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Weed Stem Tea: Everything You Need to Know

If you like weed and tea, then you should know about weed stem tea. It’s especially beneficial if you’re looking for something useful to do with your weed stems. Anyone from daily marijuana users to people looking for a healthy way to kick back and relax will benefit from will benefit from weed stem tea. […]

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Edibles vs. Smoking: What Are the Effects & Differences

While modern interest in marijuana-infused foods is at an all-time high (pun intended), it’s important to note that the incorporation of cannabis into food products has been prevalent across the world and all throughout history. From ancient Chinese Emperors to Moroccan nomadic tribes and Hindu yogis, the consumption of cannabis has been an integral component […]

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Best Way to Make Cannabutter without Wasting Your Entire Saturday: Fast and Yummy

To put it bluntly, Cannabutter is cannabis-infused butter that gets you baked. Officially known as cannabis-infused butter, cannabutter is an essential ingredient in a vast array of marijuana-infused recipes and culinary ventures. Cannabis butter is derived from the extraction process of cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis plants, which are then infused into the cannabis butterfat. […]

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How to Make CannaButter Cookies!

If you do not wish to directly smoke marijuana, then CannaButter cookies are the ideal way to go. If well prepared, CannaButter cookies have the same effect as smoking marijuana. However, eating CannaButter cookies brings about a stronger and more long-lasting effect in making you high. The skill of preparing excellent CannaButter cookies is not […]

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The Common CBD Strains and How They Affect You

First things first: cannabis is particular. CBD is particular. It’s unique. It’s never the same for every single person, nor is it the same experience every single time you use it—and the same goes for all the different CBD strains. Listen, as with all the different cannabis strains, there are a lot of different CBD […]

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DIY CBD Bath Bomb

Bath bombs aren’t going out of style any time soon and why would they? Is there anything better than a nice bath that smells nice with essential oils and relaxes you all at the same time? Well, maybe… Introducing CBD baths—a calm and amazing way to bring even more relaxation into your pampering and bath […]

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CBD for Cats: General Info

You might know about the plentiful benefits using CBD can have on the human body, but are you aware of the benefits and effects that using CBD oils on your pet, and more specifically your cat, can have? Yep, that’s right:  you can use CBD products like CBD oils on your pets such as dogs, […]

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