Best Grinder for Kief

Best Grinder for Kief: Top 5 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2018

While many grinders work okay, they may not be able to catch much kief, if any. The best grinder for kief makes it produce a consistently smooth texture.

Best Grinder For Kief: The Highlights

  • You can use kief to make hashish.
  • The best grinders for kief are made out of aluminum or a mix of aluminum and acrylic.
  • If you want to make high-quality kief, your grinder should have at least two chambers and three pieces.
  • It’s important to find a grinder that has a good longevity.
  • Using a grinder with a mesh screen will help reduce waste.

How to Spot a Good Grinder

The best grinders for kief are made out of aluminum, or a mix of aluminum with acrylic. Aluminum is durable due to their titanium coating, giving you bang for your buck. There are several grinders on the market that are made of wood or just acrylic.

These types of grinders will not provide an even and smooth grind. They also typically only include one chamber.

The number of chambers a grinder has is important. The best grinders for kief will include two chambers with three pieces or three chambers with four pieces.

Ultimately, the dominant choice would be a three-piece chamber with four pieces, but a two-chamber grinder can do just as well depending on the design and construction.

Why are more pieces better? It’s because three and four-piece grinders will include a screen to collect the fallen kief. The grinder will have a chamber where the kief is stored after being collected by the screen.

The kief chamber is also called the pollen chamber as grinders are advertised mostly for spices and other herbs.

Use of the Grinder

Knowing how you intend to use kief is another major factor in the purchase. Depending on if you wish to just smoke the kief or make hash will determine the fineness you will require. A one or two chamber will work if you only want to smoke.

However, making hash or vaping the kief will require a two or three chamber grinder- three chambers being the best.

The Best Grinders for Kief in 2018 

Grinders come in many styles and sizes. Luckily the choices can be narrowed down once understanding how different grinders produce kief. The best grinders to collect kief include:

1.Black Tie Grinders

Black Tie Grinders

This Black Tie Grinder has a four-piece, three-chamber design that creates a fine grind with it 50 diamond-shaped teeth. It contains 32 holes that work together to produce an even grind.

The lid is equipped with strong neodymium magnets that eliminate spills by keeping the lid secure. The grinder is made out of anodized aluminum which will not dull like other grinders do and make the grinder durable.

This design has an improved kief chamber with smooth and rounded sides to efficiently capture more kief. It also comes with two kief (pollen) scrapers. A state-of-the-art micron steel filtering screen is reinforced with a metal ring versus commonly used plastic.

This aids in creating even, fine grinds. Overall the Black Tie Grinder will have excellent longevity with its sturdy design and provides a better grind than most competitors. It also comes with a velvet carrying case.

Amazon Rating4.5 stars out of five
Grinder Dimensions2.5 inches in diameter, 1.8 inches in height

The Black Tie Grinder can be found here.

2. Golden Bell Grinder

Golden Bell Grinder

If you’re looking for a super cheap, yet well put-together grinder, then this is a great choice. The Golden Bell has four pieces and three chambers. It is made of zinc alloy and has 30 diamond-shaped teeth. It has a magnetic lid with textured sides to eliminate spills and increase grip. The O-ring is made out of PVC plastic and creates less friction for a smooth grind.

There are several different colors to choose from,and it has a fingerprint-resistant coating. The included kief scraper and mesh screen help reduce waste. The grinder comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Amazon Rating4.2 stars out of five
Grinder DimensionsTwo inches in diameter, 1.4 inches in height

The Golden Bell Grinder can be found here.

3. Chromium Crusher Grinder

Chromium Crusher Grinder

Another one of the best grinders for kief is the Chromium Crusher. It is constructed out of zinc alloy and has an anodized surface, making it highly durable.

It has a four-piece, three chamber design for optimal results. It includes a plastic ring a smooth and fast grind. The 500-micron screen catches most kief, and the grinder includes a kief scraper. The Chromium Crusher also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Amazon Rating4.2 stars out of five
Grinder DimensionsThree inches in diameter, 1.75 inches in height

The Chromium Crusher Grinder can be found here.

4. Zip Grinder

Zip Grinder

The Zip Grinder has four pieces and is a much-loved choice among consumers. It has 49 diamond-shaped teeth for consistent and smooth grinds every time.

It has a 100-micron stainless steel screen as well as a kief scraper. It contains precision glide rings for easy and smooth turning as well.

The clear, acrylic compartment will hold up a whopping six tablespoons of herb. The grinder is durable, constructed out of anodized aerospace grade aluminum.

It also has neodymium magnets to prevent spills by keeping the lid closed. The grinder is large but also comes with a pocket grinder for portability.

Amazon Rating4.5 stars out of five
Grinder Dimensions2.5 inches in diameter, 3.5 inches in height

The Zip Grinder can be found here.

5. The Phoenician Grinder

The Phoenician Grinder

The Phoenician Grinder is a medical-grade grinder, each one having their own specific ID. It is constructed out of 6061 aerospace aluminum alloy for durability.

It is built to have a lobe gripping design, which allows users to comfortably open the grinder in a variety of ways without needing a tight grip (ideal for older users or those with medical conditions).

The grinder has sharp teeth and has a removable screen that efficiently captures kief.

The grinder’s lid is unique due to its built-in rolling paper holder (1 ¼”). It also comes with two rolling papers (one standard size and one extra-large).

The grinder has four pieces, one of them being an ashtray. It has a patent pending Fast Lock system, a lifetime warranty, and has a variety of color options.

Amazon RatingFour out of five stars
Grinder Dimensions3.23 inches in diameter, 2.23 inches in height

The Phoenician Grinder can be found here.

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  1. the Umido grinder is by far the best because it keeps the weed from drying out, It grinds great and you never have to worry about the weed being harsh the next time you finish the leftover ground up herb.. its made by infinium water pipe.

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