CBD Gum: The Definitive Guide

The CBD industry is full of innovation and development and is constantly breaking new ground. As the popularity of CBD grows with people over the world discovering the astounding health benefits of medical cannabis, the market has been offering more choice in reaping the benefits of CBD than ever before.

Over the past few years, there have been thousands of new products that have hit the shelves to help those with a variety of symptoms soothe them. So what is the hottest new trend in CBD usage? Move over Wrigley’s and Hubba Bubba – it’s CBD gum, of course!

What is CBD Gum?

While many companies have released edibles and beverages containing the active compound cannabidiol, the newest creation to appear on the scene is CBD gum or cannabidiol chewing gum. Chewing gum has been popular with humans since ancient times.

In fact, according to historians, gum from the Mastic tree was chewed and enjoyed by Ancient Greeks centuries ago, along with many other similar forms in early cultures such as the Native Americans and Mayans.

CBD Gum is chewing gum that contains the cannabidiol compound, an active chemical in the cannabis plant associated with treating a myriad of symptoms. Cannabinoids have been shown to relieve anxiety disorders, epilepsy, a variety of neurological disorders and has pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cannabidiol or CBD is obtained from cannabis plants, however, it does not contain the psychoactive substance also present in the plant, Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. There are two types of oils made from the cannabis plant. CBD oil is taken from the flowers of the cannabis plant, while hemp oil is made from the hemp seeds of the plant.

Hemp oil does not have the same effects as CBD oil, but rather has different uses. Hemp oil is more suitable for other applications such as industrial use, in hair and body products or as an edible vitamin supplement which can be added to food.

CBD can be extracted from hemp, however, the concentration is extremely low. Labeling of CBD products can be confusing, as hemp oil is sometimes used as a carrier oil for cannabidiol.

Who is CBD Gum Recommended For?

The health benefits of medical marijuana are huge, but not everyone loves the traditional way of ingesting CBD oil.

The most common form of CBD use is through dosage with extracts in oil which can be used orally or as a vape oil. Some dislike the taste or prefer not to smoke it, leading to products manufactured with CBD to explode in popularity in the past few years.

Some companies offer delicious CBD sodas, chocolate, candy, syrups, and even CBD infused water! Another hot trend gaining traction in the U.S. is CBD inspired menus, with restaurants offering up everything from cocktails including the substance (customized, of course) to elaborate brunch dishes like CBD-honey drizzled ricotta toast.

One of the most convenient options for administering cannabidiol is CBD gum. CBD gum contains the same effective non-psychoactive ingredient found in medical marijuana that has been proven in clinical studies to alleviate many symptoms.

For those that find other methods of taking CBD inconvenient, messy, or simply unpleasant, CBD gum is a promising option. It is also a wonderfully discreet method of using the supplement, for those that wish to avoid the unfortunate stigma that can sometimes come with CBD use.

CBD Gum Benefits

CBD gum has some valuable benefits that make it a smart choice for those wishing to improve their health with the natural cannabidiol compound.

Superior Bioavailability

CBD gum boasts one of the highest rates of bioavailability of all CBD products. The highest bioavailability comes from smoking cannabis, at around 30%, but this also exposes the user to THC and the other chemical compounds in the plant.

Other edibles lose their potency in the manufacturing and digestion process, leading to a bioavailability measure of between 4-6 percent. CBD gum is measured as having a markedly higher bioavailability level due to its unique absorption through the mucosal membranes of the mouth, and the systemic circulation.

This is partly thanks to the capillary-rich tongue area which increases the effectiveness of absorption in the body. The human mouth also boasts a refined mucosal system which allows absorption of chemicals through the tongue, cheeks, and gums and delivers them quickly to the brain.

When you chew CBD gum, the cannabidiol mixes with saliva, making it possible for the mouth to absorb more of the active ingredient, by bypassing the gastrointestinal system. This is crucial for higher bioavailability. Strong enzymes in the gut can break down the active ingredient significantly in orally administered CBD oil before it has a chance to go to work in the body.

Sustained Release And Absorption

Another benefit of CBD gum is the technology which manufacturers use to give a sustained release effect. Makers of CBD gum have worked out how to layer CBD in their products, meaning that as you chew, cannabinoids are released in a sustained fashion.

Another wonderful plus of CBD gum is the ease with which the user can control absorption. The user can tailor how much they of the active ingredient they want their body to absorb, by either swallowing saliva from the chewing gum for a mellow effect or holding it in the mouth for a stronger outcome.

Chewing Gum Improves Alertness

Did you know that the simple act of chewing gum has been proven to increase alertness and increase concentration? Scientists say that the act of chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain, resulting in a heightened state of alertness.

Chewing Gum Improves Blood Flow

Gum chewing can also improve general well-being by encouraging the body to up its blood flow to all major organs, including the brain. Think of it as an easy way to give your organs a daily workout!

Another added bonus of taking your CBD in gum form is the natural dental benefits that chewing gum has. Chewing gum has been shown to reduce the instance of gum disease and tooth decay, due to its ability to increase saliva levels in the mouth, which protects gums and teeth.

Best CBD Gum Brands


CBD chewing gum looks just like a regular pack of chewing gum, making it discreet and convenient when you’re on the go. Check out these leading brands that produce high-quality CBD chewing gum.


Endoca is a unique ethical and organic CBD chewing gum producer with great reviews. Endoca chewing gum is completely made with natural ingredients. The company uses a natural sap a plant found deep in the Mexican rainforest to create their gum.

This is an eco-conscious option which users say is one of the highest quality producers in the market. The CBD percentage is also one of the highest in all the chewing gum that we’ve come across. As an added bonus, this gum is 100% biodegradable, meaning it is totally earth safe.

Users love this brand’s combination of ethical business practices, great price point, and unique organic mint taste.

Packet Size: 10 pieces
Price: 12€ ($14)
CBD Amount: 15mg per piece
Flavors: Natural Mint


MedCBDX specializes in producing only CBD chewing gum and mints, so their products are top of the range. The super discreet and tiny pieces of gum are perfect for professionals who want to use CBD but would prefer their use be kept private. Users have commented that MedCBDX chewing gum has been extremely effective at easing their aches and pains.

Packet Size: 8 pieces
Price: $19.99
CBD Amount: 10mg per piece
Flavors: Mint

Everyday Optimal CBD

Everyday Optimal garners great reviews for its no fuss, organic CBD products. Their chewing gum is fast-acting and comes in a low key packet. They also offer a stronger CBD dose than most other brands, at 15 milligrams per piece.

Customers have found Everyday Optimal CBD gum to be a good quality option with a good strong peppermint flavor.

Packet Size: 8 pieces
Price: $24.99
CBD Amount: 15mg per piece
Flavors: Mint


CanChew manufacture CBD gum with steam distilled CBD hemp oil. This company offers a great price for those wanting to save on buying CBD gum in bulk – which helps to avoid costly shipping fees. Users say the choose this gum for its quality, preferring the steam-distillation method.

Packet Size: 30
Price: $69.99
CBD Amount: 10mg per piece
Flavors: Mint


If you’re looking for a lower dose of CBD at a great price, LevelGum could be perfect for you. This company produces its quality products in the U.S. from hemp. Loyal customers say it’s a great all-rounder, helping with everything from aches and pains from sports to back problems.

Packet Size: 8 pieces
Price: $16.99
CBD Amount: 10mg per piece
Flavors: Mint

Final Thoughts

CBD gum is a wonderfully convenient and effective addition to any CBD user’s life. It may also be a suitable option for those that have found that consuming CBD oil in other forms is not to their taste.

This fast-acting delivery method helps users obtain rapid relief from symptoms in a fuss-free convenient way, so you can get on with life without pain, anxiety or other symptoms holding you back.

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