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I am a naturopath, herbalist, and lover of all natural medicines. My life's work is dedicated to reconciling the scientific and mythological worlds - with botanicals as the doorway between the two. I am undergoing a Bachelor degree in Naturopathy at Endeavour College of Natural Health, and have been a cannabis writer for over four years. The more I learn, read and write, the more I believe in the power of this magical herb.

CBD Lube: Can CBD Improve Your Sex Life?

A few drops of CBD a day keeps the doctor away – even the sex doctor. The plethora of medicinal applications of CBD has gained a lot of media attention, but people often overlook the possibility of CBD to do some magic in the bedroom. It might not go a long way towards making your […]

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CBD Powder: A Beginner’s Guide

CBD powder is essentially a CBD extract. Being the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, CBD offers the user a plethora of medicinal outcomes without the need to feel “stoned”. CBD Powder: The Highlights CBD powder has a purity of 99.9%. Thanks to its superior purity, CBD powder is more efficient than oils and edibles. One of […]

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