Cannagar: The Cannabis Cigar Trend

It is safe to say that the cannabis industry is booming right now. So much so, that you might have already heard of the cannabis cigars that users and manufacturers alike affectionately refer to as “cannagars”. We would be surprised if you haven’t already heard, given that they have been sold for thousands in the past.

When things that are marijuana-based get sold for that much money, the media and cannabis users tend to pay attention. You might think that spending that much money is pointless and sticking to smoking blunts is much more preferable, but we might be able to change your mind today.

What is a Cannagar?

If you usually do smoke blunts and you are not familiar with cannabis cigars then the concept of what a cannagar is might take a little bit of getting used to. To put it briefly, try to imagine a cigar that is filled entirely with cannabis, then also imagine that it is hand-rolled and covered in premium leaves. That’s a cannagar. A 100 percent marijuana experience. What more could you want?

How to Make a Cannabis Cigar

Making your own cannagar is a painstaking process and we would recommend that you try one that has been crafted by a professional before you try to make your own. If yours doesn’t turn out too well, then you might not get to experience what smoking a cannagar is really about. That could be enough to turn you away from them for life!

Homemade cannagars are also known as Thai sticks and they are a little bit different to the cannagars that are available at a commercial level. Before you begin, you will need either a stick or a skewer, some sort of binding cord (we like to use hemp string), hash oil and fan leaves that are fresh from the plant. Naturally, you will also need some freshly cured cannabis buds.

Start by taking all of your freshly cured buds and placing them firmly around a skewer of your choice. You do need to be careful during this step and take your time. Your buds want to be tight enough to stay in place, but loose enough to burn. Think of it as a balancing act that requires a little bit of trial and error, as well as some patience. Use your binding cord or some kind of hemp rope to bind them all in place.

You should then wrap your creation in parchment and store it in a fridge for several days. As you can probably see, making your first cannagar will not be a quick process, nor will it be an easy one. Remember that you can also purchase cannagars and take a few puffs as soon as you remove them from a glass tube.

After a few days, you can remove your binding cord. Your cannabis buds should retain their shape. You then have to carefully wrap your creation in fan leaves, creating a cannabis-only cigar. Use cannabis oil sparingly as your glue to help you along the way. Make sure that you have a cigar cutter to hand so that you can enjoy your hand-rolled product!


Cannagars Are Catering to the Cannabis Elite

Cannagars are now being manufactured and sold on a massive scale. Some people have even taken to buying cannagars that cost thousands. Some do this for pure indulgence, whereas others do this to gain some recognition for themselves and their business, just like the man who bought the $10,000 cannagar.

$10,000 Cannagar is Sold

Can you imagine spending thousands on weed? If not, then what do you think your marijuana is worth? A man in Seattle thought that $10,000 was the answer to that question when he purchased an expensive cannagar from Diego Pellicer. The El Dorado cannagar contained a full ounce of organic flowers and was not wrapped in cannabis leaves like standard cannagars are. It was encased in 24ct. gold leaf!

We can’t comment on what the burn time for this cannagar will have been, but we do understand why the gentleman who bought it thought that it was so worthwhile. Justin Costello is a hedge fund manager who knew just what to do to support his business and gain recognition.

5 Cannagar Brands You Should Try

Dancing your way through this odd mixture of cigar enthusiasts and cannabis leaves can be quite challenging to start with. Whenever weed is concerned, there is always plenty of competition. Today we are going to be taking a look at five different cannagar suppliers:


Remember that gold leaf coated cannagar that sold for $10,000? Leira Cannagars is home to the geniuses who rolled it. If that hasn’t already caught your attention, then we don’t know what will. But, we believe that this fact alone makes their cannabis fuelled cannagars worth trying.

Leira Cannagars manufacture two main products. One of these sells for $100 and the other sells for $420. All of their cannagars are wrapped in pot leaves and all of their cannabis comes from Gold Leaf. This is a match made in heaven in our eyes. Their $100 cannagars contain 4 grams of cannabis flower and half a gram of rosin, while their $420 alternatives contain 12 grams of flower and 3 grams of rosin.

One of our favorite things about Leira cannagars is the fact that they burn slowly and smoothly. Leira also sources quality ingredients, so that nothing is left to chance. A lot of people stock these, including Green Theory.

Blunt Lyfe

We believe that the cannagars that are hand rolled by Blunt Lyfe are definitely worth trying if you are new to the world of cannagars. Their G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) cannagars are only made with the top 1% grade flower and top-shelf golden cannabis concentrate. They are hand-wrapped and left to cure for weeks at a time.

You can choose either indica, sativa or hybrid strains. Our personal preference involves 14 grams of top shelf flower and 4 grams of premium concentrate cannabis. The curing time that is involved during the manufacturing of these cannagars gives them a great slow burn.

Hamilton Cannagar

There isn’t a lot to say about Hamilton Cannagar as a company, but you should definitely try their products. One of our favorite things about the cigars that are sold by Hamilton Cannagar is the fact that they also come as cigarillos, but we are not here to talk about those.

Your options when it comes to these cannagars are pretty unlimited. Their most expensive cannagar contains approximately 7 grams of flowers, all of which are sourced from the finest cannabis farms around. Each flower is pressed for an extended period of time, leaving you with a slow-burning, high-end cannabis product.

Lobo Cannagar

If you are looking for some variety, then Lobo Cannagar and the products that they sell might be right up your alley. They offer a rotating menu of strains that even include infused options. Their incredible experience is very tailored and it enables you to choose a strain, a size and which dispensary you would like to have your cannagar delivered to.

The traditional Lobo Cannagar is the smaller brother of the Lobo XL. We would advise that you work your way up to the XL. Who wouldn’t want something that contains 5 grams of flower and half a gram of shatter?

Smiling Buddah Cannagar

We love mixing cannabis bliss and luxury, which is probably why we find Smiling Buddah cannagars so attractive. Each one arrives in a gorgeous glass tube that is capped with a cork and sealing wax, with the Smiling Buddah logo imprinted on the top.

These cannagars start out at around $100, which isn’t a bad price when you realize that we are talking about top quality cannabis flowers. Each one smokes really slowly and smoothly with a wooden tip. We have found that they last for around an hour when they are smoked by a single person, but they can be gone in under an hour if more people are partaking.

Get Your Own Cannagar

You might be reading all of this while thinking that cannagars are a luxury commodity that you don’t need, but we believe that you should always try something before judging it. You can either make your own cannagar or try one that has been lovingly handcrafted by someone else.

We believe that you should always try one that has been made by someone else first, that way you will know what sort of experience you should have. Then you can try to match it with your own cannagars. Just make sure that you practice patience. The last thing you need is a weed hangover.

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