Canopy Growth: A Cannabis Success Story

Canopy Growth: A Cannabis Success Story
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Canopy Growth Corporation is one of the world leaders in medical marijuana and recreational cannabis products. They currently cater to one-third of the Canadian medical marijuana patients and their shares increased in value in October of 2018, following the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada.

Canopy Growth: Then And Now

Canopy Growth Corporation was founded already in 2014. Bruce Linton, the founder of Canopy Growth, bought an abandoned Hershey’s chocolate factory to start a company that produces different cannabis products.

Though it has been legal to possess and grow small amounts of marijuana for medical use in Canada since 2000, it wasn’t until 2014 that the country legalized businesses selling cannabis products.

Bruce Linton took advantage of this and started his own company, Canopy Growth. Though the growth was fairly slow at first, it really took off in 2016, when the company listed in the Toronto Exchange and its valuation passed $2 billion.

You would think that was enough to bring this company’s value up to its maximum, but something even better was waiting.

In May 2018, Canopy Growth listed in the New York Stock Exchange and is among the first cannabis companies to be listed in the NYSE.

As Canada legalized recreational marijuana on October 17th, 2018, many thought that this cannabis giant wouldn’t be able to meet the demand. However, they performed beyond expectation.

About Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth Corporation is a worldwide company providing medical marijuana products in 12 countries across 5 continents. They produce cannabis products in three different forms: dried, oil and Softgel capsules.

Canopy Growth is a Canadian cannabis company, that started its journey in 2014 after Canada legalized businesses selling cannabis products. Currently, Canopy Growth caters to about one-third of the 270,000 people who use medical marijuana in Canada.

Canopy Growth packages and ships marijuana products also elsewhere: for instance, Mexico, Brazil, and Europe are on Canopy Growth’s list.

The company is also looking to expand to the United States, though the process hasn’t been easy, since marijuana is still federally illegal in the United States, regardless of the fact that a few states have legalized medical and recreational marijuana.

That being said, Canopy Growth has plans to acquire marijuana company Ebbu, which would let the company get their foot in the door.

The Growth of This Mighty Cannabis Company

The growth of Canopy has been rapid. When the company first opened its doors in 2014, no one could have expected growth like this. In only two years, Canopy Growth’s valuation passed $2 billion, giving this company a “unicorn” status. They are currently providing cannabis products to about one-third of Canada’s medical marijuana users.

The amount is expected to increase, as Canada legalized recreational marijuana late in 2018. Canopy Growth Corporation shares even rose over 8% a couple days before recreational marijuana use was legalized in Canada.

How Canopy Growth Increased Its Stock Price So Rapidly

Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2000. However, businesses were not allowed to produce and sell cannabis products until 2014. It took another 2 years before Canopy Growth Corporation was listed in the Toronto Exchange.

From there on out, the stock price has been steadily growing. In October of 2018, about 6 months after the company was listed in the New York Stock Exchange, the share value went up over 8 percent after Canada legalized recreational marijuana.

Canopy Growth is the leading cannabis product producer in Canada, also catering to a huge European market, providing marijuana to over 2000 pharmacies in Germany.

How Can I Purchase Canopy Growth Stock?

Canopy Growth Corporation is currently listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: WEED) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CGC). You can purchase Canopy Growth Stock by opening an investment portfolio for instance with TD Ameritrade or talk to your own investment banker.

Canopy Growth Ethos and Values

Canopy Growth’s goal and vision is “to be the number one cannabis company in the world.

From product and process innovation to market execution and everything in between, we are driven by a passion for leadership, a commitment to drive the industry forward, and above all else, providing medical and recreational cannabis consumers the best possible experience.” (Canopy Growth Corporation)

Canopy Growth also values its medical marijuana users, as their subsidiary, Tweed, was the first company to introduce the Compassionate Pricing to medical cannabis patients, to make cannabis products more affordable to everyone.

Canopy Growth supports a patients right to grow medicinal marijuana at home, and their commitment to education is admirable: they offer continuing medical education for physicians in Canada.

The Best Range of Products Fostered By Both  Innovation and Science

Canopy Growth prides itself on producing high-quality cannabis products with innovative and environmental matter. They produce the highest quality dried cannabis flower, and its cultivation, harvesting, trimming, and packaging is done by following the industry’s best practices.

They also produce cannabis oils and concentrates by following supercritical fluid CO2 extraction technology.

This process allows the company to extract THC and CBD as well as other minor cannabinoids and terpenes, making it simple to produce products with different ratios of THC and CBD – this is to cater for patients with different needs.

Their Softgel capsules are an excellent way for patients to consume their medical marijuana discretely and in a pill form. Also, Canopy Growth produces hemp, which is low in THC (psychoactive) ingredients and provides low-cost CBD.

The Brands of Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth Corporation is a large company, that owns a few different, smaller companies under its umbrella. Each company has their own purpose.


Tweed is one of the most recognized cannabis brands in the market all over the world. It focuses on building friendly customer relationships, and it doesn’t only sell cannabis products, it also brings up a conversation about the products. It is reliable and trusted all over the world.

Its products, Argyle, Bakerstreet, Highlands, Tweed CBD, Penelope, Herringbone, Balmoral, Boaty McBoatface, Houndstooth and Donegal all contain different ratios of THC and CBD and are available in different forms.

Tweed caters currently to only recreational and medicinal Canadian customers.

Spectrum Cannabis

Spectrum Cannabis caters for only medical cannabis users. Its products (dried flower, oil and concentrates and Softshell capsules) are available in different ratios: THC dominant, THC and CBD balanced and CBD dominant.

The website is available for Canadian, Polish and international visitors.

DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics is a very trendy company, that currently only focuses on providing seeds. A different variety of seeds are available from feminized to award-winning cannabis seeds. And speaking of awards, this company has won dozens of different awards all over the world for their products.


Craftgrow’s purpose is to establish a wonderful online marketplace for legal medical marijuana. Craftgrow’s goals and products are similar to Spectrum Cannabis, and they want to make legal medical marijuana accessible for Canadians.


Foria is a US-based brand that focuses on sexual health and wellness. They have partnered together with Canopy Growth to cater to the Canadian market as well through Spectrum Cannabis. They produce cannabis-based lubricants, for instance.

Where to Next for Canopy Growth?

Canopy Growth has its hands full at the moment, catering for newly opened recreational marijuana users in Canada.

However, Canopy Growth is keeping its ear on the ground about the US market: though at the moment marijuana is federally illegal in the United States, Canopy Growth is aiming to get its foot in the door (legally) soon.

Though Canopy Growth’s short-term charts don’t look especially encouraging, no one can argue the growth of the cannabis industry as a whole. As the US and Europe are trying to break away from opioids, cannabis industry is taking big leaps forward.

Canopy Growth is expected to increase its share values in the long run, and should the United States take a different turn in terms of legalizing marijuana, the company’s value is expected to grow rapidly.

Investing in Cannabis: Canopy Growth Stock Options

Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth Corporation is currently trading in Toronto Exchange as well as the New York Stock Exchange. You can find Canopy Growth on TSX for WEED and on NYSE for CGC.

According to NASDAQ  the stock has been changing daily and should you get an option to put or call, it’s highly recommended to think about the investment in the long run. NASDAQ is a great place to start if you’d like to find out how the shares and stock options have changed in value.

For Premium Cannabis Brands, Canopy Growth is a Leader

Canopy Growth Corporation’s mission is to be the world leader in high-quality medical and recreational cannabis products.

As of right now, Canopy Growth has been able to hold on to their world-leader status, providing cannabis products to one-third of Canada’s medical marijuana users, and catering also to Mexican, Brazilian and German markets. As Canada’s recreational user amounts grow, Canopy Growth is expected to take on an even larger portion of the market.