Artisan Canna Cigars: Experience Marijuana At Its Finest

Cannabis has been a tremendously popular drug and natural remedy for thousands of years. The earliest reference date back to over 2000 years before the birth of Christ. Spreading from China into India, North Africa, Europe, and then much later other parts of the world, this plant has become one of the most popular sources for both medical and recreational purposes in today’s world.

Although it has had a bad reputation for many decades with governments banning its use, marking it an illicit drug, marijuana is quickly making headway.

It’s being positively relabeled as one of the leading natural remedies that can treat cancers, ease inflammation and other disease ailments, improve mental illnesses, and in general, create a better quality of life for millions of people.

As more states legalize cannabis and its large variety of differing cannabis products, the cannabis industry will continue to grow, raising the multi-billion dollar industry even higher.

One such Cannabis product that is contributing to this sweeping cannabis boom, one that is a premium, high-quality item, is called Artisan Canna Cigars.

What Are Canna Cigars?

Artisan Canna Cigars

A Canna Cigar is a modern-day version of the original Thai sticks that originated from Thailand in the 1970s. It is basically cannabis wrapped around a stick, which then makes a cigar when the stick is pulled out.

Like the Thai stick, the canna cigar is a carefully crafted product made of these quality ingredients:

  • Bamboo wood that acts as a skewer to make the cigar on
  • A binding cord made of twine to hold the cannabis to the stick
  • Cannabis oil as the adhesive
  • Fan leaves to keep the cannabis packed
  • Potent cannabis flowers

The only difference between the original Thai sticks and the modern canna cigar are the cannabis sources, these sources not being native to Thailand, and the absence of opium. Now, instead of opium, the cannabis oil is used to hold the cigar together but has just as strong of an effect.

The History Of Artisan Canna Cigars

Artisan Canna Cigars are one amongst a select few, high-end cigar companies that formed due to the inspirations of the legendary Thai sticks and the subsequent online presence of Afgoo Head, who educates people on how to successfully make high-quality cannabis cigars.

One of the co-founders states how he was inspired by his father, a veteran who experienced the original Thai sticks of Thailand and stated how wonderful the sticks were when smoked.

Fueled by excitement, belief, and commitment, the two founders of Artisan Canna Cigars worked at perfecting their hand-crafted canna cigars, mastering the weeks-long crafting process, until they felt confident that their brand was marketable.

They now have a perfect product that has exact, measured ingredients for a repeatedly flawless and consistently potent brand, using three and a half grams of Forbidden Fruit Cannabis from Picky Pete’s Flowers, a half-gram of Kings Kush Sift, and three-quarters of a gram of Gelato 33 Rosin.

Now, with over 6 locations in California and a soon-to-be dispensary in Washington State, Artisan Canna Cigars is on its way to becoming a premier, high-dollar cannabis cigar company, continuing its rapid growth as more people learn about these powerful cigars.

It All Started With Thai Sticks

So, although a comparison has been made between the original Thai sticks and the more modern Canna cigars, clarification is still needed around exactly what a Thai stick is in order to then know the value of the canna cigar. So what exactly is a Thai stick?

The Thai sticks that originated in Thailand were made using potent, native ingredients that delivered exceptional highs and a lasting euphoria due to the fact that, not only was strong cannabis used but also, opium. The two together created a high like no other.

The process of making a Thai stick sounds easy but takes patience to perfect. They were basically Thai cannabis flowers, a potent strain of cannabis native to Thailand, pressed around a bamboo skewer, which was then covered in an opium resin, which was then finally covered in fan leaves to seal it all together.

Then the skewer was removed, allowing the cigar to be easily smoked.

Due to the potency and the flavor of these powerful sticks, the once small-time, secluded treat enjoyed by people who either were natives of Thailand or visiting, became an international, large-scale importation to the states in the 1980s. This would ultimately bring about the birth of the current Cannabis cigars.

Where Can You Buy Artisan Canna Cigars?

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase an Artisan Canna Cigar unless you live in California due to the laws around distributing marijuana out-of-state, even if both states are legal marijuana states.

However, if you are in California, or plan on traveling there, you can find an Artisan Canna Cigar dispensary at any of their six locations and purchase one.

What Does An Artisan Canna Cigar Feel Like?

An Artisan Canna Cigar feels smooth and dry, the leaves creating the dry effect while the dried resin makes the leaves smooth to the touch.

A  Forbes article, written in July of 2018, describes the feel of an Artisan Canna Cigar very eloquently: You can “Feel the dryness of the leaf as you hold this dime-width pinnacle of creativity between your fingers.”


The smell is a distinctly aromatic mix of skunk and diesel fuel, both scents that are typical of cannabis plant matter. This might not sound appealing for some, but once tried, the scent will likely become quite appealing. Seasoned marijuana connoisseurs love this scent.


The flavor profile, when pressed to the tongue and inhaled, is mostly the taste of fuel oil and skunk. However, a hint of more exotic flavors, grapefruit and chocolate liqueur, can be detected as well.


The effects of smoking an Artisan Canna Cigar is incredible, creating a high that is not made for everyday use, especially considering the price of these cigars.

Due to the fact that the cigars not only contain high-quality cannabis but also cannabis oil, it makes for an incredibly potent product that, while producing a euphoria that will be remembered, is not meant to be experienced all the time, especially during potentially productive daytime hours.

How To Make A Cannabis Cigar

The process of making a cannabis cigar is not easy but well worth the effort, time, and patience.

Supplies And Materials

The first thing you need to have is a strong and high-quality strain of cannabis. You can either purchase this through a local dispensary if you live in a legal state that is, or you can nurture your own home-grown version.

Just make sure, if you aren’t already educated on the types of cannabis strains, that you do so to create a superior quality cannabis cigar.

A great strain to try that allows for top-notch relaxation, euphoria, and even possibly creative inspiration is a 50/50 Sativa and Indica blend called rainbow sherbet. Another great strain to make canna cigars with is Gold Leaf, which also promotes relaxation coupled with a joyous high, although this strain is a bit more Indica dominant being 60 percent Indica.

If you don’t know much about the growing or purchasing and making high-quality leaf cannabis, then consider listening to highly informative marijuana podcasts.

The remaining ingredients you will need are:

  • A skewer stick, made of hemp or bamboo, to press the cannabis leaves onto
  • A high-quality cannabis oil
  • Twine
  • Fan leaves to secure it all together.

Making A Canna Cigar

Artisan Canna Cigars

Making a canna cigar takes time, most often a few weeks time, which is why the suggestion for patience was warranted.

You will first want to very gently remove the stems from the flowers and then press them firmly around the stick. You want to make sure they are tightly wrapped on the skewer.

The next step is to use your twine to hold the wrapped flowers in place. Then you can wrap some parchment paper around it and let it sit in the refrigerator for three to seven days so that it can harden for the next step in the crafting process.

After the few days have passed, you retrieve your cool and hard flower skewer from the fridge, wrap fan leaves around it and apply cannabis oil to the rolled leaves, thus “gluing” the whole product together.

A note to mention. Sometimes cannabis concentrates can be tricky to use. To ensure easy use, simply use a lighter to help melt the hash concentrate.

After thoroughly wrapping the flower stick with the fan leaves and the coat of cannabis oil, you must then store it in an air-tight container for a few days. This process must then be repeated at least twice, however, three times is usually the charm. You see why it takes weeks?

After this lengthy process, you then have an organic, medical-marijuana grade, fabulous creation that, when burning and smoking, can bring tremendous pleasure and release.

The Advantages Of Artisan Canna Cigars

Even though Artisan Canna Cigars are not something you would want to use every day, both because of its strength and its price, the high you can achieve from this product is worth trying at least once. Not only are these canna cigars great for celebrations and special occasions, but they also will help relieve any pain or mental upsets you might be dealing with.