitter or has an unpleasant aftertaste. Make sure to examine the details of the tea that you are about to buy to see what it tastes like.

Every tea has Different Effects

If you remember from earlier, teas also cause different effects on the body. If you are specifically looking to ease inflammation, then a tea that’s designed for that will be a good option. But if you want to relax and take the edge off your anxiety, this tea won’t be the best fit.

Do your homework and make sure you fuse CBD into a tea that’s going to be most valuable for your situation.

CBD Tea To Try

There are many CBD teas to try, here at Farma Health, we recommend the following:

Green Roads Chamomille CBD Tea

Green Roads CBD Tea

Green Roads is one of the more well-known CBD manufacturers operating in the CBD industry today. They have a long list of CBD products aside from CBD tea, including oil, edibles, tinctures, syrups, and CBD for pets to name a few others.

Green Roads CBD Tea has 7 mg of CBD per tea bag. Additionally, the tea is made with loose-leaf chamomile, vanilla, and peppermint.

Making CBD Tea could not be easier. If you’ve made tea before, the process is the same. Pour boiling water over the tea bag and let it steep in the cup for 5-7 minutes. After that, sit back and sip your CBD Tea.

The Pros of Drinking CBD Tea

Natural remedies are always the best way to go. And CBD tea is right atop of that list. Not only can it help reduce the symptoms you might be dealing with, but it can also boost your immune function and possibly do a lot more.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you on what tea to get. There are some that actually already have CBD infused. Or you can make it yourself. There really is no wrong way to go about it. Just make sure that it’s working for you and you do not experience any strange side effects.

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