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Cannawine: A Company Leading The Cannabis Wine Wave

Cannawine is a company that blends cannabis and grapes to create a CBD-infused wine. The refreshing drink can produce the health benefits of both cannabis and wine, making it a healthier alternative to both when consumed individually.

Cannawine: The Highlights

  • Cannawine wine is a blend of cannabis extract and wine.
  • Cannabis wine manufacturers guard their recipes, so nobody knows all the ingredients that make up the drink.
  • Even though Cannawine’s ingredients are not known, all manufacturers let the wine age in barrels for at least a year before releasing it on the market.
  • Cannawine produces the beneficial effects of both cannabis and wine.
  • Weed wine is a classy and healthy drink enjoyed in the US and overseas.

Cannawine: What is it?

There was a time when the word ‘cannabis’ was almost exclusively associated with smoking weed in secret places away from the snare of cops. Even after medical cannabis became a thing, people who used weed still suffered some level of stigmatization.

But when Canada and the United States legalized the recreational use of marijuana in all of her provinces and in some of her states, respectively, cannabis became somewhat “sexy”.

Following this development, entrepreneurs joined the cannabis rush in an attempt to exploit the opportunities it presented. Their collective efforts would make cannabis pretty much popular and enticing to new users just by making the substance available in multiple innovative forms.

Thanks to them, we now have CBD capsules, THC gummies, hemp tinctures, cannabis creams and what appears to be the biggest deal at the moment – cannabis-infused wine.

In simple terms, cannawine is a wine made from a blend of cannabis and wine. In the commercial sense, it is a relatively new concept even though some frontline weed enthusiasts had been experimenting with the idea long before the dawn of marijuana legalization in many parts of North America.

All About Cannawine

In the world of weed wine, Lisa Molyneux is the leading name and for good reasons too. The two marijuana wine labels she co-founded (Canna Vine and Know Label) are basically a brilliant combination of grapes and cannabis using a recipe she wouldn’t reveal.

Having already created a reputation for herself through her dispensary, Greenway Compassionate Relief Inc., Molyneux would spearhead the experiments that led to the production of the first weed wine in America. Little wonder it is quite difficult to omit her name when discussing “wine tincture” – as she likes to call the product.

From the conception of this idea in 2010 to its first breakthrough in 2015, the product has undergone a series of experiments behind the scenes. But Molyneux is not alone! In Spain, Canna Wine is a thing as well.

However, it was just recently that a team of professionals in the wine industry had to work with marijuana experts for at least five years; trying out different flavors and formulas. After what appeared to be a period of hit and miss, the world saw for the first time the nearly unthinkable wine which had cannabinoids inside of it – in commercial quantity.

The brand appears to be keener on improving mental alertness and relaxation through this innovative concept. Generally, wine is good for digestion and improved organ functioning. Bringing the benefits of CBD –  that is extracted from naturally cultivated hemp plants – into the brewing equation only makes it better.

How is Cannawine Made?

grapes plus marijuana leaf equals bottle of weed wine

Many makers of cannabis wine aren’t exactly generous with information about how they produce the wine. For Cannawine, the list of ingredients used in the production process isn’t even listed on their website.

However, Molyneux, who’s at the helm of affairs at the California-based Canna Vine, admits that she buys high-quality grapes from a biodynamic farm (Verdad Wines) and grows her own weed right there in her California home.

But then, according to the findings of Michael Steinberger of The Daily Beast, most makers of this green wine wrap cannabis with cheesecloth or any of its alternatives. It is thereafter left in a wine barrel where it undergoes fermentation for a period of one year, at least.

Right after this fermentation process, which typically happens a low temperature, the hemp extract is ready for blending with other ingredients.

Some of the major ingredients in Cannawine are:

Alcohol – In the right quantity, as in this case, it helps the organs perform better.

Hemp Extract – CBD is the most popular hemp extract in the world right now. This is because, in addition to improving general health, it is effective in the management of anxiety, pain, and stress.

Garnacha – This is a popular ingredient in winemaking used to improve taste. It is made from fruits.

Effects of Cannawine

Glass of red wine with weed and wine bottle

Generally, the effects of consuming any drink made from a combination of cannabis and wine will depend on the strain (as well as the quality of grapes or fruits) used during production. For Cannawine, users report a quick sensation of calmness and relaxation.

In a recent interview, Molyneux, also known as the Queen of Cannabis-Infused Wine, says that people with nerve issues have reported “symptom relief” after drinking the wine and keep coming back to buy more.

To date, there hasn’t been any known adverse effect linked to the product. Again, the manufacturers claim it has practically zero levels of THC – which is the psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant – hence, the likelihood of getting high by drinking a glass of this wine is next to nothing.

Other cannabis-infused wines, however, do use THC in their wine.

Is Cannawine Safe?

Yes. The wine is a blend of naturally grown grapes and hemp extract. So far, users have not complained of adverse effects.

The Awesome Benefits of Cannawine

Given that it is a brilliant combination of hemp extract and wine; with some additional alcohol, the first benefit of cannawine is obvious: users get to enjoy all the benefits of cannabis, alcohol, and grapes in every sip they take. This is an impressive convenience for consumers who use all three major ingredients.

Apart from the naturalness of this product, consumers in America can drink in confidence knowing they are working with pioneers in the industry.

Other benefits would include consuming cannabis in the subtlest way possible while gaining the many health benefits of all constituent ingredients in fullness.

For instance, the media spread the news like wildfire when Melissa Etheridge, a singer, and breast cancer survivor, made it clear that medical cannabis helped her combat nausea and pain while undergoing chemotherapy.

Cannawine Products

The brand has red and white wines both of which come in the same bottle size. Barring a little tweak, the content is basically the same.

Cannawine Red

Bottle Cannawine Red

Renowned as the first cannabis-infused red wine in Spain, the product will keep you “company” as you ponder on how you spent your day. Moderate to deep red in color, this red weed wine brings to the tongues the sweet flavor of the red grape it was made from.

Each 500ml bottle contains:

  • Alcohol (14 percent)
  • Hemp extract (50 mg)
  • Negligible levels of THC (under 0.2 percent)
  • Red grapes (50 percent each of garnacha and cariñena)

As it is with most wines, it is best served cold. To drink, open the cork and allow the trapped cannabis odor a moment to escape. Then pour into a glass and sip gradually.

Cannawine White

Bottle Cannawine White

This is the white version of the same wine. The composition is basically the same save for the choice of grapes which gives it the white characteristic (better put, deep pale) color. Each bottle of this product has a 500ml capacity and contains:

  • Alcohol (14 percent)
  • Hemp extract (50 mg)
  • Minor THC levels (below 0.2 percent)
  • White grapes (50 percent each of Garnacha and Macabeo)

These exotic fruits are grown in natural conditions without pesticides or related chemicals, hence they produce a pristine taste. Best served cold as dessert or appetizer, this white cannawine appears to be a decent way to enjoy the blessings of CBD over a decent meal while its balsamic smell keeps your nose in a good mood.

Why Trying Weed Wine Should Be On Your List

At the moment, cannabis-infused wine is just about the hottest new thing in the market for adults.  It is new. It is classy. It is healthy. Everyone in the cannabis and wine industry is talking about this new wine. If you’re already a wine connoisseur, weed wine will be right up your alley.

Where to Buy Cannawine

From the Netherlands to the United Kingdom, cannabis-infused wined is available via shops and distributors in at least half a dozen European countries. As expected, Spain has the greatest concentration of this new kind of wine as the land is a choice production.

In the United States, only California has the license to produce cannabis-infused wine even though a couple of other states allow the recreational consumption of marijuana itself.

How Much Does Cannawine Cost?

Glass of red wine with money on table

In Europe, a 500ml bottle of Cannawine costs about €16.20 on the average. However, the same cannot be said about other locations worldwide. In California, for instance – the only region in the United States where the wine is commercially available at the moment – a bottle of the drink costs anywhere from $150 to as much as $400.

This spike in price has to do with its scarcity in the market as the number of people drinking Cannawine are way more than supply at the moment.

What The Future Holds For Cannabis Wine

Let’s face it. We’re in the wake of legal cannabis and it is expected that whatever benefits this plant has in it will be exploited for common good in the coming years. As for marijuana wine (or green wine as it is fondly called), the future seems bright, at least for the next couple of years.

For instance, ingesting cannabis through wine is currently the classiest way to consume the plant. A glass of wine would pass anywhere – on a yacht, VIP lounge, presidential suite, dinner party, street café or even an office.

Again, it is an opportunity for cannabis users who drink often, to enjoy their two favorite pastimes in one activity.

Weed wine is a whole lot easier to accept or tolerate. Smoking in public places is not allowed in most regions of the world. Swallowing CBD capsules may be weird in some situations but who would be mad at an individual who quietly sips a glass of wine? Almost no one.

Beyond these, the concept of having weed extract infused in a grape wine is quite new. This means it will continue to get a lot of attention for a while and if they’re any good, the attention, patronage, and acceptance will live long.

These, notwithstanding, it is important to note that it’s not going to be a rosy ride for cannabis wine. First, it is available in just one state in the US and it has at least 49 more states to go!

There will also be challenges with regulation. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will obviously want to monitor the levels of cannabis (THC and/or CBD) in the wine, at intervals. There will be a truckload of competition from several brands in the coming years as we have seen in the CBD market.

No matter what the future holds for weed wine, one thing stands out very clearly: it will gain a whole lot of attention, fans, and users. How the government and related industries react to this is another topic for another day.

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