CBD News: Finding A Reliable Source For CBD News

As CBD grows in popularity more sites are producing news and media related to it. When it comes to CBD news, enthusiasts should choose a reliable source.

CBD News: The Highlights

  • Project CBD is a non-profit site making the latest CBD news available to readers through “quick hits” to research.
  • Since CBD is relatively new in the research field trusted sites should be used to get the most up-to-date research and findings on CBD.
  • Leafly is a young CBD site that has become the world’s largest cannabis information resource.
  • MarketWatch is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs and professional investors in the cannabis and CBD industry.
  • Hemp Industry Daily provides readers with news pieces that have been written by journalists who are professionals in the cannabis field.

The Importance Of CBD News

The benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil are not new by any means, though the prohibition of any form of marijuana might portray a different story to the public.

CBD has a long history of therapeutic benefits with humanity, the earliest recording being 2727 BC. This occurred when Shen Nung, the Chinese emperor, used the herbal remedy to treat a variety of ailments he was suffering from.

Fast-forward to modern history and medical marijuana and the rise of CBD use in the U.S. is most attributed to the 1996 passing of Proposition 215, where medical marijuana became legal in California.

With the legalization of medical marijuana a snowball effect began and today 33 states plus D.C. have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. The argument can be made that the news was, and is, a major player in the growing popularity and legalization of CBD and medical marijuana.

While CBD is not the same as medical marijuana, there can be some confusion around the differences which makes the general public wary of the product as a whole.

With the growth of mainstream media and news reporting on CBD oil and its therapeutic benefits, the public is becoming more educated and a deeper understanding of CBD products is spreading.

Without CBD news most people would most likely still consider CBD as negative and illegal. The most beneficial news to spread and educate the public is that CBD is not illegal so long as it is derived from hemp (low levels of THC) and not marijuana.

As news regarding CBD grows, the product is growing in popularity as the public seeks to implement it into their daily health care regimen.

With this growth, CBD and alternative medicine websites are creating news-feeds solely dedicated to the latest in the world of CBD. This allows the most accurate and up-to-date information to be presented to the public, rather than biased hear-say and rumors.

Keep Track Of The Latest Studies

Vector illustration of scientists two men and woman working at science lab

One major benefit of CBD news is the ability to keep track of the latest studies regarding CBD and related products.

Since modern CBD use is relatively new there are studies being completed on a regular basis to show the benefits and outcomes of using CBD as part of a healthcare regimen or as needed for a wide variety of ailments and illnesses.

Clinical trials and research studies are the foundation of continuing to validate CBD in the alternative healthcare industry.

Beyond healthcare, CBD studies circulating on CBD news sites help consumers to stay on top of quality concerns, latest gadgets, most up-to-date products, and new ways to use CBD.

Learn About Scientific Progress

As research progresses it seems that more is becoming known regarding the benefits of CBD and how it can be used in everyday life. Each year more than 1000 articles are published in the chemical and biochemical realm regarding cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system.

It is well-known that CBD can help relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, manage symptoms of cancer, and provide neuroprotective benefits, to name a few.

As scientific research in this area progresses more is becoming known about the types of products and how each one produces its own benefits.

CBD is able to be ingested or consumed through a variety of means.

It comes as a tincture, oil, vape oil, edible, topical, pill, and even wax. Research shows that smoking or vaping CBD allows the benefits to show more quickly while placing tinctures under the tongue allows it to enter the bloodstream the fastest through the mucous membranes.

Helping Investors

Professional investors did not take long to realize the major growth of the CBD and medical marijuana fields. CBD news sites and feeds have been essential in alerting these investors to the major opportunity to make a profit.

These feeds provide a place for investors to stay up-to-date on the latest products and trends in the CBD market. This allows them to make changes when they see trends falling or jump on potential investment opportunities when new products come on the scene.

Best CBD News Sources

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It goes without saying that not all news sites are trustworthy, the same is true for CBD news sources. There are five marijuana-related sites that have proven to be the most trustworthy sites.

They range from providing up-to-date and important information in the CBD world to whimsical news pieces that consumers may find interesting. Each has its own place as a trusted CBD news source.

Project CBD

Project CBD is a news site that is non-profit and does not sell or distribute CBD or cannabis products. This site has just about anything the novice or veteran CBD consumer could need.

The news category provides the reader with four options to choose from; news, quick hits, videos, and research surveys.  The “news” category is a news-feed with the most recent and relevant articles on the CBD topic.

The “quick hits” category is a collection of the week’s most interesting research and tidbits. Videos provide a resource for those who prefer to get their news through visual means and research surveys is a much broader approach to providing the reader with updated CBD research.

Hemp Industry Daily

This site provides readers with news that has been written by professional journalists in the field and is updated daily. The Hemp Industry Daily reader has the option to choose to read the news by state or by topic.

Legal and Regulatory news is a beneficial topic area for most readers and Hemp Financing, Investing, and Banking news is useful to those who invest in CBD product companies.


This site may seem intimidating to the new-comer to CBD. It is an excellent source for those seriously investing in the field and wanting to stay in-the-know of the latest trends as well as changes in the market.

The MarketWatch user is able to see stock trends as well as the latest news all on the same page.

Independent UK

The Independent UK site makes news of all topics available to its readers. This makes it all the more interesting that CBD and marijuana make the list of topics on the site.

The reader can search by topic and find a wide variety of CBD news information at their fingertips. The CBD topics are available in subcategories that may pique the readers’ interest; Americas, Health and Families, Lifestyle, Food and Drink, and Skincare are just a few of the categories the reader can select from.


The Leafly site was founded in 2010 and has become the world’s largest information resource for all things cannabis. It is a site where the consumer can trust they are getting suggestions for the most reputable suppliers in the market.

Their tagline is simply, “We help people find cannabis.” Through this site, the consumer can find the product they are looking for from a dispensary of choice, while also staying informed through their news section of the site.


By selecting the “news” category the site visitor is taken to a page where the most recent and interesting CBD news is listed on the news-feed. The left-hand side of the page has further category options to choose from.

These categories make it easy for the reader to choose their news from the area that most interests them. From politics to health and everything in between, Leafly should have the news that any reader is looking for.

Catching Up With The CBD News

CBD news is just another way that CBD is becoming more validated in the alternative medicine and recreational fields. As with any past-time, sports, fishing, etc., the connoisseur enjoys reading the latest news and trends in the field.

This is the same when it comes to CBD news. The consumer benefits from and enjoys catching up on the latest news at the end of their day or week. They should have a trusted site to obtain unbiased and honest news and research.

With the growth of CBD, this is becoming a more likely accomplishment and sites making themselves more valid as resources.

Farma Health Desk Editor