Canna-Pet: Hemp Nutrition For Pets 

Your best friend now has the option to get in on the medical marijuana action. That friend has four legs and has a bark that is “louder than his bite.” That’s right, a company has created a line of CBD for your dog, or cat if you insist. Canna-Pet is an innovative company leading the way in hemp products for pets.

Pets play a vital role in the life of their owners and nothing is more heartbreaking than to watch that family member suffer unnecessarily.

Canna-Pet knows the potential for CBD to make a difference in the quality of life for many illnesses and issue that impact your pet and have developed products designed specifically for them. Canna-Pet is not simply jumping on the CBD bandwagon and creating a cheap product that doesn’t do what it claims, they have invested time, money, and research to give pets a new treatment option.

What is Canna Pet?

Understanding the potential for positive health and quality of life outcomes that hemp derivatives may offer, Canna-Pet set out to provide pet owners with hemp products they can trust. Canna Pets products are ethically sourced and all organic making the company even easier for pet parents to trust.

Using industrial hemp, Canna-Pet is an innovative company that produces hemp capsules, bones, and oils for pet treatment and supplementation.

A Hemp-Derived CBD Product

Canna-Pet products are derived from hemp but that doesn’t mean they get your animal high. In fact, they do not contain THC at all. THC is the psychoactive compound that is known for causing a high when marijuana is used. The portion of the hemp plant used for Canna Pet products is the cannabinoid, CBD (cannabidiol).

CBD is known for its medicinal properties, however, there are nearly 40 other compounds from the hemp plant in use in the Canna Pet products as well. These compounds include 30 terpenes and 8 other cannabinoids. Canna-Pet chooses this “whole plant” approach to their products because it is thought to produce something known as the “entourage effect.”

This term refers to the theory that cannabis has potent medicinal properties due to the combination of all the various compounds of the plant

Medical Marijuana For Pets: The Research

While more clinical studies need to be conducted before CBD for pets is widely practiced, the research being conducted and reviews from pet owners are beginning to show positive results.

Canna-Pet Products

Canna-Pet offers a variety of hemp supplements for pets. These supplements may help with ailments such as aging, anxiety, cancer, digestion, seizures, heart issues, joints, and general pain.

Advanced Capsules

Canna Pet’s most popular products are their selection of Advanced Capsules. They offer a variety of capsules for either large or small animals in 30 or 60 capsule sizes.

For animals over 20 pounds, the Advanced Capsules for large animals should be used while small animals are considered under 20 pounds according to Canna Pet. Taking 1-2 capsules a day is recommended meaning that a bottle of 30 capsules will last 15 days and 60 capsules should last a full month. For pets over 95 pounds, an additional capsule should be added.

This product can be administered by opening the capsule and putting it in their food, adding the capsule to a treat or pill pocket, or mixing the contents of the capsule with liquid.

This product is non-GMO, natural, and made in a cGMP facility. This product is manufactured to contain many terpenes and flavonoids to ensure your pet is getting the most beneficial sources of the plant.

Liquid Maxhemp Products

Maxhemp products by Canna Pet provide higher levels of hemp, two dozen terpenes, and increased absorption. These are all important factors in your pet’s therapy or treatment. Increased absorption lets you know that your pet is getting the maximum amount of hemp available for their ailments and wellbeing.

Advanced Maxhemp Capsules & Liquids

Canna Pet’s Advanced Maxhemp products provide your pet with the most hemp available by making this product more concentrated. With this product, you get the capsules and the liquid. Having the capsules and liquid available gives you flexibility in how you administer your pet’s hemp.

Bioavailability is increased and refers to the amount of the product that your animal is actually getting into their system. The greater the bioavailability the great benefits they may experience and more quickly.

For capsules, a small pet, under 20 pounds, needs only one capsule a day divided between two meals. A large animal can take two capsules but also divided between meals. The liquid is convenient in that it can be easily added to food or water. A liquid can also be easier to travel with or administer on the go.

No need to count capsules before a long trip or break them apart when trying to administer them away from home. Two to three drop should be the initial dose you provide your pet, twice a day. The 10ml container should provide a months supply.


Canna Pet

Canna-Pet knows just what your pet wants, biscuits. They have made three primary flavors for your pet to enjoy, peanut, banana, and apple, also referred to as PB&A, turkey dinner, and maple bacon. Unlike other pet biscuits on the market, Canna Pet’s biscuits are made with 100% food products, are non-GMO, and are organic.

Each biscuit provides 80mg of the active ingredients and is perfect for any size animal.

Legal and Health Issues with Canna Pet

With the rise of medical marijuana legalization, there have been a growing number of cases of incidental pet poisonings. Pet owners, mostly with good intentions, administer marijuana to their pets in hopes of easing the negative side effects of their illnesses only to lead to adverse health outcomes. Canna-Pet does not promote this treatment pathway.

One study on rats showed that CBD is able to help with nausea. This may be good news for pets with illnesses that cause nausea or are undergoing chemotherapy. There are many customer reviews who speak of Canna-Pet products helping their companion animal in their last days.

Veterinarians are among those pet owners. There are over 200 veterinarians who carry Canna Pet products in their offices.

Canna-Pet, in particular, is a reputable company in the CBD for pets market. They have invested time, money, and research into developing the highest quality products for their customer’s pets.

FDA Troubles

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for verifying and allowing medical claims to be made regarding products on the market. This includes pet products. Canna-Pet had made some claims at one point that sounded a lot like a medical claim leading the FDA to come down on them and the ultimate removal of such claim.

Canna-Pet Side Effects

Side effects are common with any supplement. Administering a new supplement to your pet may result in unexpected side effects which should be measured against the positive outcomes of your pet’s health. Some common side effects are dry mouth, lower blood pressure, and drowsiness.

Where to Buy Canna Pet

Canna-Pet can most conveniently be purchased online through the company’s website. Purchases should always be made through trusted sources. The website gives the option to set up recurring orders for your pet’s favorite products. Check out is easy and as a registered and recurring customer, you can eliminate the extra steps of adding shipping and billing addresses.

There is an option at check-out to leave special notes for customer service or delivery personnel. Promo codes may also be entered at check out.

Canna-Pet Dosage

As with any product designed for nutritional therapy, dosages should be followed carefully. Each product provides specific instructions on how, when, and how much to give your pet. Doses are primarily based on animal size and are generally specified as greater than or less than 20 pounds.

It is important to respect the dosing amounts listed on Canna Pet products. While this is a natural and herbal product there may still be negative side effects for overdosing.

Treat Your Companion

Your pet is more than just an animal that you keep alive and occasionally take on a walk. He is your companion and trusts you to care for him in ways that he cannot. Canna-Pet is the perfect addition in giving your pet a boost in their health.

Canna-Pet goes beyond treating your beloved pet with their products. They provide expert advice on many ailments and how to treat them naturally. Canna-Pet also shows their genuine love for animals in their community outreach.

They are connected with many animal shelters providing extra support and encouragement. Canna Pet’s reputation is spreading and great feedback is coming in from customers.

They have been published in many top-rated publications from Rolling Stones, Newsweek, People, to the USA and many more! Canna Pet’s rising reputation in the pet supplement and cannabis world why would you go to any other source for your pet’s hemp needs?