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Best Strains for Anxiety: 5 Cannabis Strains You Should Try If You Suffer from Anxiety in 2018

Marijuana and anxiety have a complex relationship with each other. Some marijuana users report the most relaxing experience of their life and smoking marijuana will relieve them of any panic, worry, and stress they might have experienced. Unfortunately, some marijuana users will experience extreme paranoia and anxiety while consuming cannabis. This reaction is due to […]

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Best Way to Make Cannabutter without Wasting Your Entire Saturday: Fast and Yummy

To put it bluntly, Cannabutter is cannabis-infused butter that gets you baked. Officially known as cannabis-infused butter, cannabutter is an essential ingredient in a vast array of marijuana-infused recipes and culinary ventures. Cannabis butter is derived from the extraction process of cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis plants, which are then infused into the cannabis butterfat. […]

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Weed Stem Tea: Everything You Need to Know

If you like weed and tea, then you should know about weed stem tea. It’s especially beneficial if you’re looking for something useful to do with your weed stems. Anyone from daily marijuana users to people looking for a healthy way to kick back and relax will benefit from will benefit from weed stem tea. […]

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What Is Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV)?

While the official explanation of THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) is a bit on the scientific side, the benefits and effects are palpably easy to understand and are particularly highlighted by the following quote: “High-THCV Strains Are a New Kind of Euphoric.” THCV, like its counterpart THC, imparts a variety of effects on brain receptors. However, unlike THC, […]

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CBD Tampons- 4 Facts to Know

You may be shocked to hear, but marijuana tampons are new and making waves in both the feminine hygiene and cannabis industries. If you’ve ever wished for a realsolution to end those awful cramps you experience each month, chances are you’re going to want to learn more about CBD tampons, also called marijuana or cannabis […]

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The 5 Best Dab Rigs on the Market in 2018

Dab rigs are water pipes that allow users to smoke oils, extracts, and concentrates with ease. The process of smoking from a dab rig is called ‘dabbing.’ Although dab rigs are quickly becoming a trend, many people do not know what creates a high-quality dab rig. Dab Rigs: The Highlights Dab rigs allow you to […]

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