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Kevin is an internationally known and sought after fitness coach and freelance writer He has been featured in the documentary films, “Fasting” and “The Motivation Factor” by Doug Orchard Films. Kevin specializes in functional training, core training, three-dimensional movement, motivation, and Restorative Arts. He has a B.S. in Sport Management/Fitness & Wellness from the California University of Pennsylvania, is certified through ACSM, AFM, NASM, and ACE, and has written well over 2,000 articles pertaining to health, wellness, and CBD.

Every Day Optimal CBD: A Comprehensive Guide

Clarity is often hard to come by when it comes to making purchasing decisions. There are some people who spend an exorbitant amount of time trying to figure out if a product is going to be beneficial for them or not. And this is with just everyday, ordinary things like multi-vitamins and protein powders. But […]

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