Cannabinol: A Beginner’s Guide to CBN

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has been mainstream for quite a while now and the public is fairly familiar with the term. Negative connotations associated with CBD are beginning to fade as we learn more about all the health benefits associated with this cannabis compound. Did you know that CBD is just one therapeutic compound related to CBD? Cannabinol, CBN is gaining ground in the world of therapeutic cannabis and the results are encouraging!

What is Cannabinol?

CBN, short for cannabinol, should not be confused with CBD as it has its own unique set of benefits and side effects. Cannabinol belongs to a class of compounds known as cannabinoids, to which there are over 100. CBN is present in a very small amount in the cannabis plant. In the cannabis leaf, it is only present at approximately 1% while THC, the more known compound, is present at around 30 percent.

Cannabinol is found in older portions of the cannabis plant. It actually found in the older portions of the cannabis plant. Because of this, it is often in elements that are not desirable and therefore not taken in as often. However, as cannabis ages, THC is converted to CBN. Because of this, there is a higher amount of CBN in an older plant than fresh.

Can You Get High From CBN?

Unlike THC, cannabinol is non-psychoactive. It is best known for its relaxing and sedative side effects, but producing a high is not a side effect of CBN. This fact makes CBN ideal for individuals who wish to have the positive benefits like sleep, but without the potential side effects of being high.

Is CBN Legal to Buy and Use?

The laws regarding CBN can be quite confusing at times. While CBN is not listed as a scheduled controlled substance it is structurally alike CBD and THC which are schedule I substances. Because of their analogous forms, a person with CBD could be charged under the Federal Analog Act. However, at this point CBN can be purchased in a few different forms for therapeutic purposes.

CBN’s Effects and Benefits

Cannabinol is a cannabinoid that has an almost unending list of potential health benefits and effects. While there is still a need for further scientific research what has been discovered up until this point is promising.

Strong Sedative Effects

CBN’s strong sedative effect is most likely its most popular and well-known benefit. As a sedative, it has been shown to make falling to sleep easier and increases the number of hours slept. CBN has been proven by Steep Hill Labs to have the same sedative effect as 10mg of diazepam at only 5mg. It is suggested that people who rely on the use of cannabis to get to sleep could benefit from replacing their cannabis with CBN.

May Help Manage Pain

Many Americans live with chronic pain on a daily basis. Cannabis has a long history of being used as a natural remedy for this illness. CBN continues this history in that it may help to alleviate or manage pain for these individuals. In fact, it can be used for pain without the user experiencing the psychoactive effect that they would with THC in cannabis.

While CBN may help with chronic or acute pain it may also aid in alleviating pain associated with burns. CBN takes on a chemical process in which it acts of the TRPV2 receptors which are better known as high-threshold thermos sensors, the area responsible for feeling the pain from burns. When CBD and CBN are combined they could make an effective pain treatment for burn patients.

Can Increase Appetite

It may not sound like a true therapeutic remedy, but there is a need for increasing appetite medically for various reasons. It is no secret that cannabis has a natural tendency to give users the munchies. While it may be a long-standing joke it is also a positive benefit for health purposes.

Patients with eating disorders, cancer, dementia, and other diseases and sicknesses or other various medical conditions often call for the need of an appetite stimulant. There are pharmaceutical appetite stimulants, but CBN, much like other cannabinoids, can aid in increasing a person’s appetite for therapeutic purposes.

Potential Bone Growth Stimulator

When a bone is fractured the body goes through a process of healing itself through the generation of bone cells. CBN has the potential to accelerate this process by promoting the growth of these bone cells. This could be good news for the elderly who may be prone to bone fractures and slow healing. CBN works in this way by encouraging surrounding bone marrow to release stem cells.

Could Have Anti-inflammatory Effects

Acute and chronic inflammation is painful and can be life-altering. Inflammation is a normal immune response but can become overactive for various reasons. Because of this many Americans live chronically inflamed which can lead to further health complications. CBN may be the answer to some inflammation sufferers as it may have anti-inflammatory effects.

This may also bring hope to those suffering from ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory disease of the bowels that can bring about a poor quality of life. Its anti-inflammatory effects may also be linked to the potential CBN has in regulating the immune system

Psoriasis is a skin condition caused by inflammation that results in the skin aging 3-4 times faster than skin normally would. CBN has been shown to slow this process and treat psoriasis when used as a topical ointment.

Antibacterial Potential

CBN is showing promise with its potential to impact antibiotic-resistant bacteria’s. This has been specifically seen with MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) where one 2008 study showed that it was quite effective against this persistent bacteria.

How Does CBN Work With CBD and THC?


While CBN has many benefits when used alone some of the therapeutic benefits have been shown to increase when CBN is combined with other cannabinoids. This is especially seen when CBN is combined with THC or CBD or both. The primary benefit of using these three cannabinoids together is their positive impact on pain and inflammation. CBN increases the effects of THC.

Because of this, some people will use them simultaneously to meet their relaxation or sleeping needs.

The Future of Research on CBN

While research is promising there needs to be additional human research to solidify many of the potential benefits. CBN’s primary benefit is its sedative effect and this is what researchers intend to focus on further in the future. Testing is currently being conducted on animals with promising outcomes, but human studies will provide more in-depth results.

Further studies are expected as the general thoughts towards cannabis products are beginning to change. Research of this nature may not have been possible prior to the growth of CBD knowledge among the general population and science community alike. The positive side effects are undeniable at this point and only increase the interest of researchers to discover what the other cannabinoids have the potential to do for the medical community and beyond.

Where To Buy Cannabinol Isolate

CBN has not yet reached CBD status which is available in a wide variety of forms and through numerous distributors. However, change is on the horizon and CBN should be more available within the coming years. While it is not as widespread as CBD it can still be found. While edibles, tinctures, and other confections aren’t widely available there are some companies that are producing CBN products.

Mary’s Medicinals produce cannabinol capsules and patches that are marketed for sleep-deprivation. Surprisingly, a CBN drink is also available on the market sold by SpOILed Patients Collective. It is a high-dose of CBN that goes by the name Hornet Hibernate. This drink is 10 to 12 percent CBN and a product is actually a combination of CBD and CBN and is used to help veterans to come off of fentanyl and also to curb opiate addictions.

CBN and any cannabis product should be purchased from a reputable supplier. California residents can go to the Craft Sense website to find legal suppliers in their area.

Determining Cannabinol Isolate Dosage

When determining what dosage you should use of any cannabis product it may be beneficial to keep a log. This way you can determine what dose you used and how it impacted your symptoms. Some things your log should include are date and time, amount, type of cannabis, symptoms prior to taking it, and symptoms after.

At this point, there is little known about the dosage of CBN in milligram form. However, as stated before 5mg has the same effect as 10mg of diazepam, so this is something to keep in mind if self-medicating. The best and safest method of determining a dose that works for you is to speak with your healthcare provider.

What Can CBN Do For You?

Have you been using CBD for a while or are you new to the cannabinoid scene? Wherever you are on the cannabis spectrum chances are CBN provides an effect you could benefit from.

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