Cannatonic: The Low THC Strain To Try In 2019

Cannatonic is a revolutionary strain of cannabis that has been cultivated for its low THC content – which makes it quite unique among weed strains.

The high CBD content is the main event when it comes to Cannatonic, with CBD levels anywhere between 6 and 17 percent.

It’s unusual to find Cannatonic in the hands of many recreational users, due to its low psychoactivity. However, it is becoming more and more popular among medical patients for those who prefer the effects of CBD but like to keep THC intake on the low side.

In this strain review, we’re covering all the aspects of Cannatonic, from cultivation all the way to consumption.
Whether you’re looking to grow your own Cannatonic or thinking about getting some from your local dispensary, this article should cover all the bases.

About Cannatonic Strain

Cannatonic was pioneered by Resin Seeds who were out there to create a strain with a 1:1 THC: CBD ratio. It is the offspring of MK Ultra and G13 Haze, strains that are amazing in their own right.

Cannatonic hardly ever reaches a THC content over 6 percent, but constantly averages a CBD content between 6 percent and 17 percent. In fact, sometimes the CBD aspect of the ratio is even higher than 1:1, sometimes coming in at 2:1 CBD: THC. Other High CBD strains can be found here.

Cannatonic is a 50/50 hybrid, but not in the way that we have traditionally come to understand hybrids. The effect of Cannatonic is much different because of its high CBD content, and users shouldn’t expect to feel those tell-tale THC effects.

The effects are still well-balanced and enjoyable, but Resin Seeds has really kept the medical marijuana user in mind. Resin Seeds considers themselves pioneers in the CBD movement, being the first cannabis geneticists that focused on creating a source of CBD in marijuana rather than hemp.

This strain really boasts everything that a medicinal strain should have: a balanced cannabinoid profile (like the old days), a good dose of CBD and a short-lived high that doesn’t keep a person stoned for hours. It’s ideal for the person who looks for quick medical relief without the stoned effect that THC induces.

Cultivation and Growth


Growing Cannatonic isn’t that east – at least not compared to some other strains of cannabis. It’s worth noting that THC’s strong aroma and flavor are actually some of the ways that cannabis defends itself against pests in nature.

So growing a high CBD and low THC strain can make the plant a little bit more susceptible to disease. Resin Seeds has a pretty comprehensive week-by-week grow guide for this strain in particular that is worth checking out for anybody who’s attempting to cultivate this strain.

Growers can expect to grow Canantonic in 10 weeks. As a general rule of thumb, this plant does better indoors than it does outdoors. It doesn’t like huge changes in temperature, an aspect much easier monitored indoors.

With that being said, this strain likes having some room to breathe, so don’t keep your plants too close together in the indoor space. You should also prune your plants while they are vegetating to encourage air flow around the leaves.

Humidity is a huge thing to monitor while growing Cannatonic, as there is some susceptibility to mold and mildew. This is especially true late into the flowering stage. Again, humidity can be monitored indoors but it’s something really hard to deal with outdoors.

Finally, to get the highest CBD content out of this strain, you need to take care of the nutritional profile of your growing medium. Hydroponics is the best for this scenario, as the nutrients can be dropped straight into the watery growing medium.

Of course, this strain can still be grown in soil, but the soil should be fed with sufficient nutrients to give your plants the highest CBD level possible.

Cannatonic Strain Review

So we’ve talked a lot about the history of Cannatonic and how to grow it, but it’s about time we talked about what it does when you actually use it. Remember, this is not your conventional strain of weed, so don’t expect to get really high!


Cannatonic doesn’t grow those huge buds that we like to see on the top of plants. Rather, they are small and numerous like popcorn. The buds are a yellow-ish brown-ish color with orange hairs or pistils all around.

Because of lower THC content, this strain isn’t sticky-icky like other cannabis strains. It is not covered in trichomes and doesn’t have the sparkly effect. It looks rather like a “dry” bud.


Expect an earthy, woody, pleasurable taste from Cannatonic. Tastes of pine and citrus come through and the smoke is generally smooth and goes down well. If the buds are well cured, you shouldn’t expect much coughing or itchiness in the throat. Sometimes, there is even a citrusy, zesty note that comes through the taste of Cannatonic.


The aroma, much like the flavor, is woody, piney and citrusy. The smell is full-bodied and earthy, with less of that zingy sativa-like smell, and more of that earthy indica-like smell.

Cannatonic: CBD to THC Ratio


The special thing about Cannatonic is the CBD: THC profile. Most strains contain very little CBD while the THC content soars. The geneticists of Cannatonic were aiming for quite the opposite. For the most part, Cannatonic strains never exceed 6 percent THC, while the CBD content ranges anywhere from 6 percent – 17 percent.

Depending on the conditions under which it was grown, the ratio can be anywhere from 1:3 to 1:1 THC: CBD. These CBD levels more than triple the CBD levels that are present in other strains of marijuana. That’s what makes Cannatonic impressive and unique in the world of cannabis strains.

Cannatonic: The Attributes and Effects

Cannatonic is ideal for the medicinal cannabis user. With its high CBD content, there are plenty of medicinal applications without the sometimes undesirable stoned effect. With that being said, there is still some THC content, which we know is also extremely medicinal.

In the world of cannabis, it can sometimes feel like it’s one or the other, despite the fact that we know both cannabinoids work the best when they are working together. Cannatonic finally offers that possibility to users.

The effects of Cannatonic are an extremely well balanced but short-lived high. The effects are felt quickly, but they don’t come with the same force as high THC weed. It is most often used for pain relief, relaxation, depression or anxiety. Although the effects are extremely relaxing, they are also uplifting, giving the user a sense of euphoria.

There’s almost nothing negative to report about the effects of Cannatonic other than that it can induce the usual dry mouth that cannabis is well known for.

The Medical Benefits of Cannatonic Strain

A balanced THC: CBD ratio can present us some of the most potent medicinal qualities in the world of cannabis. That’s because both cannabinoids have medicinal properties, especially when they are used in tandem. The most common reason to use Cannatonic is for stress relief and for pain relief.

These medicinal qualities can be credited to the high CBD content.

Otherwise, Cannatonic is a good source of instant relief for those who suffer from anxiety and depression. The euphoric, but completely un-paranoid effects of Cannatonic ease the person into a THC-induced euphoria with the grounding and support of CBD. Cannatonic can sometimes be used to treat insomnia.

Possible Side Effects of Cannatonic Strain

As we mentioned, the only real negative side effect of using Cannatonic is dry mouth. But what cannabis strain doesn’t give you the dries of some sort?

As a disclaimer, it’s important to note that while Cannatonic has a high CBD content, it still contains THC. The effects of THC are not predominant, but they are still there. It’s important that if you are extremely THC sensitive to avoid using Cannatonic or be very sparing with doses, only increasing the dose as you need to.

This strain almost never causes paranoia or anxiety.

What Do Customer Reviews Say About Cannatonic?

The overwhelming response from online reviews is that Cannatonic is an extremely relaxing strain. A lot of the reviews we’re going to look at coming from medicinal cannabis customers, and it seems that this demographic are the biggest advocates for this strain.


Both of these reviews come from WikiLeaf and one thing is extremely obvious: these people appreciate the relaxing quality of Cannatonic. Cannatonic gets the tick of approval as a stress reliever and a great nightcap.


These medicinal patients have obviously experienced a lot of relief from their symptoms after using Cannatonic. Whether the complaint is stress, pain or behavioral, Cannatonic has been able to provide some remedial benefits. These two medical marijuana patients posted these reviews on Marijuana Break.

The Final Word On Cannatonic Strain

Overall, this strain looks like a complete winner. If you’re searching for a solid medical marijuana strain that ticks all the boxes, this one really is it. If you’re looking to get really stoned, Cannatonic isn’t the strain for you.

But many people understand that while CBD is extremely remedial, so is THC. Cannatonic is well balanced and can finally provide the perfect marriage of THC and CBD.

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