Best Bud Trimming Machine 2018 – Which One Is Right for You?

Bud trimming machines are an important technological advancement in the marijuana industry that enables growers to perfectlytrim the precious buds from a harvest, resulting in aesthetically pleasing buds.

Professional in appearance, the neatly trimmed buds made from bud trimming machines are being used today by growers of all levels to save a significant amount of time and resources in processing their harvest.

Additionally, bud trimming machines are becoming commonplace for growers aspiring to keep up with increasing numbers of competitors able to provide premium buds quickly, efficiently, and without compromising quality.

Whether you prefer the tried and true method of wet trimming or the increasingly popular dry trimming method, choosing the optimal trimmer for your needs should reflect the overall scale and level of harvest production you are capable of growing.

If you are interested in purchasing a bud trimming machine to replace the arduous, inefficient, and time-consuming practice of hand trimming the many buds from your crops, read on below to learn more about the very best trimming machines available in today’s market. 

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer is a grassroots company created by an expert harvester who recognized early on the need for growers to have a way to expeditiously process and trim their buds for consistently top-quality results.

The company has a well-made website brimming with videos, tips, answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a wealth of products geared towards the individual needs of growers.

Offering trimmers and extractors for all sizes of growers, Tom’s sell products for at-home use as well as for commercial volume applications.

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer

Out of their extensive lineup of products is their standout bestseller, Tom’s Tumbler™ TTT 1900 Dry Trimmer, Separator and Pollen/Kief Extraction System.

This trimmer has been heralded by countless users as the premier bladeless trimmer, capable of separating and extracting pollen and kief to create super buds every time.

The TTT 1900 gently trims buds in a rapid and efficacious manner to achieve buds that have a hand-trimmed appearance. Capable of saving growers up to 90% of the time and money involved with hand trimmers and their associated arduous effort, the TTT 1900 is ideal for small, medium, and large-scale growers.

Dimensions 26″ x 26”x 45”
Trimmer type Dry trimmer
Highlights Gentle and quiet operation
Fast, effective, user-friendly
Portable, minimal maintenance
Target Buyer Small to medium growers, growers with multiple strains, food and oil producers.


  • Efficiently removes small leaves from flowers
  • Gentle mechanism preserves structural integrity and aroma
  • Able to process roughly two pounds per cycle ranging from three to five minutes or up to twelve pounds per hour
  • 50-watt high-torque DC motor including variable speed controls
  • Includes food-grade drums made from aluminum, dual mesh nets for the trimming and separating process, removable dust cover. clear funnel flow bag, 151-micron net for pollen/kief extraction, and axle


The Triminator’s industrial trimmer solutionThe Triminator’s industrial trimmer solution is for the largest scale harvesters in the marijuana market. The Triminator® Monster Drum is the largest in the industry, providing up to 30% more cutting surface than other trimmers.

In addition to affording growers the ability to process impressively hefty yields, the Triminator Monster Drum produces a close trim on your buds in a rapid and consistent manner.

The Triminator is for the most serious of harvesters capable of growing massive crops and is up to 90 times faster than traditional hand trimming methods, as well as holding the distinction of being immensely faster than any other competing product on the market.

The Triminator Monster Drum is touted as the most technologically advanced bud trimmer on Earth. Referred to as a  “superior trimmer for superior growers,” the Triminator Monster Drum has a multidimensional focus on speed, reliability, efficiency, and consistency to provide top-caliber buds every time.

Capable of reducing your processing time with its precision “Trim Logic” close-cutting system, the Triminator cuts as close as possible, thus eliminating the need for multiple passes, while reducing processing time and amount of waste.

Dimensions Largest available trimmer on the market
Trimmer Type Dry Trimmer
Highlights Industrial-level trimmer for large-scale harvesters


Self-cleaning, incredibly fast and precise close cutting eliminates the need for multiple passes


Fast, reliable, and effective


Designed to trim faster, cut closer, and run longer without cleaning.

Target Buyer Large-scale commercial producers, harvesters, and growers who deal in volume-based business


  • Best in Class 2 Year Warranty
  • Made in the United States
  • Patent-pending Automatic Mist self-cleaning system keeps drum clean
  • The world’s largest drum trimmer
  • Trims at a rate of 2.5 times faster than the closest competing machine
  • Industrial-level power for larger harvests
  • Capable of increasing your production with decreasing associated costs, time, and resources
  • Refined, simple design reduces the need to disassemble the machine to clean
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Highly regarded in the industry by consumers, growers, and competitors

Centurion Pro

CenturionPro is a relative newcomer in the bud trimming machine market,but since its inception, it has steadily forged a formidable presence with consumers. With their robust, ultra-powerful trimmers packed full of user-benefits,

CenturionPro is quickly becoming the go-to brand for harvesters looking for an affordable trimmer that delivers results time after time.

Centurion Tabletop Pro Trimmer has become an industry bestseller with an unparalleled combination of quality, convenience, and performance.

Further adding to the Tabletop Pro Trimmer’s popularity is its ability to perform caliber, precision cuts via wet and dry trimming capabilities made possible through the addition of interchangeable tumblers.

The Centurion Tabletop Pro features clever engineering to render it one of the most efficacious and gentle tumbler style trimmers in today’s market. Weighing a mere thirty-five pounds and featuring compact dimensions enable you to easily transport this trimmer from location to location to discreetly trim wherever you please.

The TableTop Pro features a proprietary diverter capable of fine-tuning airflow to not only ensure the preservation of different strains and densities but also to produce an amazing twenty thousand cuts per minute on a 120-volt power source.

Dimensions 24″ x 10”x 21”
Trimmer type Wet and Dry trimmer
Highlights Trim both wet or dry flowers via a quick change of the tumbler


Portable – facilitates discrete trimming


At the lower end of the pricing spectrum

Target Buyer Ideal for small-scale, home growing operations


  • Comes with a dust collector and hopper
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Can process five to seven pounds per hour (dry) or thirty to thirty-five pounds per hour wet
  • Compact size enables easy portability
  • Replaces up to six human trimmers
  • Finely Tuned Diverter 


Every member of the cannabis community can agree that trimming buds is absolutely necessary and critical to the overall finished quality. Whether the trimming is done by hand or machine or via wet trimming or dry trimming, that fact remains that trimming is an essential part of producing great buds

Trimming improves the overall quality of the weed and buds and results in a smoother more refined experience. This is due to the fact thatweed with untrimmed leaves imparts a harsh taste and unpleasant feeling when smoked and can end up irritating the throat and ruining an experience that could have otherwise been enjoyable.

Trimming not only improves quality but also results in elevated aesthetics that appeal to buyers and give the impression that your product is of high quality.

Improving your weed game today is as easy as investing in a bud trimming machine that is optimal for your needs. Whether you are harvesting in a large scale or are a casual at-home grower, a bud trimmer can create kind of refined, polished product that will create a loyal customer base.


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