Cannabox: A Monthly Subscription Service For Stoners

Do you like surprises? Is one of the best things about presents for you the unwrapping or unboxing part? Into cannabis and/or cannabinoids? Then you’re going to love Cannabox. Well, some months are great, others might be slightly less so, but you will always get your money’s worth.

Cannabox is great for everyone who enjoys cool merchandise but is especially helpful for those who smoke medical marijuana and struggle to get around to get the accessories that they need. Let’s dive in and make sure that you don’t waste another minute losing out on some very cool stuff.

What is Cannabox?

Cannabox is essentially a cross between a subscription and a quality lucky packet/goody bag. For an affordable fee, you get sent a box of 6-8 fun items. Every month there is a new theme and the items are stylized to reflect various characters or scenes from a range of TV shows, video games, and movies that are popular and relate to the theme.

As there are still laws in place in many parts of the U.S and beyond regarding actual cannabis, there is currently no cannabis that is shipped with the boxes. But this will likely change in the future as the laws change.

How Cannabox Came to Be

Cannabox was launched in September 2013 by Michael and Michelle Berk. Their aim was to provide fun smoking accessories and paraphernalia to not only recreational users but to people who use marijuana medicinally too.

Often the health conditions that warrant the use of marijuana medically make it hard to be able to source the necessary accessories or perhaps this is the chance to get some items that make the experience more enjoyable. This is a fun and convenient way to do that.

Since then membership has picked up and Cannabox has expanded to ship outside the U.S and Puerto Rico to Australia, Canada, Ireland, Spain, and the U.K as well as demand grew for a service like this and as cannabis is becoming legal in many parts of the world.

How Does Cannabox Work

You simply subscribe. You will be charged when you subscribe and again every time you renew your subscription. You can subscribe for a set number of months so you don’t have to keep doing this every month. You provide your shipping details during this process and then wait. Shipping of the boxes starts on the 20th of each month.

Due to the volume of boxes shipped it can take up to a week for them to get all the boxes out so this affects the delivery time. You get a tracking number once your box is shipped and should you not receive one or if your box is delayed you can always contact Cannabox to follow up for you or you can track your box using the tracking number.

Shipping is always discreet. There is no branding on the package to suggest that it’s from Cannabox so you don’t need to worry about everybody being able to see what it is. Then you can just enjoy unpacking your box at your leisure and enjoy all your new stuff.

Should things go wrong, for example, an item missing from your box or issues with your points loading, this is not a problem as the customer service at Cannabox is great and the team will sort it out.

It doesn’t just end there. There are even more ways to enjoy this service.

Whether you are a subscriber or not you can accumulate redeemable loyalty points that you can use to pay for your purchases. Any time you purchase a product from Cannabox you earn points. In fact, you earn 20 points as soon as you subscribe and every time you renew your subscription thereafter.

Interested in products other than the monthly Cannabox? They also have Cannabox Craft which allows you to purchase a box full of various lab tested CBD products to the value of $100 and you can purchase subscriptions or one-off boxes as gifts. Check out the outlet too, there are individual items that you can purchase too like tees, socks, candy, and pipes.

You can also get $5 off and help your friends out with a 10% discount by sharing Cannabox with them through the Cannabox Referral Program.

What’s in a Cannabox?


Each box contains themed items like t-shirts, rolling papers, pipes, stickers, eats, books, and other accessories. In July, the theme was “Throwback”, an ode to pop culture from the 80’s and 90’s. You can check out the unboxing here to get a better idea of what you can expect.

Each box is valued at around $40 and sometimes even beyond that. While there are no guarantees that each months’ box is worth $40 or more, it is guaranteed that it will never be worth less than your subscription price.

Cannabox Past Themes

Themes are a surprise as well as the contents of the box, but here are some of the themes from the past and what was in each box:

Note: You can also subscribe to or purchase a Cannapack which includes handpicked items from past themes. So if you felt like you lost out by discovering Cannabox too late you can get some of the most awesome items from past boxes.

Cannabox Explore

This was the theme for August 2018 and included the following merchandise inspired by exploration, adventures, and by the brilliant artist Bob Ross who painted some epic landscapes:

  • A Bob Ross pebble pipe
  • A Bob Ross tie dye tee
  • A Bob Ross Happy Little Trees DabPad
  • An Adventure Time’s Finn & Jake drawing pad and pencils
  • Jurassic World Jelly Bellies
  • A pack of 2 x herbal wraps by Primal

Cannabox Stoner Legends

June’s theme for this year had some awesome gear inspired by some of the most famous people to light it up like:

  • A Death Row handheld bubbler
  • Wiz Khalifa king size papers
  • A Tommy tee by Blazed Australia
  • Cheech and Chong incense sticks
  • A pack of 2 x Gin and Juice wraps

Cannabox Lethal Kush

May’s box included superheroes and action-packed movie and comic themed goodies:

  • A Deadpool bubbler
  • Samurai papers
  • A Dabpool tee by Blazed Australia
  • A Kill Bill 3-piece grinder
  • A CB fortune cookie

Cannabox Munchies

This was the theme from January 2018. As the theme suggests, it was all about the munchies and grub to fill the giant hole left after a sesh and included:

  • A Pickle Rick pipe
  • A Lighterbro Mico
  • A Pickle Rick Tee
  • Apple Cones Cyclones
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza
  • A Flaming Moe’s energy drink

The Subscription Plans For Cannabox

As mentioned, you can subscribe for a set number of months and you get a discount based on that. The set monthly subscriptions are as follows:

  • 1 month: $28.83
  • 3 months: Works out to $27.83 monthly, billed $83.49 when you subscribe.
  • 6 months: Works out to $26.83 monthly, billed $160.98 when you subscribe.

All of these plans come with free express shipping. There are a few things that you need to be aware of:

Subscriptions renew automatically, so if you want to stop your subscription you need to do so by contacting them before the next renewal takes place.
If you are outside the US, you will be billed the US dollar amount, you need to check the rate of your currency if you want an accurate price.
You can cancel your subscription by contacting the Cannabox team.

If you don’t want a box full of all the accessories, they also have Cannabox Essentials available from $10 per month. Here you only get what you need instead of all the other items that are fantastic but that you don’t need or want.

Final Thoughts

With cannabis and CBD products becoming legal in many states, it’s great to see programs and services like this popping up. With Cannabox being in this business for the past 5 years now, you are in for a good time with Cannabox. The reviews speak for themselves.

Check it out and let us know what you think. There are more unboxing videos and blogs that you can check out if you want to see more of the merchandise. If you have already used Cannabox let us know. Did you enjoy it and was it worth it or not?

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