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Canna Companion: CBD Supplements For Pets

With more scientists rising to the occasion in testing cannabis use in health and wellness, continuous research has doled out promising results supporting its claim in alleviating maladies associated not only to man but equally to pets such as dogs and cat.

Companies have sprouted up supplying a cannabis-based product that can actually help our pets and we will have a look at one such company called Canna Companion that offers comprehensive hemp-based supplements with the goal of improving the lives of our dogs and cats at home.

Canna Companion: The Highlights

  • Can cannabis be equally beneficial to pets as it is to humans? This has been a burning question many caring pet owners would want to know and what Canna Companion, a reputable supplier of cannabinoid supplements, would wish to answer.
  • With the go given to research on cannabis use as a therapeutic drug for pets, many studies have opened eyes to the medicinal properties cannabis has on animals, enlightening veterinarians and creating a forum where cannabis can be recommended and even prescribed to ailing pets.
  • Following the FDA approval in research and treatment of pets using cannabis, Canna Companion has been able to manufacture cannabinoid-laced supplements while compiling to recommendations presented by the DEA and FDA alike.
  • Canna Companion extracts cannabinoids from the hemp plants’ stalk and seeds. The compounds contained in the cannabis sativa strain such as phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are used in producing Canna Companion products. These products include; whole plant hemp oil and capsules.
  • Even though Canna Companion can provide customers with a certificate of analysis on request, the brand reduces the trust it has gained in manufacturing a safe product especially when it comes to testing for toxins in the hemp obtained from the source which they don’t.

Canna Companion: Cannabinoid Products for Pets

This natural ‘miracle’ alternative known as cannabis has surpassed many specialized medics’ expectations changing the dogged opinions that earlier stigmatized the use of cannabis and medical marijuana within the society.

Time and time again cannabinoids have progressively proven their use in treating chronic conditions linked to human and it is no surprise that their striking effects were found to translate to animals as well.

Canna Companion Origins

Canna Companion

Canna Companion started off with years (16 years to be precise) of research done by two animal scientists –Dr. Sara Brandon and Dr. Greg Copas.

While following assiduous attention to the verified medical properties of cannabis on people and their favorable effect on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) shared amongst man and their pet friends, the two veterinary physicians, who are actually married, were able to develop cannabis supplement that really worked with their pets.

They were later on joined by another licensed veterinarian called Dr. Lisa Anderson in founding the company.

Checking by how cannabis worked for both Dr. Greg Copas and their Rottweiler, they continued evolving their research to find a suitable cannabinoid component that would do the job without getting the patient high. They were able to conduct clinical trials while analyzing the different strains and dosage structures that would ultimately upshoot an entourage effect.

Having done their due diligence in these studies and research, they developed Canna Companion supplements that would assist in reducing anxiety, provide more comfort and care, support mobility, boost immunity, improve and maintain brain function and help in digestion.

The animal scientists then set up shop in 2014 launching an e-commerce line that was recognized by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and the World Pet Association (WPA), to name but a few.

To uphold their credibility, they collaborate with a third party who tests their products and back them with a certificate of analysis.

As per now, the company is run by three licensed veterinarians, who are the founders, alongside other three veterinarians as their advisory board. The team works together in a commitment to provide the best, safe and effective hemp-based cannabinoid supplements for dogs and cat alike.

Veterinarian Made Products

Once a reserved discussion, the administration of cannabis to pets has quickly become the new norm gaining popularity among your favorite vets who have uncovered the secrets and potential cannabinoids have to pets.

With legalization processes of cannabis and medical marijuana accelerating across the states in North America, it has eased the tough laws that had earlier restricted veterinarians from discussing CBD as alternative linctus for pets let alone recommending it.

As much as the ratification of CBD use still remains unclear, the law rests adamantly clear that hemp derived CBD containing less than 0.3% of THC is completely legal in the US.

Having backed by the laws around hemp-based CBD, animal doctors have explored, recommended and even prescribed veterinarian made products for pets.

Canna Companion has led the way in producing cannabinoid products for pets. It has an array of supplement available each having a 3:1 to 6:1 CBD: THC ratio.

Other cannabinoid compounds and terpenes are also added to the formula to create the entourage effect that arises when every little quantity of cannabinoids work in synergy.

Flavonoids, traces of omega 3 and 6, B vitamins and fatty acid are also part of the supplement, making it even more holistic and medically beneficial.

The company pharmaceutically manufactures whole plant hemp oils and capsules in acquiescence with the FDA and DEA recommendation. The ingredients are all natural and non-GMO containing no sugars, soy, wheat or corns.

These hemp-based CBD supplements have found to be helpful in relieving pain, anxiety, inflammation, seizures, and nausea.

Canna Companion and the FDA

After the launch of Canna Companion, the company was slapped with an FDA warning letter which declared that the marketing of Canna Companion violated the FD&C Act as the product was an unapproved pet/animal drug with no application for approval or listing by the FDA.

Furthermore, the warning letter made concerns about the statements established in their then website and social media platform, Facebook, that glorified the product whilst it is a new and whose safety and effectiveness was yet to be established.

To avoid any further brush with the law, Canna Companion swiftly detached the therapeutic claims to allow further research from other experts and also testimonials from their website.

The founders then complied with the regulation that was earlier overlooked making sure the new product didn’t pose any risk to the public and the language expounding its benefits would be far from speculation.

Canna Companion Products

Canna Companion is a fusion of rich cannabinoids obtained from the Cannabis sativa strain known as hemp. This cannabis plant contains less than 0.3 percent THC making it a non-psychoactive substance and at the same time therapeutically beneficial to the endocannabinoid system and receptors that are similar in both humans and pets.

The three main groups of compounds found in hemp that is used in making the Canna Companion products include phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Canna Companion products include the whole plant hemp oil and the capsules.

Whole Plant Hemp Oil

The whole plant hemp oil is a special formula that has been tested through and through in delivering favorable results to your pets medical treatment. The ‘whole plant’ simply refers to the mature stalk and seeds obtained from the hemp plant. Essential compounds called cannabinoids and terpenes are usually extracted from the cannabis plant and later on used in the product.

The cannabinoids and terpenes, found in ‘whole plant’ products, work in synergy to create an entourage effect thus giving it an upper hand to ‘single-compound’ products.

The whole plant hemp oil constitutes a 3.5:1 to 5.5:1 CBS: THC ratio. It can be used in cases where an immediate endocannabinoid system balance is needed or when the pet can’t ingest pills.

The administration of whole plant hemp oil depends on the weight of the animal with the recommended dosage being 0.1mLs per 10 lb. This should be provided to the animal 2-3 times a day during or immediately after meals.


Canna Companion

Canna Companion comprehensive capsules come in two formulations –the Regular Strength and the Extra Strength. These two capsules vary in terms of CBD: THC ratios, terpene profile and the intended use.

The Regular Strength capsules constitute a CBD: THC ratio of 3:1 to 4:1 while the Extra Strength capsules constitute a CBD: THC ratio of 5:1 to 6:1.

Following by its strength, the Extra Strength capsules are earmarked for pets who are neurological health requires attention, are in need of end of life comfort or when the administration of Regular Strength capsules is not giving the anticipated results.

On the other hand, the Extra Strength capsules can be given to any pet, it has no restriction.

The direction of use is different for each product with prescription varying in terms of the pet’s species and size/weight.

Canna Companion Reviews

Committed to improving the health and wellness of our pets, Canna Companion has made great strides in formulating pet-friendly cannabinoid supplements that have been effective in alleviating some of the troubling illness affecting dogs and cats, and as a result, improving their quality of life.

By producing products that are all natural, free from GMO, corn, wheat, and sugar, they receive a pat on the back for a job well done. These qualities are hard to find in a market crammed with products of low quality.

Their website is a one-stop-shop providing user with tons of information that could clarify any queries about the products available, and their use to pets. The FAQ section is incredible listing for your questions you might have wanted to ask plus their corresponding answers.

The founders and veterinary experts have kept their end of bargain providing customers with high-quality products for their treasured friends. The time they have put through research and production of the Canna Companion products is remarkable, giving them a higher credibility score and making them a trusted brand in the market.

However, one setback seems to pull them back.

Even though a certificate of analysis of any product can be provided on request, the company can’t guarantee that the hemp used in manufacturing the said product wasn’t free from toxins such as pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals, which they actually don’t test.

They are confident that their hemp growers, who are based in ‘North America’, plant and harvest organic produce that is absolutely clean and safe.

Regardless, the team of experts can be trusted in providing quality stuff for your beloved canine or feline friend(s).

Where to But Canna Companion Products

Information about the company, their products and where to buy them can be found on their website;

Prices of Canna Companion products also vary from as low as $37.75 to as high as $188.95, so be sure to check the website and find out.

Can Canna Companion Provide the Results Your Pet Needs

Yes, Canna Companion can get the job done. However, before making haste to get an order, book an appointment with your vet who will likely nudge you in the right direction on what your pet may be in need.

Canna Companion products promise to benefit your pets by supporting digestion, boosting immunity, promoting joint flexibility and mobility, maintaining neurological health, providing comfort and care, and stimulating a stress-free demeanor; all these without the risk of getting your pet high.

Still, to optimally reap the benefits from Canna Companion, as a pet owner, you should do your research on what product works for your pet and how to use it.

Also, as the saying goes, patience pays and thus you should wait for the drug to take effect. You can also follow up on each product’s response time through their chart.

Testimonials have backed their claim and even though there are similar companies offering the same in the market, their eloquent customer support system, in-depth knowledge in cannabis use and endocannabinoid system, and their comprehensive cannabinoid supplements can make you and your pet stick around for more.

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