The 5 Best Dab Rigs on the Market in 2018

Dab rigs are water pipes that allow users to smoke oils, extracts, and concentrates with ease. The process of smoking from a dab rig is called ‘dabbing.’ Although dab rigs are quickly becoming a trend, many people do not know what creates a high-quality dab rig.

Dab Rigs: The Highlights

  • Dab rigs allow you to heat your cannabis-derived products.
  • High-quality dab rigs offer you the possibility to change the heating temperature, so you can optimize it for different products.
  • Even though they have different shapes, the best dab rigs are designed to provide great experiences.
  • Each dab delivers a unique combination of flavors and sensations.
  • Dabbing is quickly becoming one of the best ways of consuming cannabis-related products.

Components of a Great Dab Rig

Determining the quality of a dab rig is done by seeing what type of airpath it has, glass it is made out of, the design of the nail, and the percolator.

The airpath is in charge of draw-resistance, how a dab feels, and how it tastes. No matter the size of the water bong, you want your airpath to be narrow and tight.

The glass the water bong is constructed out of must be durable and can handle high temperatures. The last thing you want is to have a bong shatter from heat, resulting in possible injury and loss of money.

High-quality glass will not compromise the flavor of your vapor by collecting residue after each dab. The best kind of glass for dabbing is called borosilicate: a medical-grade glass that is heat-resistant.

The type of nail the bong comes with and is compatible with will make or break the experience. The nail directly impacts the strength, smoothness, and flavor of the vapor. The nail will either be made of glass, quartz, titanium, or ceramic.

Lastly, the percolator is in charge of the water filtration. This will cool and moisturize the vapor right before it is inhaled into the lungs.

The best percolators will have the ability to produce finer bubbles which enhances vapor moisturization. There are many different types of percolators on the market, making it easy to find one with the right design for producing more moisture.

The Best Dab Rigs 

There are several contenders for the best dab rigs on the market. The best one overall will depend on personal preferences, opinions, and budget. The five best dab rigs on the market include:

1. Grav Labs 7″ Two-Layer Circuit Rig

Grav Labs 7″ Two-Layer Circuit RigThis dab rig is small but packs a punch. Smoke is softened and cooled by the Water Jet Percolator when it rushes around the two-layers, creating a small whirlpool.

The two-layer filtration system is created by stacking two chambers, which allows the water to continuously circulate while it is being smokedfrom. This heavily filters the smoke, keeping it fresh the entire time.

The rig is made out of glass and has borosilicate tubing that allows for daily use due to its high heattolerance. The dab rig has a flared mouthpiece that that is attached to a curved elbow neck.

Dimensions 7-inch airway, 5.5 inches in height, 3-inch base
Joint Type 14mm male

The Grave Labs 7” Two-Layer Circuit Rig can be found here.

2. Jade East

Jade East

The Jade East dab rig is from the Famous Brandz Cheech and Chong line. This is another example of a small but might dab rig. Following a classic beaker-style, the Jade East has a straight tube (with a flared mouthpiece) that opens up into a wide water chamber.

It is constructed with an airtight design that can increase flavor and rips. The design has a lower-draw resistance that is responsible for sending the vapor directly into your lungs to keep its strength.

Due to the long, narrow neck the vapor has time to cool before reaching the lungs. The percolator has a showerhead downstream design that allows it to moisturize and properly filter each hit. This is an ideal dab rig for travel and does not break the bank. 

Dimensions 7.25 inches in height, 4-inch base
Joint Type 14mm female

 The Jade East dab rig can be found here.

3. Nexus Nano Puck Rig

Nexus Nano Puck Rig

The Nexus Nano Puck Rig is part of a long line of popular dab rigs from Southern California. Each dab rig is hand blown and sandblasted to achieve optimum results. This also means measurements may vary slightly.

The bong is made with 5mm thick German Schott Glass. The bent neck gives the user a good distance away from the hot nail when dabbing. This portable dab rig is constructed with four-holed, diffused, fixed-stem percolator.

Dimensions 4 inches in height, 2.36 inches in diameter
Joint type 14mm male

The Nexus Nano Puck Rig can be found here.

4. Hyer Big-E

Hyer Big-E

The Hyer Big-E is among the top-of-the-line dab rigs that can be found on the market. It is quite different than other dab rigs because it does not require a torch.

Attach a flat-based, glass, water bong to the docking station where it can heat up to optimal temperatures within 90 seconds. Each session can be customized to a temperature between 320 degrees and 852 degrees (Fahrenheit) for ideal potency and flavor.

The rig’s 30-watt heating element is made out of ceramic and comes with quartz glass nails. Without combustion, the heating element provides rich and smooth flavors for each dab.

Using the heating element doesn’t leave solid residue in the nail after each hit, making it easier to clean and providing fresher hits.

Dimensions 9 inches in height, 7 inches in diameter
Joint type 14mm/18mm male and female compatibility

The Hyer Big-E can be found here.

5. Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship

Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship

The Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship is yet another from a well-known lineup of dab rigs. At six inches tall, this dab rig has a tight airpath that results in more flavor, potency, and powerful rips. It is ideal for waxes as well.

It is constructed out of medical-grade borosilicate that gives it a thick build. It contains a nozzle mouthpiece and a curved neck for easier use. The percolator is inlined with gridded slits whose job is to finely diffuse the smoke.

It also gives the user less draw resistance during a deeper dab. The dome, nail, and bucket are made out of pure quartz that aid in preserving the full flavor of concentrates.

Dimensions 6 inches in height, 8.25 inches in diameter
Joint type 14mm male

The Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship dab rig can be found here.

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