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CBD Oil New York: Is CBD Legal In The Empire State? [Short Answer: Yes]

CBD oil has caused a lot of interest across the nation for its use as a medical alternative. In the Empire State, CBD Oil in New York is legal.

CBD Oil New York: The Highlights

  • CBD oil is legal in New York.
  • Recreational marijuana is still illegal in New York.
  • If you have a medical marijuana card, you can get CBD from hemp and cannabis plants in New York.
  • New York restaurants are not allowed to make products with CBD in them.
  • New York is on the verge of changing the laws in regards to recreational and medicinal cannabis.

Is CBD Oil Legal in New York?

New York is known for its pizza, pretzels, bagels and many other types of foods and beverages. But you can also now add CBD oil to the fray. Not necessarily because New York is known for its production, but because it is now one of the states where you can legally purchase it.

Technically though, CBD oil is federally legal across the boards. But the grey area appears when it comes to local government intervention. They still have the ability to alter the hemp laws as they see fit, which can make the waters a bit muddy, so to speak.

But overall, people living in New York do not have to worry because CBD oil is legal. And, to sweeten the pie, even more, being found with possession of marijuana is less severe than in other states. If you have 25 grams or less, you are in the clear.

Medical marijuana cardholders are also able to buy CBD products that derive from hemp and cannabis plants.

Understanding the CBD Boom: What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil comes from the leaves, stems, and stalks of a hemp plant. It is not like the hemp oil that you might find in a health food store. That hemp oil is created from the seeds of the hemp plant and has very little CBD in it.

Yet, in some cases, stores will lead you to believe that it is, in fact, CBD oil because they want to get your money. You have to be careful in situations like this.

Fast forward to the CBD “boom,” and you have an all-natural product with less than 0.3 percent THC in it. Over the course of time, a lot of people have found this substance to be a great treatment and alternative option for the discomfort that conventional medicine couldn’t fix.

That’s why it has become so popular, and there is no sign of its growth letting up in the near future.

Bottle of CBD Oil next to marijuana

Lastly, it’s important that you know the difference between CBD and THC.

Hemp plants contain a high amount of CBD and very low THC. Cannabis plants contain a high amount of CBD and THC. Because marijuana is high in THC, it is the one that has major regulations across the nation.

It is THC that gives you a mind-altering effect.

In other words, it gets you high. CBD, on the other hand, does not. And that’s a big reason for its boost in popularity. A lot of users want to get positive physical effects without the psychoactive ones.

CBD Oil Benefits

What makes CBD oil so good is its content of cannabidiol. That’s the active compound that produces a positive effect on the endocannabinoid system of the body. Think of this as an internal coping mechanism.

When you suffer an injury or feel emotional pain, it is your endocannabinoid system that fires up and reduces your systems. If it gets out of whack, both physical and mental pain can linger on for far too long. This is when chronic conditions take root.

CBD oil can act as a conduit that sparks up the endocannabinoid system and brings relief to the person who uses it.

When it comes to specific ailments, be aware that these have not technically been “proven” to work because there are no regulations. But, if you polled the people who have reached for CBD oil, they swear by it and they will definitely vouch for its effectiveness.

One of the conditions is pain.

When the pain receptors are dulled, pain tends to dissipate, or at least become way less severe. And there are a lot of people out there who are in pain every day of their lives for many years in a row.

And here is a staggering statistic that you might not have been aware of.

According to the National Institutes of Health, pain affects more Americans than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes all combined together. It makes sense that someone looking for resolve would reach for CBD products.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Another condition that has a high amount of sufferers is anxiety. In some cases, anxiety can be triggered with the smallest of instances. And it can become debilitating. Regardless of the severity or cause, CBD can help reduce its effects.

Cancer patients often use CBD for pain management and for stimulating the appetite.

Epilepsy a lesser-known condition that often comes with seizures. According to the Epilepsy Foundation, epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder that affects all ages across the boards.

Medical marijuana and CBD oil can both play a pivotal role in treating this condition. And in a lot of states that have a high incidence of sufferers, there is a big push to at least get CBD products legalized.

Lastly, CBD oil can be put on the skin for general aches and pains like muscle and joint soreness. In cases like this, it is often blended into a topical cream or salve.

New York Cannabis Laws: A General Overview

New York text with marijuana background

Cannabis has not been declared legal just yet in the state of New York. The loophole comes to the table when you have a medical marijuana card. This enables you to get hemp and cannabis CBD from a company that has the legality to do so.

How To Buy CBD Oil Online Legally In New York?

CBD oil is legal in New York, provided it has come from a company that can prove it came from industrial hemp with a low THC content. With this being the case, it stands to reason that you can legally buy it online as well, as long as the same guidelines are followed.

But you should be cautious of who you buy from.

Not all CBD products are the same. Be aware of slick marketing and make sure that the company uses third-party testing. This means their collection of products have been thoroughly tested for purity and efficacy.

You also want to make sure that you are getting something that is clean and free of contaminants. If you get something without knowing what’s in it, this can have an adverse effect on your system. And your whole objective is to improve your health, not put it further at risk.

How Does The 2018 Farm Bill Affect New York?

The good news with the 2018 Farm Bill is that it makes it legal for the industrialization of hemp across the states. This translates to hemp oil, hemp, and CBD products being offered up as well. But where it gets sticky is on the local level.

Many states are still fighting to keep all forms of THC and CBD illegal.

In fact, in Ohio, they recognize all forms of hemp and cannabis plants as illegal. This means, no matter how low the THC content is, it’s frowned upon. They consider the hemp plant a derivative of a cannabis plant, so they enforce a law that makes both illegal.

But, if you live in New York, the laws are less stringent and you are safe.

CBD Oil New York: The Final Word

Statue of Liberty next to hemp plant

Suffice it to say, New York is a less conservative state than others. If you live there and are looking to get CBD, you should have no problem. Just make sure that it is clean, pure and the company has a long-standing track record of positive feedback from patrons.

And lastly, just like anything else you put in your body, do not abuse CBD oil.

Use just the right amount you need to feel the benefits. There is no need in taking that risk.


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