Cannavest: A European-Based CBD Company


Everyone in the CBD oil market knows Cannavest, the company that reached an all-time multi-billion dollar high in the stock market. In addition, Cannavest is well-known for their excellent, high-quality CBD oil product, PlusCBD, that’s available in North America and soon in Europe as well.

Cannavest: The Highlights

  • Cannavest reaches all-time stock-market high in 2014.
  • SEC charges Cannavest CEO Michael Mona in 2017 for overstating the company’s assets.
  • Cannavest Europe products available soon.
  • The success of PlusCBD products has not been affected because of the 2017 charges or 2014 stock market deflation.
  • Cannavest products keep on blooming.

Cannavest: Marijuana Superstar or Just Hype?


Cannavest has been on the news a lot, starting from the 2014 stock market high of $3 billion all the way to the SEC bursting the pot bubble in March 2014. Also, in 2017 SEC charged Michael Mona, the CEO of Cannavest as well as Cannavest itself, because they had overstated the company’s assets in earlier years.

Regardless of all the Cannavest stock stories rumbling about, their products have been steady from the start.

Cannavest has produced and marketed some of the best and highest-quality products in the CBD oil market and their popularity seems to be growing with the legalization and expanded knowledge of medical marijuana and CBD oil benefits.

Though the stock inflation and deflation may have brought some irrelevant hype for Cannavest and its products, there is no denying that their CBD oil varieties have performed extremely well among consumers.

About Cannavest’s History

Cannavest started its journey already in 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, by operating under the name Foreclosure Solutions Inc. In January of 2013, it changed its name to Cannavest Corporation and is now trading stock under CANV in the OTC market.

During all these years, Cannavest has manufactured and marketed industrial hemp products to end-consumers in North America and is now taking on the European market as well.

Cannavest already has a bunch of trademarks and product lines under its hat: they have trademarked US Hemp Oil – a brand that focuses on distribution and marketing of hemp seed and wellness products.

They also own the trademark Real Scientific Hemp Oil, which markets a product called PlusCBD that offers HempFit protein powder and other CBD wellness products, Cibaderm skincare line and CBD health line Cibdex, for instance.

Cannavest Stock Boom

The marijuana sector has been leading the penny stock market in the US for many years. Because of the recent changes in the medical marijuana laws in the United States, many companies and individuals are trying to cash in on the interest.

However, the SEC halted eight marijuana relates stocks already in 2014, because of “manipulative transactions” and “unlawful distribution of securities.”

Earlier in 2014, Cannavest stock traded for $201, and after March of 2014, the shares traded for less than $20 – and Cannavest wasn’t the only one taking a hit: a few other medical marijuana and CBD oil companies got halted as well.

Although Cannavest’s pot bubble burst early along with many other medical marijuana trading companies, they reached an all-time high of $3 billion. Since then, trading has resumed and Cannavest is now known as CV Sciences.

2017 SEC Charges


In June of 2017, the SEC filed charges against Cannavest and its CEO Michael Mona. The SEC filed a whopping 22-page complaint in 2017 about how “Mona and CannaVest overstated the company’s assets in 2013 by manipulating the acquisition price of a company called PhytoSphere (Forbes, June 2017).”

The SEC wanted to bar Mona from being a director or an officer of any public trading company.

By this time, the SEC had already sued “the king of pot” Bruce Perlowin, saying that he had committed a long-running fraud when he was the CEO of Hemp Inc. Bruce denied the charges.

Name Change to CV Sciences

Cannavest hasn’t always operated under its current name. The company started out as Foreclosure Services Inc in 2010, and in January 2013 changed its name to Cannavest. Following the pot bubble burst in 2014, Cannavest changed its official name to CV Services in January of 2016.

Though the company now operates under CV Services, it is best known for its multi-billion dollar name, Cannavest.

Cannavest Europe

Cannavest isn’t only a big thing in the United States, as Cannavest Europe (based in Düsseldorf, Germany) produces and markets PlusCBD products in Europe as well. As it states on Cannavest Europe website, they believe that the future of hemp is unlimited.

For many years, the benefits of CBD have been known, and Cannavest Europe is committed to offering clean, pure and high-quality CBD oil wellness products.

Currently, though Cannavest Europe website is up, the products are not yet available for consumers of wholesale on the site. However, it is expected that Cannavest opens the online store doors soon.

Cannavest Plus CBD Products

Cannavest PlusCBD products come in many forms and quantities. The company states that it believes the future of hemp to be unlimited – this can even be seen in the large variety of different types of CBD oil products that are sold worldwide.


CBD oil capsules are made with the purest, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients. The capsules are a great way for adults that use CBD products to consume it every day. The capsules include Vitamin E, fatty acids and non-psychoactive extract, cannabidiol. One jar includes either 30 or 60 capsules and costs about $30.


CBD oil concentrates are made with the purest, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients. The concentrates include Vitamin E, fatty acids and pure, high-concentrate cannabidiol.

According to PlusCBD, the concentrates are a great option for experienced cannabidiol users, who have already found the quantity that works for them. One tube costs between $26 and $43.


CBD oil sprays are pure and non-GMO as well as gluten-free. They are an excellent way for inexperienced people to start their use of CBD oil. The sprays come in three flavors: unflavored, peppermint and cafe mocha. To use it, it should be sprayed twice in the mouth, hold for 30 seconds and swallow. One bottle costs about $23.


Softgel CBD oil is perfect for them, who have trouble swallowing pills or who want fast-working CBD oil. Softgels are 100% vegetarian, non-GMO and gluten-free. One jar costs about $17-$27.


CBD hemp oil balm is meant for skin care and is excellent for those who have chapped or dry skin, sore hands or achy feet. It leaves your skin soft, cool and moisturized. One jar costs about $30-$50.


CBD oil drops are meant to be added for foods, drinks, and smoothies. Adding a few drops in your drink will allow you to consume the CBD oil easily. This has been found to be attractive for athletes and other people with active lifestyles. One bottle costs about $23-$42.


CBD oil gummies are a tasty treat for people to consume their CBD oil daily. Each gummy includes 5 mg of CBD, which makes it easy to measure your daily portions. One jar of 30 gummies costs about $40.

Review of Cannavest

Though Cannavest’s stock bubble burst in 2014 and the SEC is giving them a shake-down, regular end-consumers needn’t worry, because their products are still high-quality and doing great in the North American and European markets.

Their pure, non-GMO, glucose-free and sustainable products are some of the bests in the market in terms of quality as well as variety. The price is also reasonable and obtaining the products is easy over the online store.

Cannavest provides an excellent way for anyone interested in CBD oil to start consuming it every day, as the products come in so many different forms and quantities.

Where to Buy Cannavest Products

Cannavest products are easiest to buy online at their online store. As hemp is legal everywhere, you can purchase these products wherever you may reside. Even if you live in a state or a country where marijuana is illegal, CBD products don’t include any TCH, so you can legally purchase them online for a reasonable price.

Are Cannavest CBD Products Right for You?


If you are interested in consuming CBD products, Cannavest’s PlusCBD is worth looking into. The products are high-quality and pure and can be purchased in many different forms.

They offer different types of products from capsules to sprays and softgels for people who are advanced CBD users as well as for them who are only starting out and still figuring out the right quantity for them. However, if you are hesitant about using CBD oil, consult your physician first.

Starting out with CBD oil is easy

Cannavest offers some of the best CBD products on the market, and should you be interested in starting out with CBD, PlusCBD is a great choice.

From different varieties to high-quality products with reasonable price, their products far exceed expectations. This brand is trusted by new as well as advanced CBD oil users and is available worldwide.

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