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4 Corners Cannabis: Hemp Oil To Try In 2019

The cannabis industry is an ever-evolving and rapidly growing business that is showing no signs of slowing down. As industrial hemp companies are becoming more successful and mainstream a major benefit is beginning to arise; full production management. This is especially true for 4 Corners Cannabis.

Since 2013 they have been in the practice of growing their own hemp for their CBD products. Why does this matter? When the manufacturing company is in control of the entire process quality, seed-to-sale, quality, and safety are at the forefront and are rarely a point of concern.

To go along with having their eye on the whole manufacturing process, 4 Corners Cannabis is also on the forefront of specialty strain development. As the science of CBD progresses towards creating illness-specific hemp products 4 Corners Cannabis is making sure they stay in-the-know so that they always provide the highest quality and most beneficial hemp oil products to their customers.

About 4 Corners Cannabis

Over the five years since its presence on the market in 2013, 4 Corners Cannabis has had the singular focus of creating the highest grade CBD products available. Founded by 2 brothers with 30 plus years of experience in organic hemp farming, 4 Corners Cannabis gets their name from their location in the “four corners” region of Colorado.

Because 4 Corners focuses on seed-to-sale their customers do not have to fear any hidden or dangerous hemp or marijuana growing by-products. Organically grown hemp, gentle extraction process and commitment to quality set their cannabis products above the competition by a high degree.

Located in Bayfield, Colorado, 4 Corners Cannabis can ship to just about anywhere and provides the same high-quality customer service to new and existing customers alike. They make it their business to ensure their buyers get the product they need for their specific wants.

Bonus family members aren’t left out either, 4 Corners is also providing a growing line of hemp products for pets from the finest ingredients.

4 Corners Cannabis CBD Products

Perhaps one of the most endearing aspects of 4 Corners Cannabis is their focus on simplicity. They offer the products their customers need, nothing more and nothing less. This is an intentional facet of their company.

By providing the essentials they are able to focus on the importance of quality and service. The primary products available through 4 Corners are oral tinctures, pet specific tinctures, salves, avocado tinctures, vape products, and t-shirts for the adoring fans.

It is important to note that 4 Corners products do not contain THC and is made with cannabis sativa. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that results in the psychoactive effects marijuana smokers generally seek.

Because CBD and hemp oil products are generally designed for medicinal purposes this ingredient has been removed because it is not necessary to see the desired benefits.

Avocado Oil Tincture

The name shouldn’t fool the potential buyer of 4 Corners Avocado Oil Tincture. It still contains the hemp extract desired along with all the benefits found from their “Blue Label” products. This product is available only in the full strength 1000mg option, but this is the strength any buyer would want.

It is a great option for those who have a distaste or allergy for citrus or coconut.

What makes this tincture “avocado” specific? The carrier oil is avocado rather than the usual coconut oil. Because of this, the taste can be a bit more earthy than some users prefer, but still beneficial.

For $199.99 this 30mL bottle will not disappoint. The recommended dosage is 1 drop for every 10 pounds of body weight. However, because dosing is not a universal science each person should adjust their dose as they see fit.

Oral Tincture

4 Corners Cannabis

The oral tincture, also known as the “Blue Label,” is arguably 4 Corners most popular product. Designed for anyone wanting to ease chronic pain, symptoms, or anxiety and made with Limonene for that same hint of sweet flavor.

There is also a hint of coconut and a hashy base for those who appreciate a traditional oral tincture flavor.

This tincture is available in three doses; 250mg for a 15ml priced at $60, 500mg also available in a 15ml bottle for $110, and a 1000mg, 30ml bottle priced at $200. Made with MCT Oil as the carrier and CBD Dominant hemp extract the Blue Label provides the best quality and flavor available to 4 Corners Cannabis.

CBD Salve

The team at 4 Corner Cannabis haven’t forgotten their customers dealing with chronic pain and wanting to avoid opioid painkillers or other pharmaceuticals. They developed this salve with those individuals in mind. This 2-ounce tub contains 100mg of dry skin, chapped lips, and pain relieving salve at $49.99.

Salve is a great option for those wanting a CBD medical product that does not cross the blood-brain barrier. The user does not have to worry about the smell either. The scent is light and fresh with a hint of coconut oil.

Made with coconut oil, beeswax, antioxidants, complete spectrum hemp extract, and choice terpenes, this salve is one that keeps customers coming back. Because it does not cross the blood brain barrier it is often used in conjunction with other 4 Corners hemp products that may be consumed.

Vape Liquid

Because oral tinctures just aren’t for everyone, 4 Corners has developed a vape oil. Continuing their passion for excellence in their products 4 Corners Cannabis has gone a step farther than most of their competitors and removed the ingredient that is connected with pop-corn lung; diacetyl.

The vape juice is available in the same three strengths as the oral tincture; 250mg for a 15ml priced at $59.99, 500mg also available in a 15ml bottle for $109.99, and a whopping 1000mg, 30ml bottle priced at $199.99. Each strength is available in three flavor options. The orange label product was designed for use in a vaporizer. It contains Limonene for a hint of sweet flavor.

CBD Oil For Pets

Pedigree, 4 Corners pet line, provides a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. This line does not contain Limonene and can be easily applied to the animal’s food prior to eating or dropped directly into the mouth.

Designed to bring pain relief, 4 Corners did not “cut corners” when developing this product. It is also available in the usual three mg doses and bottle sizes; 250mg for $40, 500mg for $60, and 1000mg for $100.

Cannabis T-Shirts

Who doesn’t need a t-shirt? For just $20 4 Corner’s customers can rep their favorite medical cannabis industry company. These t-shirts are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and gender options.

Advantages Of 4 Corners Cannabis

Why 4 Corners Cannabis? The advantages speak for themselves. By focusing on seed to oil the developers are able to guide the entire process even though the extraction method.

Many customers come to 4 Corners Cannabis looking for trusted relief from many ailments including epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, chronic pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, without fear of side effects or failing drug tests.

From Seed To Final Product

Because they organically grow their own hemp plant the strain of marijuana used is under tight control. Because this is a CBD hemp company they ensure that their products do not contain more than 0.3% THC. Any product that contains more than this percentage is categorized as marijuana, not hemp.

Full Spectrum Extraction

4 Corners Cannabis uses a solvent extraction method that is gentle to ensure keeping as many of the essential benefits of the hemp plant as possible including; cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

The solvent used for extraction is organic ethyl certified by the USDA. It is produced from sugar cane and works by pulling the cannabis essentials from the plant and the best way to extract the properties to keep the full spectrum.

This method is not only safe but also sustainable for the product and the environment. This process allows 4 Corners Cannabis to end with a final product that contains over 60 percent CBD.

Third-Party Testing

4 Corners Cannabis

Because they care about their customers and want to remain as transparent as possible, 4 Corners utilizes third-party testing for their hemp. Green Lab Solutions takes samples of their hemp and reviews it for cannabinoids, terpenes, residual solvents, and potential microbial contaminants. These reports are made available on 4 Corner’s website for their customers viewing.

User-Friendly Website

Another great aspect of this CBD company is the user-friendliness of their website. The web developers have streamlined the website to make it easy for the customer to find what they are looking for, do a little research, and check out without issues.

Why Choose 4 Corners Cannabis?

Would you trust your health or quality of life to an organization that showed little to no concern for quality, new research, or the variety of options? It is very doubtful.

Whatever your reason behind your CBD hemp oil use there is no reason not to get the best if it is available. 4 Corners stays open and transparent with their customers. A major way in which this is accomplished is making their most up-to-date lab result from third-party testing available on their website.

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