CBD Oil Indiana

CBD Oil Indiana: Is Cannabidiol Oil Legal In The Hoosier State?

CBD oil is now legal in the state of Indiana, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. However, Indiana residents still need to have a physician’s recommendation before purchasing CBD.

CBD Oil Indiana: The Highlights

  • CBD oil can include a maximum of 0.3 percent of TCH.
  • All CBD products must contain a label or QR-code with information on the product.
  • CBD oil will not make you “high”, as it’s missing the psychoactive compound, THC.
  • CBD oil is a compound of industrial hemp, that does not have psychoactive qualities.
  • CBD oil has many medical benefits: it relieves pain, decreases anxiety and relaxes muscles, to name a few.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Indiana?

The Indiana General Assembly legalized CBD oil in Indiana in March of 2018. However, in order to purchase and sell CBD oil products, all products must be properly labeled and include a scannable QR-code.

The label has to include information on ingredients, expiration date, independent lab analysis, and batch number.

Senate Enrolled Act 52 is a bill that legalizes CBD in Indiana. The bill not only legalized CBD, but its purpose was to help protect retailers and consumers.

The label has to include information on how much THC is in the product. THC, the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, is only allowed up to 0.3 percent in CBD oil products sold in Indiana.

The spokesman of CV Sciences, Josh Hendrix, says that they have been preparing for this for a while.

CV Sciences is one of the biggest manufacturers and sellers of CBD oil products in Indiana, and he says that labeling the products is a good thing. It helps both retailers and consumers in the long run.

Understanding The CBD Boom: What is CBD Oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the compounds found in hemp. Though hemp and marijuana are both a different variety of a cannabis plant, CBD is one of the non-psychoactive compounds.

When extracted from the plant, it has no THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient causing a “high.”

CBD written out with marijuana leaf in background

CBD products do not cause a person to get “high”, however, studies have shown that CBD can cause other changes, which can have many medical benefits. According to many studies and research, CBD not only provides many benefits, but it has practically no side effects.

This makes it a safe and natural way of treating many conditions.

CBD oil can be purchased as capsules, oil, sprays, topical creams and vapes. Generally speaking, CBD oil will relax muscles, prevent anxiety and help with depression and relieve pain.

Many choose to use CBD oil daily as a part of their health and wellness routine: for instance, CBD protein powder is an excellent way for athletes to take care of their health and wellbeing naturally.

CBD Oil Benefits

CBD oil can be consumed in many different forms: you can take it as a capsule, oil, spray or vape. Although epilepsy is currently the only FDA-approved condition to be treated with CBD, studies have shown that it can benefit people suffering from:

In fact, the World Health Organization has deemed CBD to be a safe and non-addictive ingredient. Currently, CBD shows no “adverse public health effects.”

CBD can also be a part of a person’s daily health and wellness plan. CBD powder, another form of CBD, can, for instance, be mixed with fruit smoothies, juices, water, protein shakes, food, and tea.

Another benefit of CBD oil is the fact that it shows practically no side-effects and is thus safe to use – even on a daily basis.

Indiana Cannabis Laws: A General Overview

Since March 21st, 2018, CBD products have been legal in the state of Indiana.

However, by June 1st, all retailers must ensure that each product contains a label or a scannable QR-code, that states the batch number, expiration date, independent lab analysis, and ingredients.

Indiana flag with gavel and striking pad

This is to ensure that each product contains less than 0.3 percent THC. Also, all CBD must be derived from industrial hemp, not marijuana. Otherwise, all CBD products, including capsules, oil, sprays and vaping are legal in Indiana.

Unlike residents of many other states, Hoosiers cannot buy CBD freely at stores. The only way to access CBD is with a recommendation from a physician.

Though this is how the current law stands, many organizations are working to change that so that anyone residing in Indiana would have free access to all CBD oil products.

How To Buy CBD Oil Online Legally In Indiana?

CBD oil can be bought only with a recommendation from your physician. In other words, Indiana residents are not allowed to purchase CBD oil online or elsewhere without a doctor’s recommendation.

This being said, some organizations are working on making CBD available for everyone in Indiana, without a needed recommendation.

If you have a doctor’s recommendation and would like to purchase CBD oil for yourself, you can do so at certain pharmacies. It is also possible to order CBD oil products online – just keep the doctor’s note handy.

Also, you should take into account that all CBD oil products in Indiana must contain a label or a QR-code that includes all information on the product.

As long as these things are in order, buying CBD oil online in Indiana is legal and you can even find some websites that sell high-quality CBD oil.

How Does The 2018 Farm Bill Affect Indiana?

Barcode with Indiana flag in background

The 2018 Farm Bill that cost $867 billion dollars, is said to be worth it. Before, hemp was not legal in Indiana, and farmers markets were funded on a 5-year-plan basis.

However, after the bill was passed, hemp became legal in Indiana, allowing Indiana residents to buy, sell and possess CBD products that are derived from industrial hemp and include less than 0.3 percent THC.

Also, the farm bill provides more support for farmers markets and organic farms and provides permanent support to veteran and minority farmers.

So, not only is the 2018 Farm Bill great news for people who wish to use CBD oil products, but the hope is that Indiana’s farming lands will become busier, thanks to continued support.

Interest In Launching A CBD Business In Indiana

CBD is predicted to become a $20 billion dollar business by 2022, according to the Washington Post. This being the case, it is no wonder that many are interested in launching a business related to CBD.

Though many states have legalized CBD products and are available to anyone, Indiana is not quite there yet.

Though allowing Indian residents to possess, use, purchase and sell CBD products freely, it still comes with a catch: you have to have a recommendation from a doctor.

Also, according to the law, all CBD products need to have a label or a code, which tells retailers and consumers all the details related to the product – most importantly, how much THC is present in it.

Launching a CBD business in Indiana is now possible, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. However, if you are looking to get involved with starting a CBD related business in Indiana, you should take a good look at the requirements and the new law.

CBD Oil Indiana: The Final Word

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD oil products derived from industrial hemp are now legalized in the state of Indiana. Many other states have followed, and CBD oil products are starting to be widely used.

People are using CBD oil to treat medical conditions, as well as improve their overall health and wellbeing.

However, should you desire to take an advantage or CBD oil products in Indiana, you have to have a recommendation from a physician. Hopefully, Indiana will soon catch up with other states, making it possible for anyone to buy and use CBD oil products freely.

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