CannaKorp Wisp and Wisp Pods: The Keurig Of The Cannabis Industry

As more research goes into finding the therapeutic properties of both cannabis and marijuana, the intake of the substances has also seen a number of innovations emerging with vaporizing herbs particularly outweighing smoking.

One particular house appliance – the Wisp Vapor System – has revolutionized the marijuana industry acting as a vaporizing device, jettisoning the days when smoking marijuana was messy, smelly and time-consuming.

CannaKorp: The Highlights

  • CannaKorp is a start-up tech company based in Boston, Massachusettes. It is the world’s first company to invent a herb-vaporizing, single-use pod system that brings experiential ease of use for herb users, especially medical marijuana users.
  • CannaKorp makes positive social and environmental impact by bringing convenience and safety to herb users as well as eliminating contribution to the world’s carbon print by producing combustion-free vaporizers.
  • The Company has collaborated with a fully certified USDA partner, Bear Blends, who grow and dispense cannabis. It has also open doors to other national and international partners sharing the same vision in quality assurance.
  • CannaKorp provides unmatched quality, convenience, and consistency in its products.
  • Potential health risks exposed to cannabis and marijuana consumers through smoking are eliminated using the Wisp vaporizing system that delivers clean and toxic free smoke.

CannaKorp: Marijuana’s Latest Innovators

The world is slowly accepting that cannabis is a billion dollar industry with many companies entering this space. Some of these players are seeking to provide customers with safe methods of consumption while adhering and complying with the laid down rules and regulations of the land.

In addition, marijuana innovators and entrepreneurs are largely becoming movers and shakers for some old markets such as the alcoholic and energy drinks industry, those who produce sleeping medication and opioids, as well as those who provide veterinary medications.

People are looking to marijuana as a safe and convenient alternative to the aforementioned options.

CannaKorp is also in the frontline to add value to marijuana consumers. Everyone is probably familiar with the Keurig. The latest CannaKorp Innovation, the Wisp, has been dubbed the cannabis Keurig.

Who are CannaKorp?

CannaKorp is a tech marijuana innovation company based in Massachusetts that has inventively created a new approach for users seeking vaping equipment whilst refining and simplifying their experience.

The start-up has designed and created the first herbal vaporizer system, inclusive of single-use pods, which provides users with clean, high-quality vapor under mess-free and hassle-free conditions. Promising convenience and consistency, the complete system – the Wisp and the Wisp pods – was fashioned to provide care to consumer and patients alike.

In this light, CannaKorp offers consumers a precise way of measuring their herbs, a cleaner means of ingestion with a promise of additive-free and proper herbs that have not been denatured.

Dedicated to social and environmental responsibilities, CannaKorp was driven to create a device that is eco-friendly and at the same time delivers a potentially healthier vapor. Furthermore, CannaKorp strives to incorporate recyclable materials in production and packaging of The Wisp and the Wisp Pods.

CannaKorp is looking to expand its boundaries in the fast-growing market by collaborating with partners with similar ideologies, vision, and interest in quality assurance

The Freshest in Weed Technology: Pot Pods


Just like the coffee industry, the marijuana industry has also received a splash of sophistication where inconvenience and mess were the order of the day. Similar to the Keurig or Nespresso, the Wisp was engineered to wipe out the fuss and the muss out of the course.

The pot pods were also developed to reduce inconsistency of the product, upscaling and bringing out the best in weed technology.

Smoking and Vaporizing: What’s the difference?

Arguably, both smoking and vaporizing are the most popular means of consuming marijuana. Inhalation delivers rapid relief and is an effective way of administering marijuana into the body.

Smoking involves bluntly combusting the plant material that is grinded and rolled. On the other hand, vaporization involves heating the plant material in lower temperatures making sure the oil and fatty cannabis resins have melted without burning the flowers or oils.

Consequently, smoking produces smoke while vaporizing produces steam/vapor which is inhaled by the user.

How Do CannaKorp’s Pot Pods Work?

The pot pods have pre-packed magnitudes of marijuana which are sealed to ensure top-notch quality even as the herb prepares to get to the market.

The Wisp


When most people think about marijuana, their minds are probably taken straight to the whole tedious process of sorting, grinding, measuring and rolling of the herb. The Wisp takes care of all that hustle so the consumer can have The Wisp 3C’s experience: clean, convenient and consistent experience.

The Wisp Vaporizer has two key compartments; the bottle and the base.

To begin a session, the user will detach the bottle from the base. Once the Wisp Pod is unwrapped, the open side is placed onto the bottom of the bottle at the pod section.

Finally, the bottle is firmly placed back into the base and the touchscreen cloud is pressed to start. On insertion, the Wisp is made to heat up the marijuana in the pods little by little and in about 60 seconds, you are ready for a clean smoke and a combustion-free experience.

Wisp Pods

The Wisp utilizes Wisp Pods which are essentially little ‘cups’ of measured marijuana. The Pods are secured to maintain quality from their source to the time of use. Compliance of the cultivators and packagers maintains their high quality.

In the spirit of environmental responsibility, the Wisp Pod is absolutely recyclable. Its design is intentional for effective delivery.

CannaKorp understands that different consumers have different needs and they have put this in perspective when creating the pods. It has taken the know-how of medical marijuana experts and the feedback of patients and general consumers to categorize the Pods accordingly.

Depending on the consumers’ need, the Wisp Pods have been made to have varying qualities from which a consumer can choose.

The Wisp Pods that can be found in the existing series include:

  • The Clarity Wisp Pod – it has a high CBD composition and a lower THC, creating tranquility and focus in consumers.
  • The Serenity Wisp Pod – Preferred use being before bed, it creates calm and a sense of relaxation.
  • The Wisp Energy Pod – from the Sativa family, Energy is said to revitalize and help in focus.
  • Wisp Intensity Pods – it has the most THC content, making is strong and flavorsome. This series is common for dealing with deep relief for diseases.
  • Remedy – Consumers have said that it has a balance of THC and CBD. It is used for relief especially from illnesses.

The Research on Smoking vs Vaporizing Cannabis

As much as components of marijuana have garnered sustainable endorsements from users and practitioners because of its therapeutic properties, its intake, however, has posed a number of questions testing its safety and efficacy.

Smoking of substances such as tobacco has faced a backlash from the medical fraternity with research indicating how acutely harmful smoking can be to the human body. This has also incited conversations in the marijuana industry where many have risen to question the safety of smoking it.

A 2013 research done by the University of California concluded that there were no chronic abnormalities in the lung function associated with smoking marijuana as compared to smoking cigarettes. However, marijuana smoke still contains harmful chemicals such as airway irritants and tumor promoters such as carcinogens that can lead to respiratory complications, though to a lower extent.

Does Vaporizing Protect Your Lungs?


Yes, it does. A 2007 study done by Earleywine M. and Smucker Barnwell S. evaluated that users who vaporized their marijuana reported fewer respiratory symptoms compared to those who smoked it. They attributed this to the cooling of smoke and removal of tar and other toxins linked with combustion while vaporizing.

However, a 2008 study done by Roger N. Bloor, Tianshu S. Wang, Patrik Španěl and David Smith pointed out that vaporizing device can actually release ammonia causing bronchial spasm, irritation, and asthma.

Thus it’s still inconclusive to say that vaporizing marijuana protects your lungs and hence more research is needed to determine its potential use as a method of reducing harm.

Which is Healthier: Smoking or Vaporizing?

Vaping is an alternative intake of marijuana that experts have preferred to smoking, simply because little research has been done to justify and establish the health concerns in vaping marijuana. But as per now, it is clear that vaporizing reduces the harm related to smoking marijuana.

Where to Buy Wisp and Wisp Pods

To buy the sleek Wisp vaporizing system, you can simply visit their site and get more detail on delivery options for your state. The Wisp Vaporizing System goes for $199 and a 30-day free trial is now offered to patients within Massachusetts.

Notably, the Wisp pods are sold separately by Bear Blend with prices ranging from $14.95 to $89.95 and Sari Naturals that delivers in three locations; Cambridge, Somerville, and Needham.

The Final Word On CannaKorp

With its contribution in the Marijuana industry of the cutting-edge single-use pod system of vaporizing marijuana, CannaKorp is ready to leave a mark in the innovators’ hall of fame.

With the novelty of the Wisp Vapor system, the future has become the present. If you consider buying the device, you will be happy to know that convenience and consistency are on your side. Even though that experience is expensive, CannaKorp has made it all worthwhile.