Cannabis Tampons to Tackle Period Pain- Do They Really Work?

As all women know, anytime there’s an ability to ease the pains that come along with your monthly period then it is something to try.  And there are many home remedies and methods that one can try or buy to help ease pains and cramps when needed.  But how many of these methods actually work?

Time and time again, both money and time are spent on a new way to make those monthly periods just a little less annoying.  Cramps and period pain is quite common, yet these different methods or home remedies never seem to solve the problem for everyone.  While some may find different ways to ease the pain that work, a lot of us are left in the dark hoping for some other new method to come along and help us out.

And that’s what this article is all about.  A new method has become quite trendy in the recent years and has picked up speed in the cannabis community, for obvious reasons.  We’re talking about cannabis tampons.

Now, there are a tonof questions that probably pop into your mind when you hear the words “cannabis” and “tampon” together, and we’re here to explain it all to you.  We’re also here to talk about some experiences women have had using different cannabis tampon brands and whether these products help with period pain.

What are Cannabis Tampons?

Cannabis tampons, also called marijuana tampons, are said to be created to help with period pain.  These tampons were made to help women while not giving them a high of any sort.  Much like CBD oil or low-level THC marijuana strains or products, these tampons will never make you feel high in any capacity.

Now, a lot of peoplehave stressed about the great experiences marijuana can give women during their time of the month.  However, it’s not necessarily been touched upon in the feminine hygiene market until now.  Many people swear that marijuana can actually help soothe period pain of all varieties in different forms, so cannabis tampons really aren’t that out of the ordinary.  In fact, they even say that Queen Victoria used to use marijuana to help with her own menstrual cramps!

Now, let’s get into the CBD to THC ratio.  All cannabis tampons on the market today are made with a high CBD level compared to the THC level.  That means the THC level, if any, is so incredibly small there is no chance it will even get you high.  CBD is a cannabidiol and the main part of the leaf that has medical properties.  However, CBD alone will notget you high in any capacity – that’s where THC comes in.

You’ve probably seen, or at least heard, of CBD before.  It’s a pretty standard oil, and many people who use marijuana products for medical purposes use CBD high strains or CBD oil more heavily than some high-level THC products.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Tampons?

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Tampons

As we discussed briefly above, most women turn to cannabis tampons because they promote a period with a little less pain.  While it might not result in a completely painless period, it at least says it will help even the most severe cases.

Period cramps are the most common reason why women have turned to using cannabis tampons.  However, that’s not the only reason why women have tried out these products – or why they’ve stayed.Any period problem you might have could become a whole lot easier to deal with these tampons (at least, that’s what they promote).  If you’re in any type of pain, these tampons tout that you’ll feel better if you use them.

Because of this promotion, more women are beginning to pick these up and try these tampons out if they experience commonalities like lower back pain and sometimes even inflammation.  Period pain, in whichever form it may be in, is the most common reason why women are using these products.

The overall benefits of cannabis tampons, therefore, has everything to do with easing pain and making your period just a little less painful and a lot less annoying.Whether it’s severe period pain or just little cramps, these tampons are said to work for all women and all their needs.

Do Cannabis Tampons Work to Help Relieve Pain?

This is where things get a bit tricky.  There have been no clinical studies done, at this point, to show statistically whether or not cannabis tampons work and can help women relieve pain.  However, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been any results.

Customers have been very vocal about their love for cannabis tampons.  The most popular brand is called Foria.Every story seems to vary – but why shouldn’t it?  We all have different bodies and different periods, so everyone will be affected by these tampons just a bit differently.  Some women say that their period side effects and severe cramps went away after half an hour, while others say it took a bit more time.  Others say that, while there wasn’t a significanteffect on overall pain, it still quite helped.

The majority of all reviews are positive.  People are learning to love marijuana tampons after using them and figuring out just what works best for them.

If you’re looking for a way to figure out if this is something that you should try out – why not?  Everybody is different, so no matter how many reviews you read or look up, you’re never going to know if it might help with those horrible cramps until you, yourself, try them out.  However, the overwhelmingly positive reviews do make it a little bit easier to take that leap and try, if we’re honest.

While, when we first heard about marijuana tampons, we were a bit shocked, we’ve now concluded that they may just be the greatest thing ever invented.  Anything to help with those period cramps, right?  Well, even if this particular method doesn’t work out the way we hope, at least we can say we tried.


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