Aurora Cannabis: Canada’s Premier Medical Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis: Canada’s Premier Medical Cannabis
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Marijuana stocks are quickly soaring higher every year as more states legalize both recreational and medical cannabis.

The demand for Cannabis is expected to rise by an average of 28 percent per year so that, by 2021, it will be an estimated 25 billion dollar industry, making rising-star cannabis companies wealthier than ever.

One cannabis company that is contributing to this rapid growth rate is a large weed production company called Aurora Cannabis.

About Aurora Cannabis

Founded in 2006, Aurora Cannabis, or ACB stock, is now the second largest vertically integrated Canadian stock company in the cannabis industry, second only to Canopy Growth Corporation. Big-time cannabis stock shareholders trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange,

Aurora Cannabis is the licensed producer of over 500,000 kilograms of marijuana per year and they own eight production facilities with operations in 18 countries. Also, they returned 1,750 percent for investors in just a mere two years.

Now, with the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, Aurora Cannabis can now expand their legal cannabis production capacity and their trading volume bigger than ever, giving Canopy Growth Corporation a run for their money.

Aurora Cannabis Continues To Expand

Aurora Cannabis

Although Aurora Cannabis has big earnings and a large production base in Canada, their recent buyouts and partnerships in other countries have allowed Aurora Cannabis to have the mover advantage in their stock and general business growth.

Not only has Aurora Cannabis actively sought out partners to aid in their rapid growth, such as Namaste Technologies, Telemedicine Platform NamasteMD, and High Tide, which is a 10 million CAD investment in return for mass retail exposure, but they have also bought out CanniMed Therapeutics, which instantly gave them over 20,000 new patients.

Also, they plan to takeover MedReleaf, a huge company that would most likely make them have a higher market value than their competitor, Canopy Growth Corporation, thus making them number one. However, this planned takeover is still pending EU GMP certification and shareholder approval.

Additionally, they acquired Pedanios, the largest distributor of cannabis, which now gives Aurora Cannabis access to pharmacies throughout Germany and also, access to Italy, Australia, and Denmark pharmacy locations.

Aurora Cannabis Stock Growth Is Amazing

Aurora Cannabis’ number of shares are expanding and growing due to, not only the recent Canada cannabis legalization which makes investing in cannabis stock shares profitable with low volatility but also because of their recent buyouts and partnerships mentioned above.

This makes their simple moving average (stock average) rise dramatically and quickly. This allows them to then be able to add the accompanying stock deals from these companies to their previous successful stock efforts.

The planned MedReleaf takeover will give them a 3.2 billion stock price deal outstanding shares to add to their already growing $4.5 billion market capitalization value.

Aurora Cannabis Investments Show Huge Returns

Aurora Cannabis investments are showing remarkable returns. In a 2018 announcement, the company stated that their investments in Radient Technologies, Cann Group, and in Hempco Food and Fiber produced a return of 330 percent. Now that is what can be termed a phenomenal profit gain.

The reason for this rapid stock growth is not only due to great strategy on Aurora’s part, but also because they have the ample funds to invest. In fact, Aurora is suspected to have over $500 million in cash and cash equivalents.

Aurora Cannabis Products

Aurora Cannabis offers both CBD products, which has very low THC levels, and high-THC level products, which come in three strain forms: Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. Below is a detailed list of all the medical cannabis products that Aurora Cannabis offers.

Aurora Cloud CBD

The Aurora Cloud CBD is the newest addition to the Aurora product family and is perfect for people who want the beneficial effects of medical cannabis without the THC high.

Encased in a convenient one-milliliter glass cartridge, this hybrid cannabis oil contains 550 milligrams of CBD and 20-30 milligrams of THC. It either be vaped or taken orally and is $75 per cartridge.

Aurora CBD Softgels

Aurora CBD Softgels are also perfect for people who do not wish to experience a THC high.

A full 30-day supply, these soft gels contain CO2 extracted, cannabinoid and terpene-rich CBD concentrate diluted in high-quality MCT oil. Each soft gel contains 10.3 milligrams of CBD and only half a milligram of THC.

This hybrid product is $45 for a month’s supply.

Aurora Sativa Softgels

Aurora Sativa soft gels are perfect for people who need the upliftment that medical marijuana brings without the heavy bodily sedation that comes with Indica strains. This uplifting effect can help to ease depression, anxiety, and other mental upsets.

Additionally, the company themselves state that this is a great product to try if you are new to the cannabis world.

Each soft gel in this 30-day supply contains 8-10 milligrams of THC, with an average of 9.3 milligrams per soft gel, and is mixed with MCT oil. The price per bottle is $45.

Aurora Indica Softgels

Indica strains of medical cannabis tend to have a much more sedative and tranquilizing effect, versus the Sativa strain which gives a person a cerebral high, causing increased creativity, energy, and a generalized feeling of upliftment.

Therefore, Indica soft gels are good for people who suffer from chronic pain or other chronic bodily ailments. Although these soft gels can affect a different type of high, the company states that, like the Sativa soft gels, the Indica soft gels are great for first-time users.

Also, like the Sativa soft gels, the Indica soft gels come in a 30-day supply, containing 8-10 milligrams per soft gel, with the average being around 9.3 milligrams per soft gel. These are also mixed with high-quality MCT oil and is priced at $45.


Haiduk is a dried form of cannabis that can be ordered by the gram at $8.75 per gram. This Sativa strain is heavier in THC content with a 20 percent THC concentration.

Haiduk is also referred to as Sour Tangie, is light green in color, and has a high resin content making it quite a sticky cannabis purchase. However, mixed into a cannabis joint or pipe, the inconvenience of buying this glue-like substance will be well worth your time.


Luna is dried cannabis that contains 15 percent THC and is $8.50 per gram. It looks very different from Haiduk, having dark green buds and bright orange hairs protruding throughout it.s body. This Indica strain has a banana split type taste and smell.

Aurora CBD Drops

Aurora CBD oil drops are great for people who wish for the therapeutic effects of CBD without the THC high of traditional marijuana.

This oil, like Aurora’s other oils, is mixed with MCT oil and come in a 30-milliliter bottle. Each bottle contains 28 milligrams of CBD and only 2 milligrams of THC. This item is priced at $95 per bottle.

A word to note with oils: Oils take considerably longer to take effect than other types of cannabis products due to the fact that the oil has to be processed through the digestive system first.

Snow Dome

Snow Dome, also known as L.A Confidential, is a dried Indica cannabis strain that is priced at $8.75 per gram. It has a 19 percent THC content and its appearance is dark green with fiery red hairs jutting out from its body.


Ambition, or Blue Dream, is Sativa-rich dried cannabis that has a whopping 23 percent THC content and is priced at $8.75 per gram. Its appearance is that of medium to large-sized light green buds with many protruding lime green hairs. The strength of this strain makes it great for both medicinal uses and as recreational cannabis.


Thor, also known as Ghost Train Haze, is a large, dark green plant with orange hairs that contains an 18.2 Sativa-rich THC content profile. This dried cannabis is also sold at $8.75 per gram and is considered to be a particularly potent strain.

Aurora THC Drops

Aurora THC drops, like the CBD drops, are a cannabis oil that is CO2-extracted for optimal cannabinoid and terpene levels, mixed with MCT oil, and come in a 30-milliliter bottle priced at $95 per bottle.

However, as the name suggests, the THC drops are high in THC, having a 28.3 Sativa-rich THC content.

Although the oil takes longer to produce a high, it is a great product for people who desire a potent Sativa experience.

DMD THC Sativa

Aurora Cannabis

DMD THC Sativa powder is a convenient way for people to meet their daily THC needs because it comes in powder form. This means it can be added to food and drink, or it can be put in capsule form for easy ingestion without tasting it.

This powder contains 13 percent THC and is priced at $8.50 per gram. It does contain a trace amount of CBD, a mere .1 percent.


Tower is a dried hybrid cannabis that is CBD-rich with less only a .5 percent THC level. Containing 13 percent CBD, this cannatonic product is dark green with hints of purple and orange hairs and is priced at $8 per gram.

This is a great option for people who not only prefer CBD over THC but also that need a boost in their CBD levels. They can simply mix this product with other CBD products to increase the effects of Aurora CBD products.

Bonanza Borealis Blend

Bonanza Borealis Blend, like the DMD Sativa, comes in a milled powder form and has a 16 percent THC content with .1 percent CBD. This too can be added to food and drink or taken in capsule form. Bonanza Borealis is priced at $8.50 per gram.

The Advantages Of Choosing Aurora

Whether you are considering placing an investment in Aurora stock, or you are considering Aurora products as your medicinal marijuana of choice, Aurora Cannabis is turning out to be a promising and exciting choice for many.

With a crazy rapid growth in both monetary value and the size of their operations, they are quickly becoming a superpower in the cannabis industry, effectively eclipsing the glory of all other large cannabis companies.