CBD Cream Benefits

For many years, due to laws and regulations, research into the varied health benefits of medical marijuana and its various components had been incredibly difficult, almost to the point of being nonexistent in the States. However, in the past decade, there has been a huge shift in public opinion and laws that are causing this […]

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Marijuana Leaf: History, Uses, and Types

According to the standard definition, the leaf is a plant organ that grows on plants and whose main function is to carry out photosynthesis. In addition to the typical leaves, the plants also produce other types of leaves in different forms and functions, for example, prophylaxis and bracts. All of this relates to leaves in […]

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CBD and Parkinson’s: The Definitive Guide

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurological, medical disorder that plagues mankind today, affecting 10 million people around the world according to the Parkinson’s foundation. Additionally, Parkinson’s disease has no effective medical treatment that can effectively eradicate the disorder. However, while the disease is still in existence, there are ways to reduce symptoms for […]

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Cannagar: The Cannabis Cigar Trend

It is safe to say that the cannabis industry is booming right now. So much so, that you might have already heard of the cannabis cigars that users and manufacturers alike affectionately refer to as “cannagars”. We would be surprised if you haven’t already heard, given that they have been sold for thousands in the […]

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What Does It Mean To Decarb Weed?

You’ve probably heard, somewhere on the cannabis-vine, of the word “decarboxylation”. Unless you’re interested in preparing your own cannabis products, the word has probably jumped straight over your head. However, decarboxylation is something appropriate for every cannabis user, even if they don’t create their own edibles, tinctures or topicals. In fact, decarboxylation is a chemical […]

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