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Marijuana Tampons- How They Can Help Women

Let’s just be honest:  periods can be absolutely horrible.  They’re annoying, they’re that constant reminder that you always seem to forget about, and (for a lot of us women) they can be pretty painful.  Whether it’s those common cramps that never seem to go away or severe period pain that affects more women than you […]

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CBD Tampons- 4 Facts to Know

You may be shocked to hear, but marijuana tampons are new and making waves in both the feminine hygiene and cannabis industries. If you’ve ever wished for a realsolution to end those awful cramps you experience each month, chances are you’re going to want to learn more about CBD tampons, also called marijuana or cannabis […]

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The 5 Best Dab Rigs on the Market in 2018

Dab rigs are water pipes that allow users to smoke oils, extracts, and concentrates with ease. They are rising in popularity, especially among younger people. The process of smoking from a dab rig is called ‘dabbing.’ Although they are quickly becoming a trend, many people do not know what creates a high-quality dab rig. Components […]

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How CBD Can Help Combat Depression

One of the most challenging things about depression besides the illness itself is finding the right medication that can make you feel normal. Not only are there side-effects that can make your condition worse, but anti-depressants can also take weeks before showing any signs of improvement or adverse effects. This long wait period can make […]

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