CBD Cream Benefits

For many years, due to laws and regulations, research into the varied health benefits of medical marijuana and its various components had been incredibly difficult, almost to the point of being nonexistent in the States. However, in the past decade, there has been a huge shift in public opinion and laws that are causing this […]

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CBD Therapy: A High CBD Strain To Try In 2019

High-THC strains have thrived over the past few decades leaving high CBD strains in the basement and covered in dust. However, with the ever-growing potential medical benefits that high-CBD strains display, so is the creation and availability of these strains. There are organizations and teams that are solely dedicated or at the least, dedicate a […]

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Organa Brands: World’s Largest Cannabis Company

What was once a set of products consumed in the shadows by consumers, cannabis has undergone a massive reinvention among the world. Recreational marijuana was the predominant thought that appeared inside a non-cannabis users head. However, that thought of a particularly marijuana user has disappeared as this industry has mad big segways. Cannabis in addition […]

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Does Weed Go Bad?

When you’re smoking weed you tend to forget a lot of things you did while you were high. Things like where you put the lighter, that hot pocket you put in the microwave, how many blunts you’ve smoked and even where you put the weed. Then many months later you will stumble upon your long […]

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What Does It Feel Like To Be High?

Anybody who has never smoked weed before must wonder what all those weed smokers are talking about. How could you not want to know? In all fairness, a lot of people are just never drawn to using cannabis and go their whole lives without ever trying it. But I really wonder if they don’t, at […]

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