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CBD Oil Idaho: Is CBD Legal In Idaho? [Short Answer: No]

While many states allowed the consumption of CBD products, there are some states that have made it illegal to have. One of those states is Idaho.

CBD Oil Idaho: The Highlights

  • The 2014 Farm Bill put hemp on the map in the United States.
  • Idaho is a conservative state that does not allow marijuana or products with THC in them.
  • CBD oil derived from the hemp plant is legal under federal law across the nation.
  • If the THC content is below 0.3 percent, a product from a hemp plant is technically legal.
  • Certain Idaho legislatures are currently working on changing the state laws to make CBD more readily available.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Idaho?

In horticulture, there are two types of plants that come to mind when you think of marijuana–cannabis¬†and hemp. Although they are sometimes considered one and the same, they are not.

The biggest and most obvious difference is that a cannabis plant is high in THC.

This is the abbreviated form of the word “tetrahydrocannabinol. ” And to break this down even a little bit further, there are two main strains of cannabis known as sativa and indica.

A sativa strain is known to give you more of a boost in brain function and energy. Indica, on the other hand, is said to give you more of a mellow feeling.

In most states, THC is still illegal. However, that keeps changing every year as more states are starting to make it legal. Some for just medical use and others for medical and recreational.

CBD, on the other hand, that is derived from hemp is legal in all 50 states through federal law. But, there is a bit of a sticky spot here as some states do not consider anything derived from a cannabis plant legal, no matter how low the THC content is.

Unfortunately, Idaho is one of these.

In the big picture, once the 2014 Farm Bill was passed, hemp became a legal plant to be cultivated and used for various industrial and ingestible products. So, this makes it OK for Idaho residents to get their hands on said products and use them.

But, the state itself does not recognize the hemp plant as legal because it is in the same genus as marijuana. So to sum all of this up, on a nationwide level, CBD oil is legal. On a local level in Idaho, it is not.

Understanding The CBD Boom: What is CBD Oil?

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You already know what THC stands for, but you now need to know about CBD. This acronym stands for cannabidiol. It can be found in both cannabis and hemp plants, but it’s more plentiful in hemp.

Not to mention, hemp carries with it a very marginal amount of THC.

Over the course of time, there has been a boom in CBD production as more and more states have become full-blown legal for its production and distribution. This is highly due to the benefits of CBD oil, which is extracted from the plants with a CO2 extraction process.

This ensures that you get a high-grade, good-quality oil with a heavy concentration of CBD, which is not always the case. Some companies that produce CBD oil are shady. You may think you are getting a certain amount of milligrams, but it could be slick marketing.

That’s why you always have to be on guard when you buy oil or any other product that contains CBD.

CBD Oil Benefits

Suffice it to say, the list of specific benefits from CBD oil keeps getting longer every day. Amid the many benefits, there are a few that stand out. If you have struggled with conditions in the past where pharmaceutical drugs didn’t seem to work or you ended up with severe side effects, you want to pay particular attention here.

Probably the most well-known benefit of CBD oil is its ability to treat children with seizures. More specifically, epilepsy. Even a low dose per day has shown great promise in keeping seizures at bay.

Next in line with benefits is the effect CBD oil has on pain relief.

It has been used for everything from chronic pain to acute pain to muscle and joint pain. People ingest it by placing some drops under their tongue or they look to a topical salve or cream that has the oil in it.

The topical route works because it is highly deliverable, which means it absorbs deeply when applied to the skin.

Cancer patients can also see great results from the use of CBD oil. When they go through chemotherapy, they often lose their appetite. And this comes at a time when it’s important for them to keep their energy level up as much as possible.

Well, CBD can help spike the appetite, much like red wine. It has also been known to help with nausea, although actual marijuana is a bit more potent for this.

Last, but definitely not least, you have depression and anxiety.

In some cases, people suffer from one or the other. And in other cases, it’s a double edge sword. They can also range from mild to severe. But in any one of these cases, CBD oil has been shown to be very calming, making the symptoms way easier to deal with.

Idaho Cannabis Laws: A General Overview

Map of Idaho made up of marijuana leaves

Federal law is one thing, but local law is another.

And inhabitants of Idaho¬†have to deal with a slippery slope. Technically, CBD is treated the same way as marijuana in this state. Even if a company claims that its product is lower than the legal limit of THC, it doesn’t matter.

They treat all products that derive from a cannabis plant the same and you can face legal repercussions. The main reason why is because this industry is not regulated and companies can say there is no THC in their products, but there could actually be. It then becomes a gray area.

Someone caught with a dose of 3 ounces or less can face up to a year behind bars and a fine of $1,000. Even a marginal amount found in your possession can get you a citation.

Plus, companies that make CBD oil and ship it into the state are not out of the woods either. If they are caught distributing it, they can be faced with criminal charges.

How Does The 2018 Farm Bill Affect Idaho?

The latest Farm Bill from 2018 reinforced the federal law to make hemp legal in all 50 states for the cultivation and use of the plants. But, there is an asterisk next to all of this.

Aside from the states that are completely legal with hemp and cannabis, the bill still leaves it up to the discretion of the individual states to force their hand in how the rules are set up.

What this means, especially for states like Idaho, is you can still be subject to local laws, prohibiting the use and obtainment of CBD. Although, there are lawmakers who are gaining more momentum every day to have this law changed.

And the people of Idaho are also lobbying in this direction. It’s only a matter of time before the people and lawmaking advocates are heard and CBD oil and all derivatives become completely legal.

CBD Oil Idaho: The Final Word

If you happen to live in Idaho, it is in your best interest to get into the ear of your local political figures and voice your opinion on making hemp legal. If not for the health benefits, then for the effect it has on the environment.

When a hemp plant is growing, it takes impurities and toxins out of the soil, which in turn makes it cleaner and more nutrient dense. That alone has a positive effect on mother nature.

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