Blue Dream Strain: A Review of the Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

As more and more regions are legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use, people that have previously been sitting on the sidelines are ready to jump on the pot bandwagon. With several medical benefits attributed to marijuana and CBD oil, it is obvious why those suffering from health problems would be wanting to try it.

Plus, if you are only interested in using it for recreational purposes, that’s not so bad either. There is one interesting strain that is making the rounds that people are raving about. It is lovingly called the Blue Dream Strain.

What is the Blue Dream Strain?

It is a bit of a mystery how the Blue Dream Strain originated, and who doesn’t love a mystery (cue up Robert Stack)? It was said to have been created in Santa Cruz, California, but there aren’t really history books detailing this type of stuff with a timeline and place of origin.

Who exactly played mad scientist combining two popular marijuana strains, Blueberry and Haze, into one is not for certain, but the popularity of it has climbed off the charts. It is the pot equivalent of combining chocolate and peanut butter. The Blue Dream Strain is now one of the most sought after pot products in the world.

There is a legendary breeder named DJ Short, probably not his real name, who has created a type of Blue Dream that he calls Azure Haze. This could be the name Blue Dream might be known as in your area.

Blue Dream is said to offer the user a combination of relaxation and a boost in their creativity. Some even claim that it will produce a euphoric state. And, of course, there is a certain amount of pain relief that comes along with marijuana and CBD.


The aroma of pot is often referred to as seasoned wine drinkers talk about the aroma of their wine. The aroma is key for many as there are people who just don’t like walking around smelling like they were sprayed by a skunk. Blue Dream offers up an aroma that is said to be fruity and sweet, but it can also be quite strong.

With it being a part of a blueberry strain, it definitely has a berry aroma to it. The smell will still stick on you a bit, but if you live in an area where it is legal and you aren’t bothering others, then no harm no foul.


Just like people seem to favor a certain cigar or cigarette over another, the flavor is key in the pot world as well. Same as with the aroma of it, the flavor has a hint of berries and sweet smelling flowers to it. There are those that compare it to a lavender flavor.

This sounds much better than other varieties of marijuana that make you want to take a shower and brush your teeth right afterward.


Although many people claim it has a bit of a berry taste and aroma, it certainly does not have the appearance of blueberries or any other type of berry you can think of. In fact, there is no blue color to it at all. It is rich green with yellow and orange pistils with a bit of a frosty look to it.

The water leaves can be orange, brown, or dark green depending on the strain of Blue Dream you are getting. To put it simply, it definitely has the look of marijuana, but there are subtle differences between all the strains that leave the experts to know what they are producing and receiving.

Blue Dream Strain: The THC/CBD Ratio

Blue Dream Strain

For those that know their pot or are looking for health benefits, it can all come down to the THC levels and how much CBD is supplied in the strain. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the most common cannabinoid in marijuana and is the psychoactive agent that produces the mind-altering high that pot users tend to be after.

The Blue Dream Strain has been tested by many and most of the tests are coming back at around the same levels. Blue Dream has a plentiful THC content that ranges from about 20 to 25 percent. This is huge since the average marijuana hybrid is at only about 13 percent.

With THC being the active compound that produces a high, you will need less of it is you use Blue Dream. The CBD range tends to be pretty low, though, with it usually coming in between one and two percent. Still, you are receiving both THC and a little CBD in the Blue Dream Strain, so there really isn’t much to complain about.

Blue Dream Strain Effects and Attributes

So what are the effects attributed to using the Blue Dream Strain over other types of pot? There are some specific ones that might jump out at you and make you excited about trying it. Blue Dream is supposed to be very uplifting and producing an effect of euphoria. Going through life extremely happy doesn’t sound like such a bad thing.

In addition, Blue Dream can offer your body extreme relaxation and pain relief. If you are currently tied down to prescription or over the counter medications to battle your pain, they could slowly be affecting other parts of your body in a detrimental way. Blue Dream should be much safer to use without the side effects.

Something that is not attributed to pot frequently is an increase in energy. Put down those energy drinks and try Blue Dream as it provides your body an energy boost and evokes creativity that you may have been missing lately. If you are trying to figure out the perfect time to partake in the Blue Dream Strain, it is recommended during the daytime or early evening.

It will give you a spark of energy that you probably don’t want to have at bedtime, but it also calms you down so you can try it out early in the evening and still not have it keep you awake a few hours later.

The Medical Benefits of the Blue Dream Strain

While there are several health benefits that go along with the Blue Dream Strain, most of it is attributed to the THC rather than the CBD merely because the THC levels are immense and the CBD is rather low. A few things to look forward to are a decrease in pain, an anxiety reliever, less depression, and an increase in appetite. If you are experiencing nausea, Blue Dream can help out with that as well.

Side Effects of the Blue Dream Strain

Just like with most things in life, there are certain side effects that are noted while using Blue Dream. While it is nothing too serious, there are users that have complained of dry eyes and dry mouth. Because of this, be sure to stay hydrated while using it and keep some moisturizing eyedrops handy.

On top of this, there are those people that can experience paranoia or anxiety with Blue Dream, but a lot of this can be avoided by knowing your limitations. If you don’t overdo it and keep it reasonable, you should be able to avoid these side effects.

Blue Dream Strain Reviews

If you are like most, you will want to read reviews from people that have experience with the product whether it is something off of Amazon or the latest restaurant. Here are reviews from ordinary people about Blue Dream.

Walter Anderson on September 9, 2018: Wonderful Medicine ❤ Blue Dream works Best for Pain and Stress what more could you ask for? Thankful for Medical Marijuana. now let’s go ahead and Legalize It For Everyone 21yrs .& older and give all Americans the Right to Enjoy the many medical health benefits and most definitely the recreational side of marijuana it’s less dangerous than alcohol and all the other drugs and we all know this to be true benefits so let’s start enjoying what God created us for us

1 Kush King April 21, 2018: This 60 (S)/40 (I) is damn near the perfect Hybrid. The smell & taste was so sweet of fruity berries that it became a favorite of mine pretty quickly. I got the quick head high followed by a pain-free & relaxed body, making it the best of both worlds. Buds were caked together with a fine clear layer of trichomes & had a lot of light orange hairs. I can see why in 2015 this strain was the most popular strain in circulation. Don’t miss this ray of California sunshine 🙂

Alex Jr May 11, 2017: Honestly, at first, it was scary I started feeling paranoid anxiety I felt like I was asleep while being awake once I started getting used to the feeling I started feeling relaxed.

Amber Janke December 20, 2016: I’m a HUGE Blue Dream fanatic! Being a busy multi-tasker I tend to get overwhelmed and stressed very easily. My go-to move is to smoke a little in the morning and when I have my daily coffee my creativity goes off the charts mixed with this little gem! I even smoke some BD before I hit the gym. It’s the strain for me!

Consider It for Medical or Recreational

With so many positive reviews that are flat out glowing, it would be hard to discount the health benefits and enjoyment people are experiencing with the Blue Dream Strain. If it is legal around your area and you are experimenting with different strains of pot, you might want to switch over to Blue Dream and see if you like the effects of it better.

Being able to provide relaxation without it making you drowsy will keep you from sleeping the day away. Plus, that spark of energy and creativity should be something we all desire.

Farma Health Desk Editor