CBD For Life: A CBD Brand To Try in 2019

CBD For Life is perhaps one of the most unique CBD companies in the cannabis industry right now. Founded and operated completely by women, CBD For Life focuses on providing medical and beauty products that are infused with CBD.

Products include all kinds of anti-aging and skin care formulas, as well as tinctures and oral sprays for those who would like to take CBD internally.

CBD For Life emphasizes the fact that they don’t add artificial colors, parabens or formaldehyde, and none of their products contain GMO goods. Plus, nothing on their website costs more than $35 – so if you’re keen to try but don’t want to damage the hip pocket, CBD For Life has you covered.

In this review, we’re checking out CBD For Life’s range of health and beauty products.

About CBD For Life

CBD For Life is a company that was created by women and continues to be operated by women. Their range of beauty products is infused with CBD as well as other essential oils that have analgesic, healing and rejuvenating properties.

Since 2015, CBD For Life has been selling their products all across the USA.

Manufacture takes place in New Jersey, where all products are made with 95 percent natural products. With that being said, CBD For Life doesn’t impose laboratory testing on their products.

This makes it impossible to know what agricultural contaminants end up in their CBD products.

The CBD For Life store is jam-packed with beauty products such as eye creams, foot creams, massage lotions hair shampoo and conditioners. The health section of the store contains roll on CBD oil, sublingual sprays, and tinctures.

Their range of products is quite extensive and has just about everybody covered when it comes to CBD needs. Plus – there’s value for money here, so it doesn’t break the bank.

CBD For Life Products

Whether you’re using a CBD product to keep your skin young and healthy or whether you’re using it to deal with chronic pain, CBD For Life has the right product for you. The range of CBD products covers the needs of all kinds of CBD users.


The health range contains a range of ingestible CBD products as well as a couple of topical CBD products. You can find CBD tincture, body rubs, sublingual spray, and a pain relief spray. The only products that have information regarding the CBD concentration are the tinctures, which come in 300 and 600 mg bottles.

They cost $40 – $75 and come in natural and peppermint flavors. Interestingly, the health section of CBD For Life also contains a CBD infused aromatherapy roll on. This product is available in lavender, lemongrass and natural and they cost $30.


CBD For Life

In the beauty section, you can find products for the skin, eyes, feet, and hair. The CBD shampoo and conditioner are the most impressive products, containing coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, lemongrass, and rosemary – all things which are very good to lather all over your hair.

The shampoo and conditioner both cost $25 each, although a travel sized bottle can be purchased for $10. They even stock a CBD lip balm clocking in at $9.


If you consider yourself a lover of CBD and love to put it in just about everything, then bundles are where you can save some money on CBD For Life products. They offer packages that contain a variety of products at a reduced price.

The most comprehensive of the bundles is the Beauty and Wellness package, containing an eye serum, face cream, lip balm, massage lotion, a cleanser, foot cream, oral spray, pain relief spray and a body rub.

The total retail value is $211, but CBD For Life sells this bundle for $180. They also make a pain bundle, containing three products designed to relieve physical pain. The retail value is $76 and CBD For Life sells the package at $70. To check out more bundles by CBD For Life, check out their bundle’s page.


The CBD For Life apparel page is a little bit simple, only containing a range of snapback caps in different colors. Each cap has a leather badge on it with the CBD For Life logo on it, and most of them are currently sold out.

Each cap costs $28. It would be nice to see some more variety when it comes to the apparel section of this company’s website.


There are a few CBD For Life products which seem to be much more popular than others, such as the shampoo and the hemp tincture. We’re going to have a look at some of the best-sellers in a little bit of detail.

CBD For Life Rub

The CBD For Life Rub is a body cream formulated for relieving tension from sore muscles. CBD For Life claims that you can get instant physical relief from using this rub. The ingredients include coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary and lemon balm extracts – and of course, the most important ingredient: CBD extract.

There is no indication as to the concentration of CBD in this product. The rub is available in lavender, lemongrass and original and costs $25 for the tub.

CBD Shampoo

This is probably CBD For Life’s most interesting product because none of us ever really think of CBD as something that can promote hair health. In any case, the other ingredients inside this bottle are well known for keeping hair healthy and strong.

Oils of rosemary, lemongrass, avocado, and coconut can be found in the ingredient list of this product.

The CBD Shampoo bottle is 9.6 oz and costs $25. However, there is a travel-sized version available for $10 – which is great if you want to try it out before purchasing the $25 bottle. $25 is a pretty hefty price tag for a bottle of shampoo, but at least there is the option of purchasing the smaller bottle.

Rich Hemp Tincture

In terms of cannabis industry standards of CBD products, the RIch Hemp Tincture is probably one of the only really reputable products by CBD For Life. It is the only one that has been tested for the volume of cannabinoids, although it isn’t tested for industrial and agricultural contaminants.

The ingredient list is nice and simple, containing only organic MCT oil (made from coconuts) with CBD isolate infused into it.

It can be purchased in 300mg or 600mg bottles, either flavored with peppermint or non-flavored.

The 600 mg bottle costs $75 while the 300mg bottle costs $40. In general, tinctures can be consumed by anybody for health and wellbeing, for pain relief, decrease inflammation and for a number of other medical complaints.

CBD Pain Relief Extract

The CBD pain relief extract is specifically designed for topical application to relieve pain. It can be applied directly on the source of pain or discomfort and rubbed into the skin. For added pain relief and muscle relaxation properties, the makers at CBD For Life have included the oils of peppermint and eucalyptus as well as an arnica extract.

All of these ingredients can help to relieve tension from muscles and promote analgesic effects. Again, the concentration of cannabinoids is not advertised on this product, so there’s no real way to know how much CBD you’re getting. The spray costs $26.

CBD Face & Body Cleanser

The CBD Face & Body Cleanser is exactly what the name suggests. It can be used on the face or body and lathers up to clean skin while giving it a dose of the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

It contains lemon peel oil, so the cleanser has the refreshing scent of lemon, too. It’s easy to use, all-round product for those who want to add CBD to their beauty regime.

CBD For Life reviews: Honest Opinions

All in all, the reviews seem to be pretty positive about CBD For Life’s products. People seem to enjoy the price as well as the efficacy of the products. Here are a couple of reviews to look at.


CBD For Life

Even practitioners like using CBD For Life’s pain relieving spray. This massage practitioner swears by the product, saying that it’s the best one that she has used in 25 years. She left her review on CBD For Life’s Facebook page.


CBD For Life

This review was also left on CBD For Life’s Facebook page. Apparently, the CBD spray and CBD lotion do more than add a little more bounce to your skin – they even have the power to remove sun spots and age spots.


CBD For Life

This customer left her review on CBD For Life’s product page. She is raving about the CBD shampoo and conditioner and how much it helped her deal with psoriasis on her scalp.


CBD For Life

Finally, this review was also left on CBD For Life’s Original Rub product page. There are more uses for a CBD rub that anybody would have originally thought according to this customer!

Pros of CBD For Life

Overall, CBD For Life is an established brand that has a lot of followers and customers. Their range of products serves a variety of different people who are looking to use CBD in alternative ways.

If CBD For Life could do anything better, it would be lab testing their products and giving their customers this information freely.

It would be nice to know more about the hemp plants that are used, how they are grown and if any measures are taken to remove agricultural contaminants from the product. With that aside, the prices are nice, the products are good and people seem to really like the effects!

Farma Health Desk Editor