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Does CBD Vape Oil Get You High?

CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the world of health and fitness. Because it is such a new product, though, there are many questions and even more misconceptions surrounding this dream product. We are here to clear the air, concerning CBD’s ability to get you high, as well as to answer a few […]

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10 Top Uses of CBD Concentrates

Like with cannabis, medical marijuana, THC, hemp, and other products from the cannabis plant or hemp plant, you have probably heard that CBD oil or hemp oil is a powerful and effective solution and you have seen all of the raves surrounding the latest CBD products. However, CBD isolate oil is not a miracle solution […]

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Best CBD Oil for Pain: What to Look For

Cannabidiol oil (CBD oil) and CBD hemp products have recently come to light as an effective treatment for chronic pain and multiple serious conditions, like epilepsy and anxiety, and has quite a lot of talk surrounding its effectiveness in treating cancer and reducing the side effects of many common cancer treatments. However, CBD is useful […]

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Healthy Benefits of Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Like with medical marijuana, cannabis products are still a little new to the world of health and beauty so there is often a bit of confusion surrounding cannabis oil. Of course, with cannabidiol oil (CBD oil), hemp oil, edibles, topical solutions, concentrates, and more, who wouldn’t be confused? Full extract cannabis oil is one of […]

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CBD Coffee Info and Guidelines

While most of us consume coffee to kick-start our mornings or survive that mid-afternoon slump at work and our caffeine habits can leave us feeling jittery and anxious, the world’s newest coffee craze might turn our java jolt into an entirely different experience. Coffee that keeps you alert AND relaxed? Is this even possible? Thanks […]

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects millions of Americans and it disrupts quality of life with an inability to focus on even the most mundane daily tasks. Anyone diagnosed with ADHD knows how much it can be a struggle at school, at work, and in relationships with family and friends. Prescription medications intended to treat […]

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CBD Oil for Sleep

If you have ever spent a night tossing and turning, checking the clock every half-hour with dread as you see there are only a few short hours left until the alarm sounds, you know the misery of insomnia. Sleep disorders are a burden for many and lack of sleep can interfere with quality of life […]

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How Long will CBD Oil Stay in Your System?

Like with medical marijuana, CBD hemp oil is a popular product that is replacing prescription medication, being used as a part of an everyday skincare routine and even helping people cope with severe conditions like cancer. The use of the hemp for its medicinal values dates back to ancient times, but the use of CBD […]

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How to Make CBD Lotion

Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from the cannabis plant and differs from its counterpart cannabinoids (THC) in that it does not produce a euphoric high. While it is, therefore, of little interest to recreational cannabis users, CBD is anything but useless! It is rapidly becoming known as a “miracle cure” for many health-related issues. A natural […]

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CBD for Depression

Depression affects millions of people and it is more than just a bout of sadness or being “down in the dumps.” Depression and similar mental health issues like panic attacks, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder can last for extended periods of time and can wreak havoc on the lives of its sufferers, from loss […]

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