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How to Make CannaButter Cookies!

If you do not wish to directly smoke marijuana, then CannaButter cookies are the ideal way to go. If well prepared, CannaButter cookies have the same effect as smoking marijuana. However, eating CannaButter cookies brings about a stronger and more long-lasting effect in making you high. The skill of preparing excellent CannaButter cookies is not […]

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Best Bud Trimming Machine 2018 – Which One Is Right for You?

Bud trimming machines are an important technological advancement in the marijuana industry that enables growers to perfectlytrim the precious buds from a harvest, resulting in aesthetically pleasing buds. Professional in appearance, the neatly trimmed buds made from bud trimming machines are being used today by growers of all levels to save a significant amount of […]

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Magical Butter Machine Review: Does It Really Work?

At his core, man searches for various ways to improve upon his current situation. His creative and innovative spirit is applied to all areas of his life as he continuously looks out for new ways he can better his life. Whether it is in how he moves around his environment, how he communicates with his […]

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Top 5 Best Portable Electric Dab Rig Reviews for 2018

Portable electric dab rigs allow you to smoke concentrates and oil while you’re on the go. The best rigs help you consume your favorite product discreetly without altering its taste. But if smoking using a portable electric dab rig isn’t what you’re after, Farma Health recommends CBD gummies from Not Pot and Sunday Scaries and […]

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Are There Risks Involved With Eating Edibles While Pregnant?

Pregnant women across the country turn to edibles to overcome the pains associated with pregnancy, but is it good for the baby? Research on whether or not this behavior is harmful to the baby is still inconclusive. Eating Edibles While Pregnant: The Highlights Even though marijuana remains illegal in many states, pregnant women consume edibles […]

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10 Top Uses of CBD Concentrates

Like with cannabis, medical marijuana, THC, hemp, and other products from the cannabis plant or hemp plant, you have probably heard that CBD oil or hemp oil is a powerful and effective solution and you have seen all of the raves surrounding the latest CBD products. However, CBD isolate oil is not a miracle solution […]

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